Wrapping Up the 2020 School Year

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The end of the school year can bring up many different emotions in students including joy and excitement of completing another year. However, for others, this time of the year may be filled with some sadness. The sadness of leaving behind a year filled with great experiences, teachers, and friends. Children may start to become more anxious about the possibility of not seeing their friends for a long period as well as the unfamiliarity of the 2021 school year. Thus, this time of the year can both be a bittersweet period especially for children moving into different classrooms from their current classmates, schools and for the year six students moving onto high school next year.

Scholastic.com wrote an article called “Wrapping Up the School Year”. In this article, parents are provided with a variety of tips on how to ease the anxieties or fears students may experience during the end of the school year. Here are some helpful tips that may assist in easing any anxiety children may experience during this time of the year:

  1. Develop a plan to help your child to stay in touch with their classmates during the holidays: This can be done by asking them which friends they would like to continue seeing during the break and before school is over you can gather information from the other child’s parents/caregivers to organise playdates or hangouts.
  2. Help your child write a thank you card or letter to their classroom teacher: this may be a great idea if your child has grown to be attached to their teachers. Scholastic.com states that creating a project with your child to express gratitude and say goodbye to their classroom teacher will help them to process and accept that they will have a different teacher in the next school year.
  3. Talk to your child about how they are feeling about the end of the school year: This is a good opportunity to support and empathise with your child. In this conversation, you might discuss how they are feeling as well as allowing them to reflect on the positive parts of the school year. Also, open conversations with your child will allow you to comfort them by sharing your own experiences of times you felt sad about the ending of a school.

Scholastic.com also recommends the following two tips to assists parents, to help their child/children gain closure and celebrate the end of the 2020 school year.

  • Encourage them to participate in the end of year celebrations: towards the end of the school year both the school and classrooms will do many different activities to celebrate, so it is important to encourage your child to participate in these activities as this is a great way to gain a sense of closure and accomplishment for their hard work through the year. Especially, if this is the final year that your child will be attending the school.
  • Verbally reinforce to your child how much you are proud of their work throughout the year: consistently encourage them on how much they have learnt no matter how they do in their report card; this will set a positive tone for the next school year

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