Seesaw Help

The links below will highlight everything you need to know about Seesaw and its functions. There are 2 Apps for Parents to use at home, please ensure that you have both versions.
1. Seesaw Class Journal – for students to complete assigned activities and read announcements ready for home learning.
2. Seesaw for Families – for parents to be able to view student work and communicate with the teacher (not to complete activities). This is for parents who want to see their child’s work when they are not with them.

Why can’t I access the activities section from home?

Parents have had access to student work from home using the ‘Families’ App on Seesaw before we went to online learning at home. In this app students cannot access activities or upload work. This is done in the Seesaw Class Journal app.

Why can’t I message the teacher from my Seesaw account?

Parents are attempting to communicate with the teacher using the student ‘Seesaw Class Journal’ app which is only for the student to complete work. Parents can message Mr. Marsden or the teacher to be linked to the ‘Seesaw for Families’ App.

My code is different on two documents; will I still be able to log on?

Each time a code is produced the 12 digits will be different, this does not matter as they are linked to the student’s account. Either code will work.

Our account is coming up with an error and we cannot log on anymore?

During set up we encountered some technical issues that have caused some students to need a new code. Please contact the school office if you experience issues relating to logging on to make sure the correct code is being used.

Can my partner see what a student is doing from another device if they’re not home?

Yes, this is what the ‘Seesaw for Families’ app is for; to view student work at school, at home or anywhere.

Parents (Seesaw for Families App)
This tutorial will explain the ‘Seesaw for Families’ app and its functions and access you will have. Remember this app is used to view students work and to communicate you’re your child’s teachers.

Seesaw Family App

This tutorial will guide students through the functions of the app and how to use each part. From posting work, accessing lessons, announcements and teacher communication.

Student Tutorial (Seesaw Class Journal App)

Seesaw Class Journal App-Student Tutorial

After reading the information and viewing the above videos if you still have any questions then please contact us on and we will answer your questions.

The FAQs will be updated as new questions come to light.