From The Principal – 21 May 2021

Dear Parents and Carers,


In the last fortnight the Year 3 and 5 students have participated in NAPLAN testing along with their peers around Australia.  I am pleased to say that this process has gone off without issue and that the children appeared to have been calm and relaxed about it, which is great to see. 

Parents and carers will receive a NAPLAN report later in the year once the information is received by the school.

School Development Day

A reminder that the students will not be at school on Friday 4 June as this is a school development day where the staff participate in training.  This term the staff are focusing on furthering their understanding in the new social skills programme that was introduced this year, as well as mathematics and reviewing how well we are meeting the targets set in the school’s Business Plan.

Positive Behaviour Reward Winners – 12 May 2012

ECE Kindy/Rm 19 Sophie B 10 minutes on the IPad
  Kindy/Rm 19 Celeste M Has not span yet
  PP/Rm 18 Lachlan D Sit on the teacher’s chair for the day
  PP/Rm 17 Ruby M Sit on the teacher’s chair for the day
Junior Yr 1/Rm 5 Liam M 20 minutes of games for the class
  Yr 2/Rm 4 Max L 20 minutes of games for the class
  Yr 2/Rm 3 Charlize S Make pancakes with the Chaplain
Middle Yr 4/Rm 14 Deklan S Free dress with a friend
  Yr 3/Rm 16 Ryan S 20 minutes of games for the class
  Yr 2/Rm 16 Aiden S Canteen voucher
Upper Yr 6/Rm 10 Luke D Choose where he sits for a day
  Yr 5/Rm 10 Jessica S Make pancakes with the Chaplain
  Yr 5/Rm 10 Kayla A Free dress with a friend

Once a fortnight at the Positive Behaviour Assembly we reminded students of the school’s guiding rules and do the draw for the positive behaviour rewards.  At last week’s assembly Mr Johnson’s Year 2 class reminded all the students about the guiding school rule to always wear a hat in the playground.  They did a great job by performing the following song written by Mr Johnson: 

Wear a hat when its sunny. It doesn’t really matter if you look a bit funny.

Wear a hat every term, or you might get really bad sun burn.

Wear a hat over your ears. It’s been a school rule for years and years.

Wear a hat to stop UV rays. You should always wear one when you go out to play

Wear a hat in the sun, or else when you’re 40 you’ll look 61.

Wear a hat even if its cloudy. If you don’t the duty teacher might get rowdy.

Wear a hat don’t be bad. If you don’t you might get Mrs Fiebig mad.

Our school rule is no hat no play, so make sure you wear your hat every day.

You should wear a hat, so should your sister or you might get a really bad sun blister.

Wear a hat big and round. If you can’t find it look in lost and found.

Love our school, please don’t spoil it. You don’t have to wear your hat in the toilet.

Book Fair 

A big thank you to everyone who has supported the school by purchasing items at the Book Fair in the Library this week.  Sales of all the books and merchandise has been available before and after school with Lynn Annandale, the Library Officer.  At the time of writing this, the Book Fair sales have reached approximately $4,000 worth of books which has exceeded all of our expectations, with commission going to the school in credits for new books.  I feel the final figure will be over this as there are further sales after school today. 

Book Week

Another big thank you to everyone who helped their child dress up on Wednesday for the Book Parade as a character from their favourite book.  It was a fantastic day with the staff joining in on the fun with many creative costumes and a great celebration of reading. 

If your child is not reading pleasure, don’t worry about their age, still read a story to them or with them to help them get hooked on reading. 

School Board

I am pleased to say that I have two parents attending the next School Board meeting on 14 June with an intention to join the Board.   Once they have formally joined I will announce who they are.  I also have the Music Teacher, Matt Sharp joining the Board as a staff representative.

Thank you to Hamersley Choir Committee 

On Tuesday 11 May, Jason and Galal as representatives of the Combined Churches in the Hamersley area, presented a donation to me and Rumbi, the School Chaplain, for $400 to support our Chaplaincy programme.  All the churches in this area come together every year to celebrate Christmas with a Carols evening at Aintree Oval in the first week or two of December with fun activities for the whole family.  We appreciate this ongoing support and thank them very much. 


Highway Heroes Parenting tip

Highway Heroes is the social skills programme being taught across the school to assist children to be resilient throughout their lives.  The first lesson for all children is on self-talk.  They are being taught to identify when they are using ‘Supa Thinkin’ or ‘Stinkin thinkin’ when faced with issues. 

How does your self-talk affect your life?  As adults, the internal dialogue can set us up for social, academic and vocational success, or it can severely impact our effectiveness and productivity.  Have you spoken to your child about what you say to yourself when things are tough – when you’re getting ready for a big event and ‘steeling yourself’ to get through it?  It is very useful to talk about the helpful things you say to yourself – and how they affect your emotions and behaviour – as well as the unhelpful things you say to yourself – and the emotional and behavioural outcomes of those.

Great Start Awards, Warwick Senior High School

In the last fortnight I attended a Great Start Award ceremony at Warwick Senior High School to reward our past students for the high standards they are setting academically, behaviourally and in sporting endeavours.  I was very proud to see how well the twelve student in the photo are doing.


I would like to congratulate Arabella Nelson on being selected for the state girls Under 12 AFL team.  I understand that she will now be a part of a team that will travel around the state playing in various regions.

