Update 25 March 2020

Dear Parents and Carers,

Yesterday we had approximately 50% of children attending school and today it is at 32%.  With that in mind these updates become even more important for families to remain informed.  If you are in contact with anyone from the school, please check if they are receiving them.  All updates are available on the School website and through FlexiBuzz which can be downloaded onto phones or other devices.

  • I want to thank the Glendale Primary School staff for everything they are doing, from the cleaners, gardener, EAs, Library, Canteen, Teachers, Chaplain, School Psych, office staff and Deputies. They are all united in their care and consideration for your children whilst providing a quality education. I can’t express with sufficient words how professional and great a team we have at this school.  
  • As promised yesterday for those keeping their children home from school the staff have put together a list of educational websites they recommend for you to access for your children. A two-page document will be sent out with this update. Again I remind you that teachers are not being expected at this time to provide work to families that are choosing to keep children at home.
  • Reminder that Friday 27 March is a School Development Day and no children are to be at school. This day has been scheduled since December last year.
  • In planning how we can deliver an online service if schools are forced to close or we are directed by the Education Department, SeeSaw has been chosen to use across the whole school. SeeSaw was chosen because many teachers and all the children know how to use it for accessing and uploading work. Further information will come out about how to access work through SeeSaw will be sent out as it becomes available. On Friday, at the School Development Day, all the teachers will be learning the features available to them through SeeSaw, as it will enable teachers to put up the lessons that are being taught at school each day. They will be able to assess work and provide feedback. Children will be able to upload photos, video, work samples and other various mediums to their teacher for assessment. SeeSaw can also be accessed from a smart phone and on older devices. When required for families without any access to an online service, teachers will be in contact and work will be sent home.
  • Please ensure that your children are bringing a drink bottle if they are still attending school. As an extra precaution I am asking everyone not to drink at the fountains at school for now.
  • If you or anyone in your family need mental health advice and support for themselves or their child, there is a 24 hour crisis support line 1800 048 636. The Learning At Home website provides advice and resources related to COVID-19 on students’ health and wellbeing and the impact on families. This website will continue to be updated.

I want to thank the parents and carers I have been speaking to for their support and for the level of care and understanding that I am witnessing.  Please contact me if you have concerns or questions.

Yours sincerely,

Helen Fiebig