Expectations and Policies

The Way We Work Together

A strong partnership between teachers and parents supports the growth of our students’ skills, knowledge and character.

Articulating our expectations of each other helps us to work well as a community. The school has developed specific policies which help define student/parent/teacher expectations, roles and responsibilities. Our policies aid transparent, respectful communication.

Click on the policies below to find out more about how we work together, or feel free to speak with a member of our Leadership team if you would like to know more.

Behaviour Expectations

Behaviour Management Policy

At Glendale Primary School, we hold high expectations for our students’ behaviour. We want to encourage our students to go above our expectations for them – and their expectations of themselves. By supporting children to always ask, “How can I do better?” we focus on improving the behaviours, habits and actions of all students and in that way, we raise the standards of the whole school.

What Do We Expect?

We encourage students to live the school values in pursuit of excellence and to take responsibility for their actions through the acceptance and understanding of consequences. Our school rules have been developed to deliver the best possible outcomes for students, recognizing the close relationship between learning, achievement and behaviour. Our school community uses the rules as a basis for providing:

  1. Positive support to promote high standards of achievement and behaviour.
  2. Clearly articulated responses and consequences for inappropriate behaviour.

Student Dress Code

Dress Code Policy

Students, parents and staff are proud of Glendale Primary School.  To encourage school spirit and foster and enhance the public image of the school, the School Board has implemented a dress code for all students.

Acceptance of enrolment assumes that parents/guardians and students have agreed to conform to the dress code.

To view the uniform requirements which form part of the dress code, visit the Uniforms page under ‘For Parents’, or click on the Dress Code Policy above. In addition to wearing the uniform at all times, students are expected to dress in a neat and tidy manner.  Long hair should be tied back and no jewellery worn except for sleeper or stud earrings.

Students should also ensure that they take appropriate precautions for protection against the sun at all times.  The school has a No Hat/No Play policy applicable all year round.

Additional Policies

Bullying Policy

Class Placements Policy

Complaints Handling Policy

Dogs Not Allowed on School Grounds Policy

Excursion Policy

Healthy Food and Drink Policy

Homework Policy

Mobile Phones & Electronic Devices Policy

Online Policy

Play Based Teaching Policy

Sustainability & Climate Action Policy