From the Principal – 9 March 2018

Over the next few days you will see on our website a number of links to short videos which showcase programs happening at the school. The first of these will be a piece from Mr Marsden’s PE lessons showing the development in basketball skills by our Senior Students. Also there will be a short 30 second video about our current Young Engineers project which includes some of our Year 5 & 6 Students. Our plan is to increase the use of this medium so that our community can see the types of activities our students are involved in on a day to day basis at Glendale Primary School.

Glendale Primary School was planning to have a school review against our progress next month. However the review process has been changed resulting in our review being moved to a new system and a date for this has not yet been established. This new process will have some of the same components as the previous IPS review and will still involve input and feedback from our parents and wider community. As soon as further information is available it will be published via a newsfeed.

Can I please remind parents that the classroom doors open at 8.30am each morning and formal lessons commence at 8.45am. If your child arrives late this impacts both their learning opportunities and the flow of the lesson occurring in their classroom. If this occurs on a regular basis the impact is increased and the result can cause your child to have problems completing and participating in lessons with success. I thank you for your anticipated support in ensuring your child arrives to school on time and is ready to start their lessons at 8.45am.

I would also like to remind parents and community members that dogs and children do not mix well. I am therefore asking that during the hours of school, including drop off and pick up times, you do not bring dogs to school. Regardless of the confidence you have in your pet, the consequences of an incident will be devastating for both the victim and the pet owner. Therefore I request that NO dogs are at school during these times.