Greenwood Dental Therapy

Greenwood Dental Therapy Centre will be open in the school holidays from 8 – 16 July inclusive.

Greenwood DTC is closed 17 – 19 July. In an emergency during this time please contact Hudson Park DTC on 9342 4217.

Kind Regards

Greenwood Dental Therapy Centre
C/- Greenwood Primary School, 12 Merivale Way, Greenwood WA 6024  
Ph: 08 9203 5611 Email:


Scribblers Festival

This term our school will be taking some lucky students on excursion to the Scribblers Festival of Literature and Arts.

They will enjoy fun, author events to spark imaginations, encourage a joy of reading and promote creative learning.

Alongside the schools program, is a full festival of free author events, creative craft, art installations, food stalls and more, taking place in Claremont on Saturday 11 & Sunday 12 May.

Meet well-loved authors and household names, such as Alison Lester, Jacqueline Harvey, Matt Stanton, Eddie Woo and Dr Karl. Discover new favourites and international authors including Megan McDonald (Judy Moody) from the United States and Philip Ardagh (The Grunts) from the UK.

Be inspired by the incredible, crocheted coral reef of Indonesian artist Mulyana, enjoy some creative fun at our craft stations, meet a magical unicorn, visit a book doctor for reading recommendations and delight in the magic of storytelling. A great day out for the whole family.

Visit Scribblers Festival website to learn more  

Dental Therapy Centre Information

Welcome to new families, very soon enrolment forms will be issued to each family. Please take the time to read the information provided before completing forms.

Return the completed forms to either your school office or post it to Greenwood Dental Therapy Centre as soon as possible.

Please attach to a separate piece of paper the names and year level of older siblings already enrolled at a Dental Therapy Centre as unfortunately with the new forms this information has been omitted.

Kind Regards

Janet, Casey, Cath & Mags