From the Principal – 8 March 2019

I am again very happy to report that the school term has begun well and as we move forward into the second half of term 1 we have lots of interesting information to share with you.

Yesterday our year 1 and kindy students were involved in planting and learning about our new bush tucker garden. It is located outside of room 5 and has been planted as part of our annual involvement in NAIDOC celebrations. This activity has been planned from last year but unfortunately the co-ordination of this activity has, for a number of reasons, taken Mrs Graham some time to arrange. However, this construction has reignited our students’ understandings and interest in Indigenous culture. All teachers have reported the hardest challenge moving forward will be keeping the children away from the edible plants until they are well established.

Next Assembly

Mr Fairclough’s year 6 class will present our next assembly on Wednesday 13 March. The theme will be based around the campaign of ‘Bullying. No Way!’. I hope you can join us on the day and possibly stay for the morning tea at its conclusion. Mr Fairclough, the classroom teacher and Mr Marsden, our PE specialist will be there to speak with you.

Week 7 is ‘Bullying. No Way!’ Week

Glendale PS will join with a large number of schools across Australia in participating in a number of activities and discussions based around the topic of Bullying. On Friday 15 March at about 2.30pm we will assemble for a quick sharing session on activities we have been involved in during the week. We welcome any interested parents to join us for this event.

Free Dress Friday 15 March

In support of the ‘Bullying. No Way!’ campaign, students are welcome to wear the colour orange to school on Friday 15 March.

Dogs on School Grounds

On a number of occasions, I have asked for your assistance in NOT bringing your family dogs on to the school site between 8am and 4pm. We have a number of people who exercise their dogs on the school site after hours, which I have no problem with, however it would be great if these people would clean up after their animals.

May I again ask that you support my request and I thank you for your understanding in this situation.

Issues and Concerns

As children become school fit over the first few weeks of the school year inevitably small issues or concerns arise from the classroom. If you have such problems, please direct these to the classroom teacher as usually they are caused by miscommunication and can be easily resolved. Subsequently, if this does not resolve the issue please take the time to make an appointment with one of our Administration Staff as we would appreciate the opportunity to address the concern.