Science News

Thank you all for your support of the Beauty Products Packaging Recycling Program that started last term. No, we were not successful in winning the Garnier Playground, however helped save over 145,000 pieces of beauty product packaging waste from landfill. We were ranked 49th out of 135 schools and collected 930 items. Well done to everyone who helped out. Awesome effort! This recycling activity will continue in 2018, so please bring in your beauty product waste and place in the bins in either the front office, science room or outside the year 5/6 rooms.

Other recycling occurring at the school includes batteries (please no car batteries, these can be dropped off at the Balcatta Recycling Centre), aluminium cans (place in the large cage on the southern side of the old undercover area – money raised from this goes to the P&C) and Oral Care Products Waste (box located in the science room.)

Once again we will be running the Nude Food Thursdays. Food waste will be collected in buckets and recycled and we encourage students to bring food in containers or re-usable wraps, so that minimal waste goes into landfill.

Students in Mrs Reeve’s and Mr Fairclough’s classes are working through the Shock Proof online interactive course produced by Western Power. There is an expectation that students will complete the course this term for which they will receive a certificate of completion. This course supports the course of study these students are working on this semester in Science, Electrical Energy. Thank you for your co-operation in encouraging them in this endeavour.

Julianne Timmers