Yours sincerely,

Helen Fiebig


From the Principal – 7 May 2021

Dear Parents and Carers,

I am very aware that we have a few families in the Glendale PS community who are suffering grief with the loss of loved ones recently and out thoughts and best wishes go out to all the families and friends involved.  Death at any time affect so many people connected to the families which includes the school staff.  We are putting all the love and support we can into the children affected and the school Chaplain remains available to offer support for any child dealing with grief.

COVID restrictions

I wish to thank you for being vigilant over the past few weeks with the wearing of masks.  I am very grateful that the school was able to remain open with minimal disruption.

Thank you to Member for Kingsley, Jessica Stojkovski

Today it was a pleasure to meet with our local State Member for Kingsley, Jessica Stojkovski.   I am very pleased to also be able to announce that Jessica has secured $160,000 of funding for the school to upgrade the student toilets in two teaching blocks.  This very generous support for the school means that the 50 year-old facilities can have a modern upgrade.  This work will be started some-time this year.

While Jessica was visiting she took the opportunity to meet with Mrs Angland’s Year 3 class to present a donation of 24 dictionaries for use in the classrooms and six books from Anh Do’s new Sky Dragon children’s series to the library for Book Week.   She introduced the children to the books by reading the first chapter, which left us all wanting more.  They children then had lots to talk to her about.

Interschool Cross Country 

Congratulations to every child who ran in the school cross country event and was then selected to compete in the Interschool Cross Country for this district which was held at Hawker Park Primary School today. 

Mother’s Day

A big thank you to the P&C for the work they have done in creating a Mother’s Day stall for the children to purchase presents for their mothers/grandmothers/carers or significant females in their lives.  The gifts all looked marvellous and I am confident every person who receives one will think it was $5 well spent.

The P&C ran a Mother’s Day Raffle of which I drew the winning ticket this morning.  The winner’s name will be released by the P&C on Monday so that the prize will be a lovely surprise for the lucky mum on Sunday.

Book Fair/Book Week

The school’s annual Book Fair will be held in the Library in Week 5, from May 17 – 21.  Please come along and have a browse at the books that are available for purchase. The Fair will be open 11:15am – 11:35am during the lunch break and after school till 3.30pm.  Every purchase made at the fair gives the school reward dollars to spend on more books for the Library.  Your support is greatly appreciated.

Book Week is also celebrated the same week for this school and on Wednesday 19 May, there will be the Book Character dress-up parade.  Children are invited to come to school dressed as a character from a favourite book, and if possible bring the book to share with classmates.

On the Wednesday 19 May, all classes at 1pm, will also be participating in The National Simultaneous Story Time where the book “Give Me Some Space’ is being read from space by astronaut, Dr Shannon Walker from the International Space Station.

School Photos

We will send out a Connect notice when the school photos have arrived.  Photos will be sent home with your child unless you have made other arrangements with the school office staff.  If your child is absent on the day photos are distributed they will be at the office for collection.

All enquiries about orders are to go through Kapture Photography on 9240 1714.


NAPLAN testing begins for students in years 3 and 5 on Tuesday 11 May and ends on Friday 14 May. The students will complete one test each day which will commence at 9am. Please ensure your child is at school on time so they can get ready for the test. Students who are absent will have an opportunity to catch up on tests the following week.


I am currently reviewing the school’s Homework Policy and am asking parents and carers to please let me know their feedback in relation to whether they want their child to complete homework or not and if so what content they feel should be prioritised, such as reading and mental math skills such as multiplication tables etc. 

Teachers have reported to me that in most classrooms regular homework is being completed by a minor number of students.

I would like to make sure that any future policy reflects this community’s expectations.

Please feel free to contact me via email at, ring or come in for a chat.

Kindy Enrolments for 2022 now open

I urge anyone with a child entering kindergarten next year to please enrol them as early as possible to secure them a position, as places are limited.  You need to enrol your child if they are turning 4 years old between 1 July 2021 and 30 June 2022.  Paperwork for enrolment is available online from the school website or by coming in to the office.

Assembly Merit Certificates

The last assembly on Wednesday was run by Mrs Morosoff’s Year 4 class and they showed us the difference between ‘Stinkin Thinkin’ and ‘Supa-Thinkin’ which are term the children are learning through the Highway Heroes resiliency programme.

Pre-Primary Charlie K Layla P Eva H Thomas D
Year 1 Mila K Patrick K Marek K Meelah T
Year 2 Amira A Summer S Annie L Hunter C
Year 3 Dylan W Isabella T    
Year 4 Johnathon W Mason J    
Year 5 Amelia T Kade K Anakin G  
Year 6 Mitchell P Claire C Eden R  

Positive Behaviour winners

Each child in the school receives a raffle ticket for every ten days that they display good behaviour in class.  Fifteen tickets are then drawn at the minor assemblies each fortnight and those children spin a reward wheel.  The winners for this fortnight are:

Early Childhood Heather B Kindy, Room 19 Make pancakes with the chaplain
Ruby M Kindy, Room 19 Has yet to spin the wheel
Mile L Pre, Room 17 Free dress for a day with a friend
Cody C Pre, Room 17 10 minutes on the iPad
Lachlan D Pre, Room, 18 Canteen voucher
Brandon-Lee F Pre, Room 18 10 minutes on the iPad
Junior Thomas D Year 2, Room 3 20 minutes of games for the class
Isla T Year 2, Room 3 Make pancakes with the chaplain
Cameron B Year 2, Room 3 Choose where he sits for a day
Middle Myah M Year 4, Room 14 Choose where she sits for a day
Evelyn H Year 3, Room 15 Free dress with a friend
Meg B Year 3, Room 15 Make pancakes with the chaplain
Senior Stephan L Year 6, Room 10 Canteen voucher
Milana G Year 5, Room 8 Canteen voucher
Wungwa C Year 4, Room 8 Principal for the afternoon

Aussie of the Month awards

Congratulations to our two worthy recipients; Miles L from Pre-Primary, Room 17 and Milana G from Year 5, Room 8.

