From The Principal – 7 August 2020

Dear Parent and Carers,

I hope you are all well and trust you have enjoyed the sunshine when it has been out. 

New Telephone Number for the School

From Monday 10 August, the school will be using a new IP telephone system and this has resulted in a new telephone number being issued.  The new number is 9352 2700.  For the next year any calls to the old phone number will be automatically diverted to the school. 


It was very nice to hold an assembly on Thursday which was hosted by Mr Lindsay’s Year 5/6 and Mrs Morosoff and Mrs Timmers’ Year 4 classes.  Both classes presented an item each related to an Australian Theme and the following children were awarded with Merit Certificates:

Kindy Lexie A Austin W Chloe B Walter H Isabelle R Jack H
Pre-primary Kurt R Liam M Kyiana W Lachlan H    
Year 1 Francis C Sonny J Adam H Lily R    
Year 2 Abbey P Izzy T Jessica C      
Year 3 David M John W Holly W Shannon L    
Year 4 William D Marley C Declan B      
Year 5 Jasmine A Claire C        
Year 6 Mia A Neve T Kalinda P Grace M    

Talented and Gifted Student Programs

At Glendale PS we have a commitment to enriching the learning for all students through expert teaching and learning within the classroom as well as providing targeted programs for specific groups outside of the class.  One area this school focuses on is to provide extension activities for high achieving students through nurturing critical thinking, creativity and their passion for learning through the following programmes. 

  1. Each term the Administration team identify subject areas to provide an extension programme for selected year levels. This term, sixteen children in Years 3 and 4 were identified based on their results from whole school maths testing.  They have been placed into teams of four to compete with other schools across the country in a maths interactive quiz called, Have Sum Fun Online.  This program is designed to develop cooperative problem solving which is endorsed by the Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers Inc.
  2. The school is also providing music extension to five Years 3 and 4 students who have been selected to form a band by the music teacher Mr Sharp.
  3. Another programme is the North Metro Education Region Primary Extension and Challenge (PEAC) in which children in Year 4 are tested across the state and those identified are then invited to participate when in Years 5 and 6, in a wide range of extension courses outside of the school once a week. This year we have two children from Year 5 and one child in Year 6 engaged in these courses.
  4. There is also an Early Years PEAC group for children in Years 1, 2 and 3 with a strong literacy and thinking skills focus which caters to the interests, nature and needs of each group of children. This year we have four children in this programme with three from Year 2 and one in Year 3.
  5. The Arts are also catered for with the Instrumental Musical lessons being offered for children in Years 5 and 6. Selection into this program is based on a musical aptitude test and other criteria.  Children selected to participate receive free music tuition at school once a week with qualified music teachers.  Instruments our students are learning include trumpet, trombone, baritone and clarinet.

Thank you to the P&C

The P&C have very generously agreed to donate funds for the purchase of new choir vests to meet the high number of children wanting to join the choir.  They have also agreed to fund new mobile climbing equipment used in daily fundamental movement skills lessons which target the development of gross motor skills for the Kindy and Pre-primary classes.

P&C Pet Photo Competition

Thank you to everyone who entered the P&C Pet Photo Competition and a big thank you to the P&C Fundraising Committee for organising such a fun event.  I was amazed at the wide variety of pets that we have in our community.  There were plenty of very lovable cats and dogs in all shapes, sizes, colours and outfits but also a scorpion, mouse, duck, goat, chickens, snake, and guinea pigs. 

Mrs Graham, Mr Marsden, Mr Bishop, Mrs McIntyre and I have spent this week judging the entries and it was difficult to all agree on the 4 winners. 

I am sure the winners in each of the four categories: the cutest pet, the silliest pet, the most unusual pet and the most creative photo, will be announced and the prizes will be presented by the P&C very soon.

Bunnings Sausage Sizzle, Sunday 16 August

A big thank you to the Lions Club of Stirling, who have very generously agreed to support the school with their members assisting at the Bunnings Sausage Sizzle and providing utensils on the day along with our P&C volunteers. With restrictions due to Covid-19 earlier in the year, previous P&C fundraising events were cancelled and so this is one of the first events held for the year.  Please get down there and support the wonderful work that the Lions Club and our P&C do.

Fathers’ Day Stall

The P&C will be holding Fathers’ Day Stalls on Wednesday 2 and Friday 4 September with all items on sale costing $5.

Being On Time for School

I am aware as a mother and grandmother that a lot of things can unexpectedly happen in the morning resulting in children arriving late to school.  The staff and I would always rather see a child arrive late than not to come to school.  However, regularly arriving late to school is detrimental to the learning programme for your children.  Glendale PS has embedded a whole school literacy block which is the first activity done each day and involves children in ability focused spelling groups.  Children who regularly arrive late are missing this targeting teaching which is hampering their ability to progress at the same rate as their peers.  A lack of progress in literacy is detrimental to achieving satisfactorily in other subject areas as well. 

If there are ongoing problems with being able to get to school on time that you may need support with please do not hesitate to contact one of the school Deputies, Holli Fully or Jenny Graham and they will be more than happy to discuss it with you. 

The New Nature playground in the Senior School

It is wonderful to see the joy the children are having at break times on the new play equipment.  I am more than happy that the school is a community space after school with families staying to socialise and play but ask that if your child is not with an adult that they are instructed by you to go straight home. 

If you are supervising your children in this playground after school, please monitor them to be following these rules:

  • Only three children on the swing at a time
  • Children must wait for the swing to slow down before they get off
  • When pushing a child on the flying fox, they are only to be pushed 1/3 of the way
  • No climbing onto the crow’s nest on the mast in the centre of the rope net

Kindy Enrolments for 2021

At present we have accepted 40 enrolments for two kindy classes next year and are now taking enrolments with the aim to form a third class.  Kindy places are filling much faster and earlier than in the past and so I urge you if you have a child or a friend with a child starting kindy next year who have not enrolled, please do so as soon as possible.

I will leave you with this Swedish saying to think about on these winter days:

“There is no bad weather, just the wrong clothing”.

Helen Fiebig