From the Principal – 5 March 2021

Calling for Nominations for new School Board Member

Any member of the community who would be interested in serving three years as a member of the Glendale Primary School Board is welcome to contact Ruth Langmead the School Board Chairperson or me.  If interested, you can attend the next School Board Meeting on Monday 29 March at 6 pm in the school staff room. 

The School Board monitors the good governance of the school, through the finances of the school, approves school policies, set the uniforms and looks for ways to promote the school.

School Development Day Friday 19 March

Children do not come to school on Friday 19 March as this is one of six school development days in which the staff participate in ongoing professional training.  Two of these days are held before school starts, one after the school year ends for the children and three during the school year.  The School Board has agreed that we would align our school development days with the dates of Warwick Senior High School so that families with children at both schools have less disruption.  The other two dates this year to note in your diaries are Friday 4 June and Friday 5 November.

Crunch N Sip

Every class in the school is allowing the children to snack on fresh fruit or vegetables while they work during the morning teaching session.  Please provide your child with a piece of fresh fruit or vegetable each day so they can participate.  Food eaten in class needs to not be messy so please consider if it would be best left whole or cut up in a container. 

Parents have informed me that the whole school introduction of crunch n sip is having a positive effect on the amount of fresh food being consumed by their children and the reduction in processed/packaged snacks which is great to see. 

Merit Certificate Recipients for Wednesday 3 March

On Wednesday we were pleased to have the Year 6 students from Mr Fairclough’s class put on an assembly for the parents, students and staff.  The children listed below were nominated by their teacher for a Merit Certificate.

Pre-Primary Charlie S Francis L Badriya M Caelan D  
Year 1 Indie G Nathan B Lachlan H    
Year 2 Chanel K Evan T Indiana F Chevy C Henry C
Year 3 Ben H Meg B      
Year 4 Joe B Ruby P      
Year 5 Harry F Milana G Jessica S    
Year 6 Luke D Elighja M LIam C    

Voice Raffle Winners for Positive Behaviour – Monday 22 February

Block Year / Room Student Prize
ECE Kindy / Room 19 Anna G 20 minutes games for the whole class
  Kindy / Room 19 Summer H Make pancakes with the Chaplain
  PP / Room 18 Jack H Make pancakes with the Chaplain
  PP / Room 18 Grayson B Canteen voucher
  PP / Room 17 Abel S 10 minutes free play for the whole class
  PP / Room 17 Sierra D Make pancakes with the Chaplain
Junior Year 2 / Room 4 Mia R 10 minutes free time in class
  Year 1 / Room 4 Marek K Free dress for one day with a friend
  Year 1 / Room 4 Joshua L Free dress for one day with a friend


Please remember to send to school with your children the following items that can be recycled:

  • containers for change – drink containers as pictured on the specially marked bins found both eating areas of the school at the kindy/pre-primary veranda or assembly undercover area.
  • bread bag tags – to the classroom teacher
  • batteries – to the marked bin in the lost property room
  • oral health packaging and old toothbrushes – into the marked bin in the lost property room
  • Fairy brand washing or air freshening packaging – into the marked bin in the lost property room

Within the classrooms and eating areas everyone at school also recycles paper, cardboard and food scraps into the compost bins and a worm farm to assist to turn the waste into healthy nutrients for the soil.

Canteen Snack Boxes

Nerilee and Bonnie at the canteen now provide a nutritious snack box for afternoon recess on Wednesdays.  These can be ordered on Qkr in the same way as lunches.  The snack box is kept in the fridge in the front office and can be collected by the children during afternoon recess.


New Social and Emotional Programme

This year all the students are being introduced to the Highway Heroes programme as it is now a whole school programme being taught as a part of Health.  Highway Heroes is focused on positive psychology, social learning theory and solution-focused approaches.  It was designed by clinical exerts with over 50 years’ experience and has been taught in schools for over 20 years.  It has been approved by Kids Matter Australia and the Australian Psychological Society with amalgamate under the ‘Be You’ initiative.

