From the Principal – 30 October

Dear Parents and Carers,

Two weeks ago I took home from school a rainbow lorikeet that the Year 5/6 classes saw being attacked by magpies and which Mrs Angland and Mr Lindsay saved, much to the relief of the children.  I have named him Harry and he is now in the aviary with another rescued lorikeet called Larry which some of the Year 3 students found injured earlier in the year.  Harry’s wings and tail were quite damaged by the attack and at present he can’t fly, however it is touching to watch Larry tending to him.  Many of the children involved in rescuing both birds regular ask me for updates, so I wanted to provide them with a photo so they can see they are doing fine.

World Teachers’ Day

Friday 30 October was World Teachers’ Day.  We celebrated by holding a morning tea for all the staff.  I included all the Education Assistants in this celebration as I see them as educators.   The staff have been at the forefront of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) response in the year of the pandemic.

Teachers have a significant influence on the lives of the children. Despite the tough times and challenges, teachers work very hard and often provide resources from their own pocket, without expecting any thanks.

School Board Meeting – Open to the Public

The Glendale PS Board will next meet on Monday 2 November at 6 pm in the staff room.  This meeting is open to any member of the school community who is interested in attending.  As a visitor you get to observe, and may contribute to discussions if invited to by the Board Chair, however you cannot vote on any decisions being made.   If you are interested in attending please contact me at school on 9352 2700 or email .

Use of equipment in Kindergarten to Year 1 playground

Parents and carers, please ensure that if equipment in the junior playground is set up by the staff and covered with a sheet, that the children do not play with it before or after school.  Anything covered by a sheet or tarpaulin has been set up to be used by the classes the following day.  I thank you in advance or your support with this.

Security issues on weekends and evening

If you see children or adults, who are not staff, inside of the school fences after 4 pm on a weekday or anytime on a weekend, can you please call school security on 1800 177 777.

Colour Run

The COLOUR RUN is an annual fundraising event for the school.  It is on Friday 13 November at 2.30pm.  Students are reminded to wear a white t-shirt. The coloured powder used for the event is made of high quality corn starch and permitted food colours, which is non-toxic, biodegradable, skin safe and environmentally friendly.  Although staff throw the powder at the torso, it is suggested that children wear their own eye protection such as sunglasses or goggles.

You can register online for fundraising at  Fundraising needs to be completed by Tuesday 17 November to ensure the prizes can be delivered before the end of the school year. Any fundraising done online from the start of 2020, which stayed on your account, will be added to your total fundraising amount. The fundraising booklet has gone home with students. 

If you are at the school and come to watch, please ensure that you maintain social distancing requirements of 1.5m and remain on the perimeter of the oval.  Your cooperation is always appreciated.

St Vincent De Paul Christmas Appeal  

We will be collecting non-perishable food items once again this year to support The St Vincent De Paul Christmas Appeal. Each classroom will have a collection box for children to place food items in over the next four weeks.  This has been something the school has been involved in for the last 6-7 years and many children take great pride in. Please help make this another successful year.

Assembly on Wednesday

Aussie of the month was awarded to Joshua L, from Pre-primary for always displaying the VOICE values of the school by being kind, considerate and always helping others.

The following students were awarded merit certificates at the assembly:

Kindy Caelan D Emma V Eva H Francis L
Pre Primary Jack M Tallan S Meelah T Skylar D
Year 1 Dansa D Holly F Harper W Lani M
Year 2 Ajay T Tyler H Jett B  
Year 3 Jayden P Kayden J    
Year 4 Indianna M Max C Cody R  
Year 5 Carson C Cooper B    
Year 6 Alli K Jordan C Deisel F Zahlia Q

VOICE wheel prize winners for positive behaviour

On Monday, the following children had their name drawn out of a raffle for having had 10 days of positive behaviour in their classes.

