From the Principal – 8 June 2018

Our students Semester 1 formal reports will be distributed on Tuesday 26 June. These reports will provide you with a summary of performance your child has demonstrated during this semester There should be no surprises and if you have any concerns or require further information then I suggest you contact the classroom teacher and or specialist teacher as soon as possible to arrange a meeting. School reports are a good time to celebrate the effort and progress of our students. If parents can take the time to discuss these results with their children we believe this supports our expectations of trying your best on every occasion.

We will be running Parent / Teacher Meetings, in week 8, starting Monday 18 June. Next week we will send out a communication which will allow interested parents the opportunity to select an appropriate time to meet with their child’s class teachers and/or specialist teachers to discuss their progress over the first semester in 2018. To enable this to happen we have nominated a 10 – 15 minute time allocation and if you commit to attend on time, we will ensure that meetings will run to schedule.

In would like to bring parents attention to a matter relating to toys and sporting equipment being brought from home and appearing in our playgrounds and classrooms. This process starts in dribs and drabs but once one child starts the process many more join in. Our expectation at Glendale PS is that personal toys and equipment may only come to school for reasons relating to news sessions or show and tell. These objects need to be left with the Teacher during the time they are not required for their presentation. May I please request Parents and Caregivers help support us in this endeavour as disputes caused by objects brought to school and the subsequent loss or damage of these items are difficult for us to prevent and control.

Finally, due to the poor weather conditions during the week the planned Lightning Carnival for our Year 4-6 students was unfortunately cancelled. We are currently trying to arrange an alternative date for this event and as soon as we have any further information we will inform parents via our newsfeed.