Highway Heroes uses the common terminology through the programme which revolves around the children travelling along a highway through their life and that we are all different.  It teaches children how to deal with bumps and hazards by providing them with tools.  I will be providing information about the programme in each newsletter to provide parents with samples of the lessons, so that they can use the same language with the children when dealing with emotional or social issues.   

The information below explains the terms being used.

How are you Travelling along Life’s Highway? 

We are all travelling along the busy and bustling Highway of Life. Everyone’s vehicle is different, and everyone’s journey is equally different. As we travel along The Highway, there are predictable events, such as early childhood education progressing to primary and high school education, social happenings, big life happenings and everyday happenings. Along the Highway of our lives, travelling towards the destination of being happy and successful, we need to keep our fuel tanks full of: Resilience – social resilience, emotional resilience and learning resilience. That’s how HIGHWAY HEROES roll! 

Bumps, Hazards and Tools on the Highway 

Everyone, experiences adversities as they journey along The Highway of their lives. There are little ones – BUMPS – and big ones – HAZARDS. These are a normal part of life and being able to deal with these obstacles builds resilience. 

Both BUMPS and HAZARDS are a warning for the driver to slow down, to think about what they need to do, and then to use a good TOOL and continue along The Highway. 

Some TOOLS are internal – like being able to calm down, to change patterns of internal dialogue, and to ignore environmental stimuli that is challenging. Other TOOLS are learned along the way – such as how to assertively manage conflict, how to get organised and avoid distractions and how to understand and manage moods. 

Little children learn about Little, Middle-size and Big BUMPS – fostering acceptance rather than overwhelm – and the notion that they can use a TOOL to deal with difficulties.

As children travel along The Highway of Life they need to learn: 

  • Social awareness and management skills 
  • Emotional self-regulation skills 
  • Skills that promote an active interest in learning. 

The Little Highway Heroes and Highway Heroes curriculum assist this journey along the three Highways by developing self-awareness, social awareness, self-management and social management skills.

Sun Safe Update

Think UV not heat when considering what sun protection to use each day. It’s UVR from the sun that causes sunburn and skin damage, not heat. Many people rely on temperature and sunshine to determine when to use sun protection, rather than the actual measure, which is the UV Index. Sun protection (clothing, hats, sunscreen, shade and sunglasses) is required when the UV Index is 3 and above. Even in cooler parts of WA, the UV Index will be 3 or above nearly every day of the year.

An easy way to check the local UV forecast is to use the free SunSmart App, which has sun protection times for more than 600 locations across Australia, providing you with an easy way to find out when you do and don’t need sun protection each day.


It is a Crime Stoppers WA strategy endorsed by the WA Police Force in response to over 9,000 reported bicycle thefts in Western Australia each year for the past five years. The initiative is strongly supported by the wider Western Australian cycling community, bicycle retailers, local governments and community organisations.

While police officers have been successful in recovering and retrieving bicycles, they have had difficulty returning them to their owners. This was mainly due to owners not having enough information to supply to police when they report a bicycle theft. Bikelinc is now the first search option for police officers when they come across bikes in various situations.

Users can create a free Bikelinc profile which allows them to add the details and serial number of their bicycle, including photos, into a virtual bike rack. There is no limit to how many bicycles can be uploaded.

Police officers and other members of the community can search the database for a serial number should a bicycle come into their possession. Pre-purchase checks on serial numbers can be made if buying a second-hand bicycle, and WA Police can confirm bicycle ownership. If the bicycle they search is listed as lost or stolen, users are able to anonymously message the rightful owner through Bikelinc to make arrangements to return the bicycle, although they will not see the owner’s details.

Set up your profile or watch a short video on how to get started on the Bikelinc website.

Greenwood Dental Clinic

Recently Dental Clinic enrolment forms were issued to new families. Please take the time to read the information provided before completing forms.

Return the completed forms to either the school office or post it to Greenwood Dental Therapy Centre, located at Greenwood Primary School, as soon as possible.

Please attach to a separate piece of paper the names and year level of older siblings already enrolled at a Dental Therapy Centre as unfortunately with the new forms this information has been omitted.

Yours sincerely,

Helen Fiebig