ECE Kindy 2 Austin W 10 mins extra play for the class
  PP, Room 18 Jarhal M Canteen Voucher
  PP, Room 18 Kai W Chocolate bar
Junior Year 1, Room 5 Dansa D 10 mins free time in class
  Year 2, Room 3 Emily M Canteen Voucher
  Year 2, Room 3 Dylan W 10 mins free time in class
Middle Year 2, Room 15 Jeremy C Be Principal for the afternoon
  Year 3, Room 14 Savanna G 10 minutes on ipad
  Year 3, Room 15 Isobel F Free dress for a day with a friend
Senior Year 4, Room 8 Adelaide D Chocolate bar
  Year 5, Room 10 Oscar C Chocolate bar
  Year 6, Room 12 Eamon M Chocolate bar

Jeremy C from Year 2 got to be Principal for the afternoon on Wednesday.  I learnt that Jeremy has been at this school since kindy and that he loves maths, Lego with Mr Marsden, sport and the monster Dojo that he created in class.  He thinks Mrs Boath is a great teacher because she is fun, careful and gives Dojo points.  He also likes it when Trudy comes in from Creative Schools to work with his class.   When I asked Jeremy what could be improved or changed in the school, he said the school was perfect and wouldn’t change a thing.   After our chat, Jeremy went into most classrooms looking at good work and giving out principal stickers.

Cyber Safety Adult Session

The school is also running an information session on Cyber Safety on the evening of November 3 from 6:30pm to 8pm with an expert in this area.  Ticket are $22 per person and are available to anyone in the community who is interested and are available through Tribooking.   

 The topics covered are:

  • Cyber Bullying – Legislation surrounding this and how it is effecting our kids.
  • Digital Citizenship – Where our kids are going online, the Apps they are using and the information they are sharing.
  • Online Footprint – How easy it is to find kids online and what they can do to minimise their risk.
  • Social Networking & Networking in general – How the systems work and how to overcome their reach.
  • Online Gaming and Website Use – Risks and uses.
  • Tips & Tricks – How to keep an eye on your kids through software and hardware. Easy instructions on what we can do to keep them safe.

School Disco

You will have received a flyer giving details for the next P&C student disco from Nerilee, the Canteen Manager.  She is always grateful for volunteers on the night to help out, so please contact her if you are available.

The disco is set for Friday 6 November with the junior Kindy to Year 3 classes from 5 pm to 6:30 pm, and the senior Year 3 to Year 6 classes from 7 pm to 8:30 pm.

$10 tickets include food, drink, ice cream and prizes.  Ticket sales are online through Qkr or in person at the canteen. 

Book Fair and Book Week

Thank you to all the families who helped the children get dressed up for Book Week on Tuesday 20 October.  I was thrilled to see all of the staff join in on the fun and get dressed up.  The atmosphere created was great and it was a fun day for all.  Each classroom has also decorated their door with the cover of a book, so when you are walking around the school, stop and check them out.


A big thank you to every person who purchased books, posters and stationary items from this year’s Book Fair which was held two weeks ago.  This year saw record sales of over $4,000, which is more than double any previous years’ totals.  Credits from the sales go to the library to purchase new books from Scholastic.  

The prize winner of the “Guess How Many Eyeballs I have” Book Fair competition was the first entry drawn out with the correct number of 192 eyeballs in the jar.  The winner was Cody R, from Year 4.

The winners of the best costume from Tuesday’s book week dress up day, were Liam C from Year 5, Kysun T from Year 4 and Riley C from Kindy. These students received a $5 voucher for the book fair.

Finally, the classroom who won the ‘Decorate a Door’ display was Room 19, Kindy, for their impressive Alice in Wonderland. Well done to Mrs Press, Mr Bishop and all the kindy students from room 19 for your amazing effort.

Next year’s book fair is already booked for May, so start reading to find your new favourite book and character to dress up as.

Thank You

I wish to thank our Barbara Dransfield who is a P&C member and member of the the Graduation Committee, for applying to Councillor Karlo Percov from the City of Stirling to donate towards the costs of graduation for the children this year.  The P&C and I were very pleased to have Councillor Percov attend Monday’s P&C meeting and pass over a cheque.  We are very fortunate to have his help and for having many parents, like Barbara, who get in and gets things done for the benefit of others.

No Dogs On Site

The decision has been made to ban all dogs from being on the school site.  If you have a dog with you before or after school, I request that you remain off site with your pet and have your child/ren walk to you.  Please keep your dog well away from the gates to allow children who are nervous to enter or exit while feeling safe.   Bringing a dog onto the school site will result in a polite request to remove the animal.  If a person refuses to remove a dog from the school site, a City of Stirling Ranger will be called.  I thank you for your support.

Helen Fiebig