From the Principal – 4 September 2020

Dear Parents and Carers,

I would like to wish all the fathers, step-fathers and males who play a significant role in caring for our children, a very happy Father’s Day for Sunday.   I hope everyone has a lovely day. 

Faction Carnival

I am glad the decision to cancel the faction carnival for the 1 September, based on poor weather was the right thing to do, as Tuesday’s weather lived up to its forecasted storm. 

The sports carnival is now scheduled for Wednesday 9 September, weather permitting.  Currently the long range forecast is predicting a 70% chance of showers later in the day from 1 to 4 mm and light winds.  Based on that information, the carnival would go ahead as planned.  (Fingers crossed.)

As per the Stage 4 restrictions the following COVID-19 protocols remain in place across the school to enable events to take place and make them safe and fun for students, staff and the community:

  • All visitors attending sporting events or assemblies are asked to continue to adhere to social distancing protocols of one person per 2 square metres and maintain good hygiene practices.
  • Spectators are asked to remain in a designated area during the sports carnival.
  • Hand sanitiser is available for students in classrooms and will be taken to sporting events for the children to use.
  • Spectators at events are asked to bring their own hand sanitiser.
  • Spectators using toilet facilities are to have no more than four people inside at a time. Please wait outside if necessary.
  • Regular cleaning of school equipment and surfaces continues to be done every day.

National Indigenous Literacy Day

On Wednesday 2 September, it was National Indigenous Literacy Day.  This day is to highlight the need to close the gap between academic results for indigenous and non-indigenous children, particularly in the remote communities.  We had three of our senior Indigenous students. Jada, Letiesha and Kalinda-Rose, filmed reading the traditional tale of Karana, the story of the father emu which was viewed by all the classes.  These girls are fantastic leaders and role models for the younger children in the school.

School Open Night and Edu-Dance Concert, Thursday 17 September

Due to the current Phase 4 Restrictions due to COVIC-19, this year only parents/carers and siblings are to attend the Open Night and Concert in an attempt to reduce numbers.  I am asking that no more than 15 adult visitors enter a classroom at the one time.  Please look at your child’s work and move on in a timely manner to allow for others to safely enter the room.

The school classrooms will be open from 5 pm to 5:45 pm, followed by the Edu-Dance concert starting from 6 pm to 6:50 pm in the undercover area, in which each class will perform a dance that they have learnt over the term.  We will provide a large number of chairs for spectators, to ensure those standing at the sides and back will be able to see.

On the night, the siren will be rung at 5:45 pm to indicate the end of the Open Night.  All students will then need to return to their class and get ready for their performance.    

Cyber Safety

You may have seen media coverage last weekend regarding a WA Police investigation that uncovered a series of online grooming offences against young people in the wider community. 

Charges of this nature are unsettling and we want to make sure that all parents and carers remain aware of the importance of cyber safety. I also want to reassure you that there is no indication that any of these grooming offences have taken place at a school.

I know you are best placed to talk to your children about cyber safety and there are many resources to help guide you through this on the Department of Education website. Other online resources are available on the eSafety Commissioner website.

This weekend’s story may lead to children being more aware of these types of offences and wanting to disclose information. If you have any general concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. 

This is timely to remind you that the school is also running an information session on Cyber Safety on the evening of November 3 from 6:30pm to 8pm with an expert in this area in accordance with social distancing requirements.  Ticket sales at $22 per person are available to anyone in the community who is interested and are available through Tribooking.   

 The topics covered are:

  • Cyber Bullying – Legislation surrounding this and how it is effecting our kids.
  • Digital Citizenship – Where our kids are going online, the Apps they are using and the information they are sharing.
  • Online Footprint – How easy it is to find kids online and what they can do to minimise their risk.
  • Social Networking & Networking in general – How the systems work and how to overcome their reach.
  • Online Gaming and Website Use – Risks and uses.
  • Tips & Tricks – How to keep an eye on your kids through software and hardware. Easy instructions on what we can do to keep them safe.

Lost Property

Please check your child’s supply of school uniforms for any missing items.  The school lost property boxes are overflowing with jumpers, hats and lunch boxes.  Please feel free to come in and check the lost property for yourself.  It is sign posted and located in the foyer of the staff room block of offices (old reception).

Book Week and Book Fair

Mark it in your diary and source those costumes, the dress up day for Book Week will be in the second week of Term 4 on Tuesday 20 October.  Children are asked to dress up as their favourite book character.  The theme this year is, ‘Wild Creatures, Curious Minds’.

That same week the Book Fair will be held in the Library by our fantastic Library Officer, Mrs Annandale, with a vast collection of new books on sale from Scholastic, which always make great gifts.  More details will be sent out closer to the event.

Reports for End of Year

This year we are moving to electronic reporting and will be emailing your child’s report to you.  A hard copy of the report will only be provided if requested.  In Term 4, school reports are sent home in the last week of school.  This move, has been widely adopted across many schools in Australia over the past few years and in light of wanting to reduce waste and promote sustainability, the electronic reports are a preferable option from my perspective. 

Each child’s report will be emailed to the parents through the Connect system which is how we send these newsletters out, so it is essential that the office staff have your current email address. 

