Interschool Update

Friday of week 2 was Glendale’s year 5 and 6 students first Interschool event against Hawker Park Primary School. The day was a great success due to the efforts of our staff, parents and especially our students!

Our two soccer teams really showed their training and experience in both games that were played. Glendale was able to use their team works and positive attitudes to take the win in both games!

Our two netball teams showed some amazing effort and resilience against some fantastic defence and ability from Hawker Park. Glendale were able to hold on and tie in one match up whilst the other unfortunately resulting in a loss but the amount of smiles and fun really showed what Glendale students are made of!

Our AFL team battled through a evenly skilled match and through a lot of team work and communication were able to secure the win in very close match!

Overall our first event this year was an enormous success because of our attitudes, flexibility and team spirit. Thank you so much to all involved, it is much appreciated and I’m so proud of our Glendale students!


Jeremy Marsden

PE Specialist