Our Office and Support Team

We’re here to help

Our friendly office staff will be amongst the first to greet you when you visit Glendale Primary School.  Our school officers will assist you with any enquiries and if they can’t help, they will find someone who can.

Our Managers of Corporate Services are responsible for the management of the day to day financial, physical and human resource aspects of the school’s business operations and school support activities.

Manager Corporate Services

Kerry Clarke kerry.m.clarke@education.wa.edu.au

School Officers

Teresa Pimm teresa.pimm@education.wa.edu.au

Mary Zacharko mary.zacharko@education.wa.edu.au

Library Officers

Lynn Annandale lynn.annandale@education.wa.edu.au


Head Cleaner – Rosemarie Beadle

Grounds Keepers

Neil Peters