Annual Report

What progress are we making?

The 2016 Glendale Primary School Annual Report details our achievements and successes during 2016, along with the challenges and opportunities ahead. Importantly, this report informs our school community of the progress being made towards the targets detailed in the Glendale Independent Public School Delivery and Performance Agreement and Business Plan.

This report is divided into seven parts:

  1. A Year In Review provides a reflection from Principal, Steven Noble;
  2. Our Context looks at our school community, our students and our staff;
  3. Student Achievement focuses on students’ performance in non-academic areas (Part 3a) and academic areas including NAPLAN (Part 3b).
  4. Progress on our Priorities provides information against each priority area of our works and describes major initiatives and projects;
  5. Annual Budget and Accounts reports on the schools’ financial situation; School Highlights reports on our notable achievements throughout the year related to students, staff and the school community; and
  6. Parent, Student and Teacher Satisfaction concludes the report with a look at satisfaction in our school community.

To read the full report, click here.

At a Glance:

A year in review from Principal Steven Noble

Glendale Primary School continues to be a school of choice in the Western Australian schooling system.

2016 has been a successful year, with a focus on developing a broad range of high quality programs that provide support and the opportunity to flourish.

Glendale Primary School’s data shows the school is performing within expected levels in academic areas. A priority will be to continue to develop sustained improvements in all areas of literacy and numeracy. This aim has seen us trial many programs and has allowed us to select those which will have the best impact on our students learning.

Our specialist programs continue to enhance student potential and opportunities are provided for all children to showcase their learning and achievement in the community. Our commitment to whole day specialist programs has reinforced the importance we place on these subjects and the value they add to our students’ education and life learning.

The School P&C Association is to be commended for its generous donations and the provision of great services to the school including the school uniform shop, the canteen, social events and much more. Their efforts, their time, commitment and dedication have been amazing and we thank all parents and community members for their involvement in our students’ educational life.

So too, we thank our school governance body – The School Board. The Board ensures that the school has a formal structure that provides opportunities for parents, staff and the community to work together planning, formulating and reviewing school systems and policies. We thank the members of the Board for their hours of service to the school.

Glendale has completed a fine 2016 and we now gear up for an exciting and rewarding 2017.

Steven Noble