Highway Heroes Health/Resiliency Programme tips

Playground Resilience – social assertiveness is a skill that’s difficult for most adults.  It’s a useful skill to learn and to teach your child.  Start with confident body language, chin up, shoulders back and use a confident tone, but not aggressive.  Practise this often.

Classroom Resilience – getting organised is easy to talk about but not so easy to do.  Are you organised?  What helps you to get organised and stay organised?  Systems, routines and reminders all improve organisational skills – do you need more at home?

Emotional Resilience – breathe, is easier said than done when the tensions are high.  Choose and practise a technique.  Trace up and down fingers – in on the way up and out on the way down.  Teach your child to breathe in and exhale like they’re blowing a bubble. 

Crunch and Sip

As a healthy eating school there is a whole school focus on ensuring children are getting a healthy diet to assist their growth and learning.  Please see below some facts from the Cancer Council of WA and Crunch & Sip.

The World Health organisation (WHO) recommend children have less than 6 teaspoons/24 grams of ‘free sugars’ per day (like the sugar in sugary drinks).

The amount of sugar in drinks:

600ml cola =16 teaspoons / 64 grams
500ml energy drink =14 teaspoons / 56 grams
500ml fruit juice =13 teaspoons / 52 grams
600ml choc milk =13 teaspoons / 52 grams
600ml sports drink =9 teaspoons / 36 grams
Water =0 sugar

Woolworths Free Fruit and Veg for a School competition

After having it recommended to me by a few parents and staff, I have entered the latest promotion by Woolworth in which they are giving away to 100 primary schools free fruit for a day.   Now we wait for the results of the completion with our fingers crossed.

Warwick Senior High School

If you have a child entering Year 7 in 2022 enrolments are being taken and Warwick SHS encourages you to get a completed application in as soon as possible.

If your child is looking to gain entry to one of Warwick SHS specialist/elite programs, they’re holding trial days on the 3 and 17 June 2021. To be able to attend, you need to have submitted a complete application pack with all of the relevant documentation included. The school will contact all prospective students late May to invite them to their chosen trial dates.

If you have any questions, please contact the Enrolments Officer at Warwick SHS, Pam Bayliss;

Yours sincerely,

Helen Fiebig


From The Principal – 23 April 2021

Welcome back for Term 2, it is great to have everyone back at school looking happy and healthy.

I enjoyed the holidays spending some of it with my son and grandchildren in Lancelin over Easter and as they live in the Kimberly it is precious time when they are down. 

Dates this term

This term is eleven weeks with two public holidays and a school development day for which the children do not come to school. 

  1. ANZAC Day on Monday 26 April
  2. School Development day on Friday 4 June
  3. WA Day on Monday 7 June

ANZAC Service

On Wednesday I was very pleased to attend the school’s ANZAC Service with our special guest, Michael Gledhill who served for 30 years in both the Australian Army and the Royal Australian Air Force.  Mick was a member of the RAAF parachute display team as well as working in telecommunication and served as a peacekeeper in Bougainville, PNG. 

The service was to a very high standard and I would like to congratulate and thank:


  • the choir under the direction of Mrs Graham who was responsible for organsing the service
  • the school band lead by Mr Sharp
  • Liam Coxon for the wonderful job he did playing the Last Post and revile
  • to Stephan Le and Nash Bullen for being the MCs
  • to Arabella Nelson for presenting the Acknowledgement of Country
  • to Mr Fairclough for assisting in the organisation and acting as MC
  • to Mrs Reeve, Mrs McIntyre, Mrs Angland and Mrs Morosoff for making the wreaths
  • the behaviour of all the children was impeccable and I was proud of every one of them
  • to our School Board Chairperson, Ruth Langmead and to the P&C President Vice President Aimee Jorgeson for each laying a wreath on behalf of the community

You can see that every event has a lot of people behind the scenes helping it go off smoothly and we have an amazing staff at this school who all support and contribute where they can.

Cross Country 

Congratulations to every child who participated in the cross country on Thursday morning.  It is a great effort to complete the course and we always encourage the children to give it a go.  Thank you to all the parents who came and supported the children on the day. 




School Photos

School photos are being taken of each class on Tuesday 27 April and on Friday 30 April photos will be taken of the children from Kindy 2 and the Year 6 students for their graduation. 

Sibling photos are being taken on both days before school and that timetable is organized by Kapture photography.

Please ensure children are in a clean uniform on the day.  Year 6 students are to wear their new graduation shirt on Friday if the order arrives on time.

Mother’s Day Stall

The P&C are holding a mother’s day stall on Tuesday 4 and Thursday 6 May in the afternoons with the after school sales available.  Each class is rostered to go to the stall in class time so children can purchase a present for their mother, grandmother or carer.  All gifts will be $5 each.

On Tuesday students from Kindy 1, Pre-primary, Year 1, Year 1/2 and Year 2 will go to the stall.

