Dress Code

School uniforms are required to be worn. All articles must be named.

This school adheres to a NO SCHOOL HAT, NO PLAY policy. The school has a bucket hat that is compulsory to wear.

Please choose suitable and comfortable covered-in footwear for your child to wear each day. Thongs are not suitable for safety reasons.

Nail varnish is not acceptable for school, and students will be asked to remove polish should they arrive wearing it.

To read our Dress Code Policy, click here.

Uniform Shop

For your convenience, orders can be made via the QKR app. Orders will be delivered on Fridays to the oldest sibling at school.

For further information, contact the uniform shop organiser Sarah on 0411 474 878.

The Uniform Shop is situated next to the canteen inside the new undercover area and will be opened periodically for 2nd hand sales.