Creative Schools Grant

There are plans afoot for improvements around the school grounds with funds obtained through a Communities Grant for re vegetating the natural environment.  The first of these initiatives has been the purchasing of bush tucker plants for the garden beds next to Room 5, Year 1.  There is also a number of native plants, bird boxes and micro bat boxes to be built and installed throughout the native garden areas.  There have many things on the suggestion list and are waiting on quotes to see how much more we can afford to accomplish with these funds.

Helpers wanted to assist students building native bat and bird nesting boxes

On Monday 21 September, any parents who are handy with a hammer and willing to give up some time to work with Mrs Howman’s and Mrs Timmers’ Year 5 class to help the children build nesting boxes for bats and birds, Michelle at the front office would love to hear from you. 

Ms Colley and Ms Taylor’s Year 1 assembly

Congratulations to the students from both Year 1 classes on their fantastic and confident performance, retelling with actions the story of Wombat Stew, which is an all-time favourite of mine.   This performance was a fantastic showcase of the writing program that is run across all classes involving children orally learning a complicated text with actions, to teach them the rich vocabulary and framework of a narrative.  This then provides the basis for the children to be able to write a detailed and complex narrative of their own. 

Merit Certificate Winners


Kindy Brandon-Lee F Mikala E Ruby M Sebastian C Riley C
Pre-Primary Kai W Finnian C Ivy C    
Year 1 Christina H Lily C Sophie P Thomas D  
Year 2 Dylan W Isaac E Rora N    
Year 3 Oscar D Savanna G Sienna M Joe B  
Year 4 Anakin G Jessica S      
Year 5 Luke D Timothy W Liam C Ben P  
Year 6 Eva B Kiarra B      

24 August Positive Behaviour VOICE Raffle Winners

Early Childhood

(Kindy & Pre-primary)

Walter H

Imogen G

Haneefah N

Kindy, Rm 19

Pre, Rm 18

Pre, Rm 18

10 minutes extra play for the whole class

Bring a toy to school for the day

10 minutes extra play for the whole class

Junior Primary

(Years 1 & 2)

Raf D

Liam C

Abby P

Year 2, Rm 3

Year 2, Rm 3

Year 2, Rm 3

Make pancakes with the chaplain

Make pancakes with the chaplain

Sit on the teacher’s chair for the day

Middle Primary

(Years 2 to 4)

Wungwa C

Nate Q

Isla S

Year 3, Rm 16

Year 4, Rm 14

Year 3, Rm 14

Principal for an afternoon

Free dress for a day with a friend

10 minutes on the iPad

Senior Primary

(Years 4 to 6)

Adelaide D

Ana V

Jordan C

Year 4, Rm 8

Year 6, Rm 12

Year 6, Rm 12

Canteen voucher

Principal for an afternoon

Canteen voucher

Principal for an Afternoon

Wungwa, on 26 August, told me that she loves art the best and that Glendale Primary School is better than her old school.  She got to ask questions about my job and I showed her how my two screens on my computer work.  She had a meeting with the Deputy Principal, Mrs Fuller and asked her questions.  Wungwa then did a PA announcement and inspected each wet area in the school.  She decided that the Year 1 wet area was the most beautiful, because it had the tidiest bags, as well as books, play centres and children’s writing.  She gave principal stickers to children in her class for their good work to two girls and one boy, with one sticker left to give out the next day.  She went to the jumps and throws competition on the oval, spoke to some parents and watched the children compete. Lastly, she went to the music room and listened the band practice. 

Ana and I on 2 September, had a chat about her long history with the school, as she has attended here since kindy and both of her brother and sister attended here as well.  She was talking about some of the more recent improvements she has seen in the grounds with the building of the new admin offices, the fencing and new senior playground.  We had a discussion about ways the school can be further improved.  Anna then did a PA announcement, followed by a class inspection to find the best and neatest classroom.  Upon her inspection she decided that her favourite rooms were;

  • Kindy because of the work and play stations that were available for the children.
  • Mrs Howman’s Year 5 class because the children were the funniest.
  • The P&C father’s day stall in room 6, which was by far the best organised.

Ana enjoyed going into all the classes because she would not normally get to do this as a student.  She then went back to Mrs Howman’s room to award 4 Principal stickers; 3 to the children for good work and 1 to Mrs Howman for being so fantastic.

Nate selected his friend Cody to come to school in free dress for a day.

Raf and Liam, made and ate pancakes with the chaplain.

Father’s Day

Thank you to the P&C for their fundraising efforts in providing a stall and raffle for Father’s Day.  I am confident there will be a lot of pleased dad’s out there with the gifts their children purchased and to the winner of the raffle.

Faction Carnival – Canteen

  • Spectators can purchase food and snacks at recess and lunch time from the back of the canteen, facing the oval.
  • The Humble Cup Coffee Van will be onsite.
  • A Sports Day Menu is attached for your information.
  • Donations of baked goods would be greatly appreciated and can be dropped off to the canteen Tuesday after school or on Wednesday morning.
  • If you can spare some time to help out at the athletics carnival, please pop your head into the canteen.
  • Also if anyone can help out on the BBQ please message Nerilee on 0407 429 292.

Open Night/Edu Dance – Dinner Order, 17 September

You can order a Subway dinner for your family at the Open Night/Edu Dance concert.  Please order on Qkr before 8 September.  Place your family order under the eldest child’s name.  Pick up your order from the school canteen between 5pm and 5:45pm on the night.  Soft drinks will also be available for purchase. 

I am looking forward to attending my first Glendale PS athletics carnival next week and cheering on all the children.

Helen Fiebig