On Thursday students from Kindy 2, Year 2/3, year 3, year 4, Year 4/5, year 5/6 and Year 6 will go.

Annual Report

An Annual Report for 2020 has been prepared to be submitted to the Education Department and placed on the School Online website and on the Glendale Primary School website. It should be on the school website in the next week. This document examines the data academically across most learning areas, behaviourally, attendance etc. and makes recommendations as to the programmes for the school to continue with or changes for this year. 


The bread bag tags recycling has come to an end at this stage as the sponsoring company has withdrawn its funds. Thank you to all those who contributed in the past. We have a huge box Mrs Timmers is sending off.

The next assembly

Wednesday 5 May there will be a Year 4 assembly lead by the children from Mrs Morosoff’s class.  You are more that welcome to attend.

Helen Fiebig


From the Principal – 1 April 2021

Here we are with the first term over already.  The school results for term 1 for Reading and Maths has been very positive and indicates that most children are achieving above what is expected when compared to Australian norm referenced groups.  This indicates that the whole school coordinated approach to teaching is achieving excellent results while still allowing children to play, explore and create.

Easter Hat Parade and P&C Raffle Draw  

Congratulations to everyone today on their fantastic recycled bespoke Easter Hats.  The Easter Hat parade was a grand occasion with lots of parents and friends attending to watch every child from Pre-primary to Year 6 come up onto the stage to show off their headwear.  We were very lucky to have the Easter Bunny come along and present every class with a bag of Easter eggs and stay for the assembly.  The two Kindy classes got to show off their hats, receive their prizes and meet the Easter Bunny in their classroom.

The P&C Easter Raffle was hugely supported by the community with enough donated eggs for 4 prizes per class, 3 grand prizes, 4 staff prizes and 4 volunteer prizes.

A big thank you to the following businesses who supported the P&C by donating items for the raffle:

IGA, Carine

Coles Warwick

Best Price Variety Store, Warwick

Warwick News

ANZAC Wreaths

Mrs Reeve is asking for donations on Tuesday 20 April of flowers or foliage to the art room, to be used for ANZAC Day wreaths.  She is also seeking community volunteers to assist in making the wreaths after school on the Tuesday. 

These wreaths will be used in the whole school ANZAC service to be held on Wednesday 21 April at 9 am in the assembly undercover area.


  • The new teacher for Mr Yiannakis’ class has accepted the position, however I cannot release their name until Thursday, 8 April when the official breach period is up. I will send out a Connect notice next week advising who the new teacher is, so that students in that class know who they will be meeting on the first day of term.
  • Changes to the School Board. Thank you very much to Stephen Ralph for serving on the School Board for the past three years.  His input into decisions has been greatly valued.
  • Welcome to Peter Madden as a parent representative who joined the school board this week.
  • The new gardener is Garry Bransby who works Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.


NAPLAN testing will take place between the Tuesday 11 May and Friday 14 May. Catch up testing for absent children will be done between 17 and 20 May. After Thursday 20 May the portal closes and testing finishes. The year 3 children still do their writing task on paper but all other tests are done online. Year 3 students are using the iPads and year 5 students the Chromebooks. Students need ear phones or buds for the testing and due to health and safety reasons it is preferable for the students to have their own. The school does have a few spare sets that are sanitised after each use. The tests will start at 9am so please ensure students completing NAPLAN are at school on time to avoid any stress before the testing.

School Photos

School photos are being taken by Kapture Photography on Tuesday 27 April and Friday 30 April. Kindy 1, Rooms 18, 17, 5,  4,  3, 16, 15, 14, 8, 10 and 12 are having their photos taken on Tuesday with Kindy 2 and the graduation photos to be taken on Friday 30 April. All orders are online this year and no ordering is available through the school office. The information for online ordering has been sent home in a flyer and also through a Connect notice. Sibling photos are organised by Kapture and are taken before school on each day. Please refer any enquiries to Kapture Photography.

Sport Event Schedule 2021 – Term 2

Below is an outline of events that are planned for 2021. These are tentative dates and times based on current planning and may be subject to change.  Information regarding specific events will be sent out closer to the events.

Events for Term 2, 2021 Date Week Time Location
Glendale Cross Country – Junior (P-Y3) 22/4/2021 Week 1 9.00am Glendale PS
Glendale Cross Country – Senior (Yrs 4-6) 22/4/2021 Week 1 9.30am Glendale PS
Interschool Cross Country (24 students, Yrs 1-6) 7/5/2021 Week 3 9.00am Hawker Park PS
AFL/Soccer/Netball – Friendly Match 1 (Yrs 5 & 6) 21/5/2021 Week 5 1.30pm Glendale PS
AFL/Soccer/Netball – Friendly Match 2 (Yrs 5 & 6)  28/5/2021 Week 6 1.30pm Dalmain PS
AFL/Soccer/Netball – Friendly Match 3 (Yrs 5 & 6)  11/6/2021 Week 8 1.30pm Glendale PS
AFL/Soccer/Netball – Friendly Match 4 (Yrs 5 & 6) 18/6/2021 Week 9 1.30pm Goollelal PS
Lightning Carnival (Yrs 5 & 6) 25/6/2021 Week 10 9.00am Halidon PS

