From The Chaplain

I am really enjoying getting to know all the different people in this school community.

I have two exciting announcements:

Firstly, as of Tuesday, 18 August, students will be able to write me notes which can contain messages regarding:

  1. How the student maybe feeling
  2. Anything that may be bothering the student at the moment
  3. Why the student may like to see me

I have placed envelopes and note paper on the notice board opposite my office for the children to use to write to me.  The envelopes can then be posted at the admin building in the letter box marked “Chaplain Box”, on the outside near the side door.  I will follow up with the children on a Monday and Tuesday to see how they are doing and discuss their concerns.

Secondly, “Board Games with the Chaplain” is back! As of Tuesday, 25 August, students will be able to come play board games in the library from 12:55pm . This will happen every Tuesday. Anyone from years 2 to 6 are welcome to join.

I am excited to keeping meeting and engaging with all the children, staff and parents.

I would like to encourage you all to keep going and not to lose the drive and excitement you all had at the beginning of this term.

Thank you,


School Chaplain