From the Principal – 7 September 2018

This week we were involved in our first School Review Process which is the new system the Education Department has put in place to validate the direction and performance of the school. This process contains three steps.

  1. We present data and information that supports the journey that we have travelled over the last four years.
  2. We present groups of people who supply further information to add context and meaning to our direction.
  3. A report is generated to highlight our successes and make recommendations for us to consider into the future.

Glendale Primary School was selected by the Department as the first primary school to formally undertake this process. One which will be introduced to all Public Schools and will happen once every three years.  Our immediate feedback from both the review panel and the participants has been very favourable and the report will be published once it is available.

After the fantastic Faction Carnival last week we are now in the process to produce a Glendale PS team which will represent us at Hawker Park PS in Week 10. This will occur on Monday (for Jumps and Throws) and Wednesday (for Running and Team Games). Presently Mr Marsden is preparing the teams and information will be distributed to successful students. We invite interested parents to join us on competition days to watch our student successes and support our team.

Brendan Spillane lead our Professional Development Day which focused on our Vision. Our staff and members of our School Board spent time reflecting on Vision for Glendale Primary School moving forward. The finding of this day will be published for the community to comment on and we will then link this to our new Business Plan and again publish this document for your comment. We look forward to celebrating the new Business Plan launch in due course.