From The Principal – 7 February 2020

Dear Parents and Carers,

I wish to welcome you, your family and six new staff members to Glendale Primary School for this year.  You are lucky to be a part of this wonderful school and fantastic community.  The P&C, School Board and school staff are all united in ensuring that the best opportunities are provided for the children.   If you have time available please consider how you can volunteer your time to support the P&C events, canteen and classroom. 

Glendale Primary School P&C

The P&C Meetings are held on Monday evenings, in Weeks 3 and 8 each term, in the staff room at 7 pm.  The AGM for the P&C will held on Monday 23 March and all positions will become vacant.  The P&C manage the Glendale Primary School P&C Facebook page and would welcome you joining this group online as it is a great way to keep up to date with events as they happen.  The P&C manage the uniform shop, canteen, school banking and fundraising events. 

School Population

The school year started for the children, with a calm and enthusiastic feeling across the school, with approximately 325 children attending across 13 classes.  There are approximately 25 children more than last year which is a result of the great reputation this school has across Hamersley and surrounding areas. 

We have commenced the school year with 40 staff members, 6 of which are new to the school, who had two days of training before children returned on Monday.  The new staff members are: Natasha Tonner, Louise Colley, Fiona Boath, Jude McIntyre, Matthew Sharp and Liana Anastasio.

The classes and teachers this year are:

Kindy 1 & 2 Room 19 Kirsty Press & Nicoya Wheeler
Kindy/Pre-primary Room 18 Natasha Tonner
Pre-primary Room 17 Shona Gilfillan & Meagan Mableson
Year 1 Room 5 Louise Colley
Year 1 Room 4 Melissa Taylor
Year 2 Room 3 Phil Johnson
Year 2/3 Room 15 Fiona Boath
Year 3 Room 16 Heather Wilson
Year 3/4 Room 14 Jude McIntyre
Year 4 Room 8 Manioll Yiannakis & Julianne Timmers
Year 5 Room 9 Rebecca Howman & Julianne Timmers
Year 5/6 Room 12 Scott Fairclough
Year 5/6 Room 10 Barbara Merritt
Arts & Indonesian Art Room Vanessa Reeve
Phys Ed & Engineering Room 1 Jeremy Marsden
Music Music Room Matthew Sharp

Parent Meetings

Over the next week, each classroom teacher will be holding a class meeting for parents to come in and hear about the routines and expectations for your child in their class.  Each teacher is sending home a letter to advise you of the date and time of their meeting.  We have tried to spread the meetings out across a variety of days to enable families with siblings in different classes to get to each meeting if possible.  This meeting a great time to not only meet the classroom teacher and ask question but also to network with other parents, get to know each other and welcome new families to the school.

Staff Training

The first two days of staff training was held at the school with on day dedicated to a new approach to writing based on embedding oral language and familiarisation with a text as a whole class before the children then individualise their writing.  This approach is evidence based and adopted successfully by many schools Australia wide.  Children become very excited about their ability to recall and retell large amounts of content in their story telling.  A follow up day of further training in this programme will be held in Term 2.

The second day of training was spent going through the school priorities for this year, examining the student data to ensure teaching focuses of the individual students’ abilities and needs, and setting expectations of high standards of teaching and learning.   The staff also undertook a fun Master Chef challenge to develop team work and contribute to an exciting lunch for us all. 

School Development Day Dates

Other staff training dates throughout the year are already set and these are days the children will not attend school.  The dates for school development training have where possible been lined up with Warwick Senior High School so families who have siblings across both schools, will be home on the same day.  The dates are:

Term 1                  Week 8                 Friday 27 March

Term 2                  Week 1                 Tuesday 28 April (following the ANZAC Day public holiday)

Term 4                  Week 6                 Friday 20 November

Term 4                  Week 10               Friday 18 December

Student Contributions and Charges

This is a reminder to families that have not yet paid their voluntary contributions and charges that these funds can be paid a variety of ways:

  • Direct debit to the school account – BSB: 066 140 and Account: 00900462
  • Using the Qkr app
  • Cash or cheque given at the office

All funds received go straight into the budgets for incursions, resources, curriculum expenses and class budgets to directly benefit the children.  I wish to thank the families that have already paid this fee.

Spelling Books

The whole school spelling programme will be commencing Monday 10 February in which children are placed in ability groups across the school and receive targeted teaching to suit their level of development.  A major resource for this programme is the student workbook which the majority of families have purchased.  As a result of this programme running last year we have evidence of substantial improvement in Spelling across all year levels.

I would like to ask any family who have not yet paid for the spelling student workbook to please forward $28 per child to the school at your earliest convenience.  Please see payment methods above.

School Chaplain

Please note the school has a Chaplain on site Mondays and Tuesdays as a support person for children and families to talk to.  The Chaplain is Chevonne Burr and you can request your child to talk to her at any time by contacting the administration team or through your child’s teacher.  Chevonne is available for any reason and is often called upon when a child is anxious, suffering grief, or is unhappy for a number of reasons.  The Chaplain does not preach religion to children and is there for support.   It is a fantastic resource to have at a school and one which is used frequently by families. 

Thank You from St Vincent de Paul Society

The school received a thank you certificate from St Vinnies Xmas Appeal to all the families that contributed food to their charity.  It is just another way that this community cares about others and is teaching the children the same values.

Kind regards

Helen Fiebig