What We Believe

Our vision, our values

We believe that Glendale Primary School serves as a learning centre, providing each student with opportunities to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to successfully contribute to a rapidly changing community.

At Glendale:

Students interact with people and cultures other than their own and are equipped to contribute to the global community.

Students participate in the creative activity of their own work and understand and engage with the artistic, cultural and intellectual work of others.

Students value and implement practices that promote personal growth and wellbeing.

Students are self-motivated and confident in their approach to learning and are able to work individually and collaboratively.

Students recognize that everyone has the right to feel valued and safe, and in this regard understand their behaviours and how they contribute to creating this culture.

The School Vision

“A Learning Community Giving VOICE to all”

At Glendale Primary School we commit to:

Valuing: each other, our individuality, our efforts and our education

We show respect.

We encourage independence.

We try.

 We support each other.

We celebrate success.

Openness: in communication, relationships and knowledge

We listen to each other.

We are honest

We build trust by aligning our actions and word. We are accountable.

Including: to provide equality of opportunities for all

We embrace diversity.

We adapt to suit needs.

We actively participate.

We make it safe for people to speak up.

We work with our strengths.

Collaborating: to build a learning community of excellence

We work together and share ideas.

We work together to solve conflict.

We look for solutions.

We are committed to reflection

and growth.

Engaging: with students, families, community and the environment

We encourage curiosity.

We bring enthusiasm.

We look for opportunities to connect.