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Your child’s teacher is your first point of contact at school.  He/she is part of a caring, professional team ready to help with your child’s educational, social and emotional needs. You can contact your child’s teacher by email to schedule an appointment time to discuss any concerns or queries.

Teachers and Education Assistants by Year

Kindergarten (Kindy 1 and 2)-Kirsty Press: kirsty.press@education.wa.edu.au

Kindergarten (Kindy 1 and 2)-Nicole O’Halloran: nicole.Ohalloran@education.wa.edu.au

Pre Primary Room 17-Louise Denton: louise.colley2@education.wa.edu.au

Pre Primary Room 18-Natasha Tonner: natasha.tonner@education.wa.edu.au

Year 1 Room 5-Shona Gilfillan: shona.gilfillan@education.wa.edu.au

Year 1 Room 5-Melissa Jarvis: melissa.jarvis@education.wa.edu.au

Year 1/2 Room 4-Melissa Taylor: melissa.taylor4@education.wa.edu.au

Year 2 Room 3-Phil Johnson: philip.johnson@education.wa.edu.au

Year 2/3 Room 16-Jude McIntyre: judith.mcintyre@education.wa.edu.au

Year 2/3 Room 16 and Visual Arts/Indonesian-Vanessa Reeves: vanessa.reeves@education.wa.edu.au

Year 3 Room 15-Kath Angland: kathleen.angland@education.wa.edu.au

Year 4 Room 14-Adeline Morosoff: adeline.morosoff@education.wa.edu.au

Year 4/5 Room 8 (Monday-Thursday)-Melissa Spence: melissa.spence@education.wa.edu.au

Year 4/5 Room 8 (Friday) and Science-Julianne Timmers: julianne.timmers@education.wa.edu.au

Year 5/6 Room 10-Heather Wilson: heather.wilson@education.wa.edu.au

Year 6 Room 12-Scott Fairclough: scott.fairclough@education.wa.edu.au

Music (Tue/Wed)-Matt Sharp: matthew.sharp@education.wa.edu.au

Physical Education/Engineering-Jeremy Marsden: jeremy.marsden@education.wa.edu.au

DOTT Relief-Julie Rets: julie.rets@education.wa.edu.au

Education Assistants

Christine Berriman
Jason Bishop
Natasha Duncan
Debbie Pointing

Elise Pryce