Update 1 April 2020

Dear Parents and Carers,

During this time I want to thank every family who is keeping their child home.  I also want to assure the parents who are working and have children coming to school, your children are welcome and we continue to support their learning.  

Until your child’s teacher has online learning operating, please be assured you are not expected to replicate school at home.  Be gentle on yourself and your children and work with what you have available to provide as a minimum, some reading, writing and maths daily if possible.  Reading and writing particularly requires daily practice and it is great if your child can read to anyone available to listen, even to the family pets, and for the older children reading to themselves is fine.  Sharing your love of reading will help children enjoy what they are doing.  A great way to encourage comprehension is to have a conversation about what they have read.  For all the work your child is doing at home please keep up the praise for the work and effort they are putting in.   Accept errors as a part of learning and remember no one fails on purpose.  If they can’t do something, simplify it to a level they can have success and then build up with small steps.  If you don’t have reading books simple enough for their level, ask them to find words they can read from a book, page or paragraph.  You then praise them and then read the page or book to or with them.   Looking for the words they can read and them finding those is bigger words is a great skill for helping children to learn to read harder texts. 

Borrowing school Macbooks or iPads – Just a reminder, if you would like to borrow an iPad or MacBook (laptop) for your child to access online learning please email me at Glendale.ps@education.wa.edu.au to register your interest by Monday 3pm, 6 April 2020.  On Tuesday if there are more names than devices to loan, I will put the names of every family interested and draw out names.   We will contact families and let them know they can come in and collect a device and sign a loan agreement.  There will not be a cost for lending a device. This initiative is directed to families who do not have devices for their children to access online learning.  You will need to have your own access to the internet. 

Starting Term 2, we all enter a new chapter of education.  While for some teachers and parents/carers it may seem very tricky to navigate online learning, the staff are working out some very clever ways that we can continue to work together with you.  Our teachers are well on track to have online learning available at the start of term with others already providing work in this method.  We are working together to ensure every child has access to learning either online or for those who don’t have access online will be provided with work packages.

With online learning there is the need to consider cyber safety.  I want to assure you that the Seesaw app is safe for children to access and that teachers will be directing the children to safe educational websites.  I encourage you to supervise your children when they are online as much as possible and check that children are not exploring new websites.  Please talk to your child about the need to exit immediately from any inappropriate images and not engage in conversations with unknown.   

If you are having any issues with the access codes for Seesaw please contact the school office on 9447 4199 who will provide you will assistance.

Please return any school library books to the canteen undercover area during school hours.  There has been a table set up in there to leave the library books on.  We will explore options for borrowing from the library in term 2 and let you know.

The canteen undercover area will be the central collection and drop off point for staff to leave items for families to collect such as work packages or items to will support your child learning at home. 

The School Chaplain, Chevonne, wanted me to let you all know that she is available to offer her support to you and the children.  Please email her through Glendale.PS@education.wa.edu.au or telephone the school to speak to her, she works Mondays and Tuesdays.  You can also contact her through the Seesaw Families app.   Chevonne plans on uploading encouraging messages, Lego challenges, and tips for the holidays etc. via Seesaw. For those students whom she sees on a regular basis she will be using the Seesaw Class app to send activities and tools which parents have access too as well.  Please remember that there are many support systems available to families such as: 

Lifeline: 13 11 14

Beyondblue: 1300 224 636

Kids Helpline: 1800 551 800 (5 to 25 year olds) or 1800 654 432 (parents)

Youth Beyondblue: 1300 224 636 (12-25 year olds)

Headspace: 1800 650 890 (12-25 year olds, family and friends)

Please also note that the canteen has now closed as there is not a sufficient enough population at school to keep it open at this stage.  I want to thank Nerilee for keeping it open this long and for the wonderful food her and her volunteers were providing. 

The Greenwood Dental Therapy Centre wanted me to let you know that they will be closed for the school holidays from 10 to 23 April.  However other Dental Therapy Centres will be open for emergencies.  Halidon DTC 9409 6362 16 to 20 April.  Hudson Park DTC 9342 4217 15 April.  Carnaby Rise DTC 6401 8111 17 April. 

Yours sincerely,

Helen Fiebig