Student Leaders Article

On Wednesday 27 February the year 4/5’s in room 10 presented their class assembly item for the school community.

Mrs Merritt and her team of students put together a fantastic informational presentation of our new school vision. 

A learning community giving voice to all is our new vision statement and we have a set of commitments that help us define our behaviours.  Mrs Merritt’s team outlined these agreed behaviours during their assembly.

Valuing : each other, our individuality, our efforts and our education

We show respect

We encourage independence

We try

We support each other

We celebrate success

Openness: in communication, relationships and knowledge

We listen to each other

We are honest

We build trust by aligning our actions and words

We are accountable

Including: to provide equality of opportunity for all

We embrace diversity

We adapt to suit needs

We actively participate

We make it safe for people to speak up

We work with our strengths

Collaborating: to build a learning community of excellence

We work together and share ideas

We commit to solve conflict through dialogue

We look for solutions

We are committed to reflection and growth

Engaging: with students, families, community and the environment

We encourage curiosity

We bring enthusiasm

We look for opportunities to connect

We are excited about our new vision because it really puts into words what we want our school to be about.  We know that WE ARE THE VOICE OF GLENDALE and we believe as we work towards putting into place these behaviours every person in our school will feel important and valuable.

We have also started a new awards system to recognise children who are trying to put into practise the school values.  These are our Voice Awards.  If you are lucky enough to be drawn out, you receive a voucher for our wonderful canteen and a certificate.  We know that these rewards are going to be hotly sort after.

Our next assembly will be presented by our year six students on Wednesday 13 March.  We would love to see lots of our community come and share this with us and join us for coffee at the conclusion.

Written by: Georgia Brand, Eva Harvey, Sophia Bell, Dylan Prance

Photographer: Ezra Leota