Positive Behaviour School Raffle Winners

ECE Kindy/ Rm 19 Maisie R 10 minutes extra play for the whole class
  Kindy 2/ Rm 19 Liam E Principal for an afternoon
  Pre/Rm 18 Jack H 20 minutes of games for the whole class
  Pre/Rm 19 Badriya M Canteen Voucher
Junior Yr 2/Rm 3 Amira A 20 minutes of games for the class
  Yr 1/Rm 5 Indi G Choose where she sits for the day
Middle Yr 2/Rm 16 Heath C 10 minutes free time in class
  Yr 4/Rm 14 Michael W Cook pancakes with the Chaplain
  Yr 4/Rm 14 Isabelle P Choose where she sits for the day
Upper Yr 6/Rm 12 Claire C 10 minutes on the iPad
  Yr 6/Rm 12 Josh W 10 minutes free time
  Yr 6/Rm 12 Tim W Canteen voucher

Merit Certificates

Pre-Primary Alice R Emma V Cody C Madeleine H
Year 1 Emma S Esme G Phoebe R Tyson H
Year 2 Isla P Thomas D Lily C Lily R
Year 3 Harriet S Liam C    
Year 4 Holly W Isla S Bailey T  
Year 5 Christopher W Samuel L    
Year 6 Ali C Ruby D Stephan L  

Aussie of The Month

At the last assembly the two Aussies of the Month were:

Junior – Tayla H, Year 1, for displaying the VOICE values.  She always looks out for her classmates by including and assisting them when possible, is kind, confident and reliable.

Senior – Lelo D, Year 4, for demonstrating the VOICE values by always following instructions, showing kindness to her peers, working collaboratively and invincible grit.


The P&C held their AGM on the 22 March with a new Executive team voted in.  I wish to pass on the thanks from the whole school to the outgoing members who have served so selflessly. 

I want to acknowledge the leadership of Time Ewers who had done a wonderful job as P&C President last year and before that as Vice President.  I also wish to thank Justin Grey who was the Vice President last year and before that the President.  Their leadership has seen the P&C establish new protocols and attract a large band of volunteers.  They both leave their positions knowing that the P&C is in a very healthy financial position while maintaining the many traditional events.  

I would like to welcome Sarah Cusack as the new P&C President and Aimee Jorgenson as the Vice President.  Both of these ladies have been on the P&C for some time and have worked together with the members for the fantastic outcomes that have been achieved. 

Wildlife Incursion

On Wednesday and Thursday of this week, the kindy and pre-primary children were able to learn about and hold some native wildlife from West Oz Wildlife. 

Highway Heroes Tips for Parents and Carers

Resilience Tip – Being learning confident – means asking questions, saying “I don’t know,” asking for help and speaking up when you do and don’t know the answer.  Praise confidence when you see your child showing it in their learning tasks at home. 

Emotional Resilience Tip – Managing moods – feelings can hang around and grow into moods.  Time of day, certain people, hungry, tired – there are lots of mood drivers, what are yours?  What are your child’s?  How can you avoid or manage those mood triggers?

Family Wellbeing Tip – Children thrive when they know the boundaries.  Consistent and predictable expectations in homes, that don’t change by the day, at all.  Know your boundaries and stick to them.

Healthy Food Guide

Recommendation for healthy eating from the crunch and sip website inform us:

Use per 100g Best Choice OK sometimes Avoid
Total fat Less than 3g 3g – 10g More than 10g
Saturated fat Less than 1.5g 1.5g-3g More than 3g
Sugar Less than 5g 5g – 15g More than 15g
Sodium Less than 120mg 12mg-400mg More than 400mg
Fibre More than 3g per serve    

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday and look forward to seeing everyone back happy and healthy for Term 2 on Monday 19 April.

Helen Fiebig


From the Principal – 19 March 2021

Dear Parents and Carers,

Time is going fast as everyone is very busy and a lot is being achieved.  I am very excited by the outstanding teaching and learning teams that we enjoy at this school and the high quality work that is being done by the children.  Early data collection indicates that we are achieving excellent results across the school particularly in Literacy. 

Parent and Teacher meetings

Now that first term is almost over and teachers have had time to get to know your child/ren and complete a range of testing and complete work samples, they know your child’s strengths and areas to develop academically.  If you wish and haven’t already had one, you may book a parent/teacher meeting for after school over the next two weeks.  Please contact the school reception on 9352 2700 to book a time to meet with your child’s teacher, if you haven’t already done so.   Please be sure to indicate if you would prefer a face to face meeting or telephone call.

Change of Teaching Staff

Mr Manioll Yiannakis who has taught for the past 41 years will be retiring on Friday 26 March, next week.  Manioll is a gentleman and a scholar who has worked tirelessly with his colleagues to give every child in his care the best education possible and to set high standards of himself and of them. 

We are very sad to be saying goodbye. 

Manioll started his teaching career at Carnarvon District High School working with Aboriginal boys who were not enthusiastic learners.  He learnt early that good teaching was all about engaging children in creative ways and about relationships.  He was hugely successful in his endeavours in Carnarvon and then came to Perth and settled at Glendale PS.  During his time here, he has served as Deputy Principal for one year and predominantly taught in the younger primary grades. 

In my short time as Principal at Glendale PS, I have had many parents praise Manioll and welcome the opportunity to have him teach their child.  I am confident that I can speak on behalf of the whole Glendale PS community and say we all wish him every happiness in retirement.


Please do not discuss NAPLAN testing and preparation with your children in any depth as it only serves to create anxiety about testing in general.  Children are being prepared and taught the skills they are developmentally ready for and the NAPLAN is just one of many tests that your child will do throughout the year.  I am a firm believer in the less attention to the test the better the results for each child.

