IPS Review

The Department of Education conducts a review of each Independent Public School in the final year of its Delivery and Performance Agreement.

The independent review provides assurance to the community, the Director General of the Department of Education and the Minister for Education and Training that the school has met the commitments outlined in its Delivery and Performance Agreement and Business Plan.

The Department of Education conducts an objective, independent verification of each school’s self-review of its performance.


The review’s purpose will be to ensure that Glendale is meeting its targets and agreed responsibilities. The review has the potential to inform school improvement planning. The review looks independently at Glendale’s self-review of its performance against its Delivery and Performance Agreement and associated Business Plan. Reviewers verify the conclusions drawn by the school against the achievement of intended goals and targets.

The focus of the review is on:

  1. The standards of student learning
  2. The quality of the learning environment
  3. Sustainability of achievements and practices.

At Glendale we will consider the questions:

  • What did we intend to achieve?
  • What did we achieve?
  • What can we improve?
  • How are we going to sustain and improve on our successes?

The Department of Education Services review will complement the school’s self-review by:

  • commending excellence in relation to standards of achievement and improvements made
  • recommending areas for improvement.

Glendale’s Review

The Department of Education conducted its review of Glendale Primary School in September 2018.  

The Department’s report compiled following the review is available here.