School Photos


Tuesday 27 April and Friday 30 April 2021.

Timetable will be available on the school website by the end of Term 1.

Dear Parents,

Your school photo day is coming! Your child has received a personalised flyer to bring home from Kapture Photography containing your child’s unique codes for ordering school photos online.


The unique codes contained on the flyer will be issued only once.

Order EARLY for sibling photography

Sibling photos can ONLY be ordered online. Once you receive the personalised flyers for your children, it is imperative that you order your sibling photo early to avoid missing out! There is a physical limit in the school schedule to how many sibling photos can be taken. Once the maximum capacity of sibling orders has been reached, no more sibling orders can be placed.

If maximum capacity is not reached, sibling orders close 12pm midday sharp, one business day prior to the first photo day.  

The school or the photographers cannot accept late orders for sibling photography. Please do not ask as your request simply cannot be accommodated.

Order EARLY for discount photo day prices

Order your photos within 10 calendar days of photo day to receive discount photo day prices. Late orders are handled separately to the school delivery and incur a $20 custom service charge.

Other information

Your school will notify you in a few weeks when team and special group photos are available to view and purchase on the Kapture website. Please note; class, individual and sibling portraits are not available to view online prior to purchase.

Kapture offer a money back guarantee for any parent who is not fully satisfied with their photo package. Should you have any queries before or after photo day, please check the FAQ’s on the Kapture website.

All students will be photographed individually on photo day for school administration records AS WELL as included in their class group presentation available for purchase to all families. Should there be any reason why your child should NOT be included in the photo shoot –please contact the school office.

If COVID is still active in WA: For the duration of Covid-19 in WA, please be aware that Kapture are following all recommended health guidelines and safe practices. Our photographers are acutely aware of the evolving situation surrounding Covid-19 and abide by each individual school’s Covid-19 policies. Where possible, the photographers will use verbal queues and instructions in an effort to uphold our high standard of student presentation. Students may be instructed by photographers to use single use sterile combs, wet wipes or tissues or to fix their own collars, buttons and stray hairs.

Twilight Family Picnic

Get your picnic rugs out!

Head down to Glendale Primary School to enjoy a twilight family welcome picnic. Whether you are new to Glendale or a returning family. It’s a great opportunity to make new friends or catch up with old ones.


See you there!
Click here to view the flyer.

From The Principal – 24 July 2020

Dear Parents and Carers,

Welcome back to school for Term 3.  I hope you all got to enjoy the school holidays with your children.  It feels to me, like everyone is back at school full of energy and enthusiasm.

School Development Day last Monday

On Monday at the start of term, the staff and I were involved in a very productive day’s training which was led by leaders within the staff.   Over the day the teaching staff looked at:

  • The whole school writing programme and refined a schedule of work with Mrs McIntyre.
  • Reviewed the whole school current Literacy Operation Plan and identified areas for updating with Mrs Boath.
  • Went through some excellent teaching strategies for improving mental maths computation with Mrs Fuller.
  • Were introduced to a new whole school behaviour system to reward good behaviour daily and linking this to a fortnightly whole school reward system with Mrs Gilfillan.
  • Examined the current system for whole school data and how these can be used to full effect for monitoring growth with Mrs Graham.
  • The staff also participated in a communication game to build teamwork and awareness of the need for clear communication with feedback which was led by Mr Lindsay and Ms Colley.

It is a pleasure, as the Principal of this school, to work with a staff of such a high calibre and with so many who are willing to take on leadership roles.  I want to acknowledge all the staff for the high standards that they set.

Lamplight Evening for Year 5 and Kindy students

Next Wednesday evening, the students from Mrs Howman’s Year 5 class will be holding a Lamplight Reading evening with the children from Kindy.  This is an annual event that Mrs Howman runs where all the students come dressed in their pyjamas and slippers and bring a torch and cuddly toy.  The classes combine in Mrs Howman’s room to create cosy corners of the room with rugs and bean bags where they gather in groups to hear lots of children read books together.  I think this is an example of what lengths the fantastic staff at this school go to, to promote a love of literacy and provide opportunities for students to mentor younger children. 

Thank You

I wish to thank the Grey family for their generous donation of two new microwaves to the school canteen to assist Nerilee, the Canteen Manager, and her volunteers cater for the ever increasing number of lunch orders coming through.  When the food is good, they come! …… and this is so true of our wonderful canteen.  The P&C have recently purchased a new commercial stove for the canteen as well.   Just a reminder for any family not using the canteen for lunch orders yet, you can order and pay online through the QKR app, where you can view the full menu, alternatively orders can be placed, before school, at the canteen.

P&C run School Banking resumed yesterday

With the further lifting of restrictions on having people on the school site, school banking resumed yesterday in the resource room with Carla Drake Brockman.  She advised me that there was a good turn out with lots of families using the service.  School banking is available every Thursday before school.

Whole School Positive Behaviour Programme

Even though the students at Glendale PS are mostly very well behaved, it is nice to acknowledge and focus on good behaviour at the administration level.  This year the staff on the Positive Behaviour Committee have revised the whole school positive behaviour programme, with a new system being started this term.  They system now is for each day that a child has with good behaviour (without being given warnings or time out for poor behaviour in the classroom or playground), they will get a tick against their name on a class chart.  When a child gets 10 days of good behaviour they will then get a raffle ticket in the VOICE Raffle which is drawn at the fortnightly Monday VOICE Assemblies.  At the VOICE Assembly eight children (two children from each of the four teaching blocks) will be drawn out of the raffle and they will get to spin the wheel to receive a prize.

P&C Cutest Pet Photo competition

The Glendale PS P&C is currently running a pet photo competition.  There are four categories of prizes: cutest pet, most unusual pet, silliest pet, and most creative pet photo.  The cost of entry is $5 and payments can be made through Qkr.  Please send your photos and evidence of payment via email to the P&C at  The winners will receive pet packs donated by local pet stores. 

Glendale Primary School 50th Anniversary in 2021

I would like to hear from any members of the community who would like to work with me and the staff on planning the celebrations for the school’s 50th anniversary.  If you are able to attend meetings during school hours and would like to be involved, please ring me on 9447 4199.

Kindy places for 2021

It is important for anyone with a child entering kindy next year that they lodge an enrolment at the office as soon as possible.  At present we have enough enrolments to almost fill two classes.  Once the second class is full, then children will be placed on a wait list until there are enough to consider setting up a third class.  

Lost Property

At present the lost property room is full of school jumpers, hats and lunch boxes.  If your child has lost anything, please check the lost property for it.  Any items not claimed by the end of term will be donated to the P&C second hand shop or passed on to a charity.

Staff changes

I would like to welcome back Julie Rets to the staff in kindy one day a week in Mrs Press’ class.  Mrs Rets had the first half of this year on leave.


  1. Please support the recycling of bread bag tags by sending these in to your children’s classes, the recycling of batteries and oral health products can be deposited in specially marked bins in the lost property room.
  2. When driving around the school for drop off and picking up of children before and after school please take care and ensure you stick to the 40km limit and park in designated parking areas. With the recent fatality in Mandurah of an 8 year-old boy on a bike this week, it reminds us of how easy it is for children to misjudge traffic. 
  3. This term we are planning on having the Faction Carnival on Tuesday 1 September, with jumps, throws and long distance races being held in the weeks prior. The Interschool Carnival is scheduled for Monday 21 and Wednesday 23 September.

Thanking you,

Helen Fiebig