The Year 3 and Year 5 students will be doing a NAPLAN online practice test at 9am on 25 March .  The Year 3 students will be doing a combination of maths and reading and the year 5 students a writing test. The aim of this test is to test the technical capability of the online platform and to give students a practice of the test requirements and layout. It is not testing their ability nor is it assessed.

The official NAPLAN testing will commence on Tuesday the 11 May and finish on Friday 21 May. Most of the testing will be done in the first week leaving time for catch up testing in the second week for any students who are away during the testing period.  No catch up testing will be available after 21 May.   All testing is done online using a school managed device with the exception of the year 3 writing which is still done on paper.

School Board Members

We have a few Board members who have completed their three year position as a School Board Member and am calling for expressions of interested from members of the Glendale PS community.  If you are interested in becoming a member of the School Board, please contact me either in person, by phone 9352 2700 or email, to discuss the roles and to get further information. 

Nude Food

We have been promoting nude food this term and the Glendale Greenies have been busy making sure we collect food scraps and un-waxed paper for recycling instead of sending it to landfill through the general bins. Each day Glendale Greenies are rostered on to collect the buckets from the junior and senior lunch areas, weigh the bins and divert the scraps to compost bins and the paper to recycling. In the last fortnight we have diverted 9.2kgs of food scraps from general waste to the compost bins, 1.8kgs of paper to recycling and sent 6.5kgs of rubbish to landfill. Thank you to our wonderful canteen who has switched to sustainable packaging which has helped us send less rubbish to landfill.

P&C AGM Monday

All parents and carers of students at the school are invited to attend the P&C AGM on Monday, 21 March in Room 6 at 7 pm.  The meeting is in the same room as the school banking which is found behind the Year 1 and 2 classrooms.  The P&C are very much the heart of the school community and have a fantastic band of volunteers.  I strongly encourage you to get involved if possible and if you are not already.

East Hat Parade

Students will participate in an Easter Hat Parade on Thursday 1 April. Parents are encouraged to help their children to make a hat at home from recycled materials if their child is not already making one in class. The Easter Rabbit is also due to make a special guest appearance during the parade. 

ANZAC Service Wednesday 21 April

On Wednesday 21 April, Glendale Primary will be holding an ANZAC Service in the assembly area. Special guests and selected students will be presenting floral wreaths as part of this service.

We are seeking parents and volunteers who can help us assemble wreaths and/or flowers into vases or displays on Tuesday 20 May. Please come along to the Art Room from 3pm onwards if you are available to help.

We also require flowers and greenery. Any variety or size will be gladly accepted. Please deliver any flowers or greenery on Tuesday 20 April to the Art Room. For any questions regarding this please contact the office on 9352 2700 or speak with Ms Reeve.

Aussie of the Month 

Wed 3 March 2021

  • Yr 2, Rm 3, Jessica D for consistently displaying the VOICE values by being fully engaged in her learning and collaborating with her peers.
  • Yr 2, Rm 16, Henry C for displaying the VOICE values by being helpful, empathetic and friendly every day.


Wed 17 March 2021

  • Yr 1, Rm 4, Imogen G for displaying the VOICE values of being thoughtful, generous, kind and always working to the best of her ability.
  • Yr 3, Rm 15, Addison G for displaying the VOICE values by being a kind and compassionate student who can always be relied upon to work hard.



ECE Kindy 1, Rm 19 Rose D 10 minutes free time in class
  Kindy 2, Rm 19 Abbie C Will spin later in the week
  PP, Rm 18 Charlie S 10 minutes on the ipad
  PP, Rm 17 Nanaia T Canteen Voucher
Junior Year 1, Rm 5 Dylan C 10 mins free play for the whole class
  Year 2, Rm 4 Liam L 10 mins on the ipad
  Year 2, Rm 3 Summer S 10 mins on the ipad
Middle Year 3, Rm 15 Jett B 10 mins free play for the whole class
  Year 3, Rm 15 Ben H Canteen Voucher
  Year 4, Rm 14 Ruby P Free dress for a day with a friend
Upper Year 6, Rm 12 Cash L 10 mins free time in class
  Year 6, Rm 12 Brock P 10 mins on the ipad
  Year 6, Rm 12 Arybella N Bake pancakes with the Chaplain

Merit Certificates  

Pre Primary Lachlan D Sebastian c Isabelle R Nanaia T
Year 1 Georgia W Sahara M    
Year 2 Lani M Lolli C Harper W Sammy C
Year 3 Ryan S Emily M Raf D Millie T
Year 4 Jake D James H Gillian C  
Year 5 Esther L Jade R Jae T  
Year 6 Airlia J Cash L    

STEM Showcase

Two weeks ago I hosted two groups of Principals at the school and showcased the Engineering programme that we very proudly run at Glendale Primary School.  To my knowledge we are the only primary school offering Engineering as a specialist subject.  The school is now in its fourth year of this approach and it is resulting in students producing engineered projects with technology expected at secondary education levels.

As a STEM Enterprise school we receive additional funding to provide support for our leaders in STEM, Mr Marsden and Mrs Graham, to attend ongoing training and planning sessions and we mentor another school in their approach to embedding STEM in the curriculum.  At present we are mentoring three other schools, with two of those approaching us due to the outstanding reputation that this school has earned.

These photos are of a year 2 class in Engineering with students collaborating on their projects.

Highway Heroes

The first module taught in Highway Heroes, which is the whole school social skills programme, is on bullying and teasing. 

