The Journey Begins

Choosing the right school for your child can be difficult, and it’s common for parents to feel anxious about getting this decision right. Questions such as “what will my child learn?” “will he be happy? “will she be challenged?“will he make friends?” “can I be involved?” are but a few of the important considerations that can guide your choice of school.

We know that the primary years of schooling are a very special time for children and parents. The experiences associated with a child’s entry into the school system will determine their expectations of school throughout life and their later success.

At Glendale we recognise that the school and our teachers carry an incredible responsibility to ensure that education is appropriate, productive and helps each and every child to reach their potential. As your child takes the challenging step into primary school, you need to know that supporting your child is as important to us at Glendale as it is to you at home. Our focus is not only on formal learning, but on building self-worth, understanding and acceptance to create character in a developing child and success later in life.

Please contact us to find out how Glendale can support your child’s educational journey.