From Care for Kids

This term on Thursday’s at Glendale OSHC, we are learning to play the African drums which is proving to be a huge hit. This is a program that is catered for, with all costs covered by Care For Kids. 

We have discovered through research that playing the drums has a positive impact on brain development and hand eye coordination though has also brought lots of discussion to the service surrounding the African Culture.

Parents have also provided input to our program and are bringing in recycled goods to make our own drums.

Care for Kids

Term One!

Glendale is up and running, this term we will focus on ‘Kindness’. We have various activities planned this term including Zumba every Tuesday.

The children are also assisting with our recycling project and will to help make fertiliser, using food scraps, for our community.

Care for Kids Term 3 Activities

There has been some foam fun at Glendale!

We have been exploring texture and colour change with foam allowing the children to use their imaginations pretending it was real snow.

In collaboration with our Prekindy classroom, we have learnt a lot about our very own Indian Ocean and the creatures that inhabit this environment. Who would have known Jellyfish were so fascinating!

This term we are all participating in Zumba with our fabulous teacher Sam. The children have learnt many new dances and always come away smiling! This free activity takes place every Tuesday at 4pm.

We are also learning about ways in which we can make a difference to plastic pollution and sustainability awareness. Next month we will introduce our new Maze indoor composter, which we will learn all about and the children will take turns in putting in our afternoon food waste. We will then use the liquid fertiliser in the school gardens.

Vacation Care at Care for Kids

Glendale OSHC had such a fun filled vacation care.

We got our groove on at DecaDance, showed our acrobatic skills at Aerial Fun Trampoline World, put on our own talent show where the children were able to showcase their many talents and even cuddled some furry creatures at the Swan Valley Cuddly animal farm.

We can’t wait to see what is in store for next Vacation Care.

Learning About Sharks at Pre-Kindy

This term at Pre-Kindy, our child initiated project is in collaboration with our Glendale OSHC service. This project is, “Under the sea.” Mrs Gurner asked the children, “What is your favourite animal that lives in sea?” The standout favourite was sharks!

Currently we are investigating and learning all about sharks. Did you know there are 170 different species of sharks that inhabit Australian seas and that Hammerhead sharks like to stick together. There may be as many as 100 of them in a school. These are just some of the interesting facts we have discovered.

I wonder what else we will be learning during this term.

Space Themed Fun at Care for Kids

The Pre-Kindy children in collaboration with the Glendale OSHC children, are currently participating in a space inquiry themed “Space Mission to the Stars.”
The children are enjoying learning all about the moon, stars, planets, rockets and getting down and dirty with our moon mud and moon sand.