Children learn how to be assertive so they feel empowered to deal with bullying through the 6 steps to being able to stick up for themselves which are:

  1. Stand tall and shoulders back
  2. Chin up and use your eyes.
  3. Keep calm and your arms at your side.
  4. Speak in a loud and strong voice.
  5. Keep looking into the person’s eye for 3 seconds.
  6. Walk away and don’t look back. Don’t answer.

The Hazard, is psychological and physical bullying which is when someone says or does something intentionally hurtful and they keep on doing it, even when you tell them to stop or show them you’re upset.  Children are taught that bullying is different from teasing/being mean which is when someone says something hurtful and they do it once, or children being rude which is when they do something unintentionally that is hurtful and they do it once.

The Tools are:

  1. For every child to identify if they are thinking positively ‘Helpful Supa Thinkin’ or negatively ‘Stinkin Thinkin’. The child’s self-talk is a very powerful tool to overcome the negative psychological effect of bullying.  Supa Thinkin – would be to say to themselves, ‘That was nasty, and I don’t deserve it’.
  2. PIGS tool – Protect – if a bystander and if it’s safe: Ignore – the bully if it is verbal but not for physical bullying: Get help: use the Six Steps to Stick Up for Me , see above.

Warwick Senior High School

I will be attending a ceremony on 31 March at Warwick Senior High School to celebrate the “Great Start Award” for eleven of the Year 7 students who are past students of Glendale PS.  I will be presenting certificates to: Eva B, Isabella E, Abby M, Neve T, Kiarra B, Isabella H, Jada P, Taj W, Joran C, Alli K, Emily S and look forward to seeing them all again.

The high school is offering the parents of our Year 6 students, to attend a Prospective Parents Information Event on Thursday 22 April from 6pm to 7:30pm.  The parents will get to talk to the experienced staff, find out what opportunities are available and to have any questions answered.

Warwick SHS also offers school tours on Tuesdays each week at 10 am.  They also provide specialist and elite programmes for academic extension, music, netball, AFL football and dance.

Parking around the school, and young children exiting from cars on the street.

I have asked the City of Stirling to send out a parking inspector during before and after school pick up, to issue fines for illegal parking.  I am doing this in response to regular complaints from neighbours to the school about the illegal parking of some parents on Lampard Street.   Unfortunately, when the people parking illegally have been spoken to they have displayed a lack of courtesy in the way they have responded, which is certainly not in keeping with the culture that we encourage at Glendale Primary School.  

If you are a parent of children who are under 10 years of age and whose children exit directly from the car, please ensure that they use the car door on the side of the kerb and that you supervise them safely across the road. 

Yours sincerely,

Helen Fiebig


“Intelligence plus character, that is the goal of true education.”  Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 

From the Principal – 5 March 2021

Calling for Nominations for new School Board Member

Any member of the community who would be interested in serving three years as a member of the Glendale Primary School Board is welcome to contact Ruth Langmead the School Board Chairperson or me.  If interested, you can attend the next School Board Meeting on Monday 29 March at 6 pm in the school staff room. 

The School Board monitors the good governance of the school, through the finances of the school, approves school policies, set the uniforms and looks for ways to promote the school.

School Development Day Friday 19 March

Children do not come to school on Friday 19 March as this is one of six school development days in which the staff participate in ongoing professional training.  Two of these days are held before school starts, one after the school year ends for the children and three during the school year.  The School Board has agreed that we would align our school development days with the dates of Warwick Senior High School so that families with children at both schools have less disruption.  The other two dates this year to note in your diaries are Friday 4 June and Friday 5 November.

Crunch N Sip

Every class in the school is allowing the children to snack on fresh fruit or vegetables while they work during the morning teaching session.  Please provide your child with a piece of fresh fruit or vegetable each day so they can participate.  Food eaten in class needs to not be messy so please consider if it would be best left whole or cut up in a container. 

Parents have informed me that the whole school introduction of crunch n sip is having a positive effect on the amount of fresh food being consumed by their children and the reduction in processed/packaged snacks which is great to see. 

Merit Certificate Recipients for Wednesday 3 March

On Wednesday we were pleased to have the Year 6 students from Mr Fairclough’s class put on an assembly for the parents, students and staff.  The children listed below were nominated by their teacher for a Merit Certificate.

Pre-Primary Charlie S Francis L Badriya M Caelan D  
Year 1 Indie G Nathan B Lachlan H    
Year 2 Chanel K Evan T Indiana F Chevy C Henry C
Year 3 Ben H Meg B      
Year 4 Joe B Ruby P      
Year 5 Harry F Milana G Jessica S    
Year 6 Luke D Elighja M LIam C    

Voice Raffle Winners for Positive Behaviour – Monday 22 February

Block Year / Room Student Prize
ECE Kindy / Room 19 Anna G 20 minutes games for the whole class
  Kindy / Room 19 Summer H Make pancakes with the Chaplain
  PP / Room 18 Jack H Make pancakes with the Chaplain
  PP / Room 18 Grayson B Canteen voucher
  PP / Room 17 Abel S 10 minutes free play for the whole class
  PP / Room 17 Sierra D Make pancakes with the Chaplain
Junior Year 2 / Room 4 Mia R 10 minutes free time in class
  Year 1 / Room 4 Marek K Free dress for one day with a friend
  Year 1 / Room 4 Joshua L Free dress for one day with a friend


Please remember to send to school with your children the following items that can be recycled:

  • containers for change – drink containers as pictured on the specially marked bins found both eating areas of the school at the kindy/pre-primary veranda or assembly undercover area.
  • bread bag tags – to the classroom teacher
  • batteries – to the marked bin in the lost property room
  • oral health packaging and old toothbrushes – into the marked bin in the lost property room
  • Fairy brand washing or air freshening packaging – into the marked bin in the lost property room

Within the classrooms and eating areas everyone at school also recycles paper, cardboard and food scraps into the compost bins and a worm farm to assist to turn the waste into healthy nutrients for the soil.

Canteen Snack Boxes

Nerilee and Bonnie at the canteen now provide a nutritious snack box for afternoon recess on Wednesdays.  These can be ordered on Qkr in the same way as lunches.  The snack box is kept in the fridge in the front office and can be collected by the children during afternoon recess.


New Social and Emotional Programme

This year all the students are being introduced to the Highway Heroes programme as it is now a whole school programme being taught as a part of Health.  Highway Heroes is focused on positive psychology, social learning theory and solution-focused approaches.  It was designed by clinical exerts with over 50 years’ experience and has been taught in schools for over 20 years.  It has been approved by Kids Matter Australia and the Australian Psychological Society with amalgamate under the ‘Be You’ initiative.

Highway Heroes uses the common terminology through the programme which revolves around the children travelling along a highway through their life and that we are all different.  It teaches children how to deal with bumps and hazards by providing them with tools.  I will be providing information about the programme in each newsletter to provide parents with samples of the lessons, so that they can use the same language with the children when dealing with emotional or social issues.   

The information below explains the terms being used.

How are you Travelling along Life’s Highway? 

We are all travelling along the busy and bustling Highway of Life. Everyone’s vehicle is different, and everyone’s journey is equally different. As we travel along The Highway, there are predictable events, such as early childhood education progressing to primary and high school education, social happenings, big life happenings and everyday happenings. Along the Highway of our lives, travelling towards the destination of being happy and successful, we need to keep our fuel tanks full of: Resilience – social resilience, emotional resilience and learning resilience. That’s how HIGHWAY HEROES roll! 

Bumps, Hazards and Tools on the Highway 

Everyone, experiences adversities as they journey along The Highway of their lives. There are little ones – BUMPS – and big ones – HAZARDS. These are a normal part of life and being able to deal with these obstacles builds resilience. 

Both BUMPS and HAZARDS are a warning for the driver to slow down, to think about what they need to do, and then to use a good TOOL and continue along The Highway. 

Some TOOLS are internal – like being able to calm down, to change patterns of internal dialogue, and to ignore environmental stimuli that is challenging. Other TOOLS are learned along the way – such as how to assertively manage conflict, how to get organised and avoid distractions and how to understand and manage moods. 

Little children learn about Little, Middle-size and Big BUMPS – fostering acceptance rather than overwhelm – and the notion that they can use a TOOL to deal with difficulties.

As children travel along The Highway of Life they need to learn: 

  • Social awareness and management skills 
  • Emotional self-regulation skills 
  • Skills that promote an active interest in learning. 

The Little Highway Heroes and Highway Heroes curriculum assist this journey along the three Highways by developing self-awareness, social awareness, self-management and social management skills.

Sun Safe Update

Think UV not heat when considering what sun protection to use each day. It’s UVR from the sun that causes sunburn and skin damage, not heat. Many people rely on temperature and sunshine to determine when to use sun protection, rather than the actual measure, which is the UV Index. Sun protection (clothing, hats, sunscreen, shade and sunglasses) is required when the UV Index is 3 and above. Even in cooler parts of WA, the UV Index will be 3 or above nearly every day of the year.

An easy way to check the local UV forecast is to use the free SunSmart App, which has sun protection times for more than 600 locations across Australia, providing you with an easy way to find out when you do and don’t need sun protection each day.


It is a Crime Stoppers WA strategy endorsed by the WA Police Force in response to over 9,000 reported bicycle thefts in Western Australia each year for the past five years. The initiative is strongly supported by the wider Western Australian cycling community, bicycle retailers, local governments and community organisations.

While police officers have been successful in recovering and retrieving bicycles, they have had difficulty returning them to their owners. This was mainly due to owners not having enough information to supply to police when they report a bicycle theft. Bikelinc is now the first search option for police officers when they come across bikes in various situations.

Users can create a free Bikelinc profile which allows them to add the details and serial number of their bicycle, including photos, into a virtual bike rack. There is no limit to how many bicycles can be uploaded.

Police officers and other members of the community can search the database for a serial number should a bicycle come into their possession. Pre-purchase checks on serial numbers can be made if buying a second-hand bicycle, and WA Police can confirm bicycle ownership. If the bicycle they search is listed as lost or stolen, users are able to anonymously message the rightful owner through Bikelinc to make arrangements to return the bicycle, although they will not see the owner’s details.

Set up your profile or watch a short video on how to get started on the Bikelinc website.

Greenwood Dental Clinic

Recently Dental Clinic enrolment forms were issued to new families. Please take the time to read the information provided before completing forms.

Return the completed forms to either the school office or post it to Greenwood Dental Therapy Centre, located at Greenwood Primary School, as soon as possible.

Please attach to a separate piece of paper the names and year level of older siblings already enrolled at a Dental Therapy Centre as unfortunately with the new forms this information has been omitted.

Yours sincerely,

Helen Fiebig