From The Principal – 29 November 2019

Dear Parents and Carers,

Student Movements for 2020

Please ensure you let the office staff know as soon as possible if your child will not be returning to Glendale PS next year.  It is essential that we are able to assign children to classes knowing how many children we will have at the school.

Book Awards VOICE Assembly

Wednesday, 4 December, the school will be holding the end of year awards assembly.  This assembly will commence at 8:45am.  There will be two students showcasing their talents with musical performances.  Each Pre-primary to Year 6 teacher will present two awards for their class. 

The VOICE award will be a book prize for the child from each class who most consistently demonstrates the values of the school which are:

  • Valuing others, individuality, effort and education.
  • Openness in communication, relationships and knowledge.
  • Including everyone to provide quality of opportunity.
  • Collaborating to build a learning community of excellence.
  • Engaging with students, families, community and the environment.

The teacher will also present the Star Reader Award to a child for their achievements over the year in reading.

The teachers of both groups of Kindy children will be holding end of year celebrations and parents will be advised of the dates and times.

Staff Changes

At the end of this year we will be saying goodbye to the following staff. 

  • Kaye Abbott, is a current Year 2 Teacher and will be taking leave then retiring. She has worked at Glendale PS for over twenty-six years and is one of the most experienced and dedicated staff members, having taught many of the parents of children who are currently at the school.   She held the position of Deputy Principal in 1994, but missed the classroom too much and resumed her teaching role. 
  • Sarah Paul, is the Music Teacher two days a week and is taking maternity leave for next year. We wish her all the best for the arrival of her bundle of joy and look forward to having her back in the future.
  • Nicoya Wheeler, is a Pre-primary Teacher who has been on contract due to the permanent staff member being on leave. It has been a pleasure having Nicoya on staff and she has been an asset to the school and a valuable resource. 
  • Solomon Stern, is the Digital Technology and Media Teacher and in my brief time at the school it is obvious to me how much the children love his lessons. Sol has shown me some of the work that the children have accomplished and it is of a high standard and amazing to me.  He has also been a regular supporter of the school having served on the School Board for the year and attended every school disco to support the P&C in their fundraising.
  • Ian Baillie, is the Indonesian Teacher one day a week and has worked with the senior students for the first half of the year and the middle primary students the second half of the year. He has contributed greatly to the children’s skills in speaking Indonesian and to their understanding of the culture.

I wish each of these staff members all the best for their future.  I hope that the students who have worked with them take the time over the next few weeks to say goodbye and thank you.

Reports Home

The end of year student reports will be sent home on Tuesday 17 December.  If you have any questions about the report please speak to your child’s teacher for clarification.

Class Lists for Next Year

On Monday 16 December, from 2 pm, the class lists for next year will be placed on display outside of the administration office.  The lists will remain on display from Tuesday to Thursday during office hours, and to noon on Friday 20 December. They will then be on display next year from Tuesday 28 January, to the start of school during office hours.

Please respect the privacy of other families at the school and do not take photos of the lists. 

The only downside for the school in advising the class placements this early, is that if we have children leaving and new children enrolling at the start of next year that we did not know about, that the classes may have to change to accommodate more or less numbers.  This rarely happens, but with all the best planning and preparation it cannot always be avoided. 


On Monday 16 December, the children across the school will attend one lesson in the room that they will be in for next year and meet their new classmates.  They may or may not be meeting their new teacher at this time as there are five new staff arriving and so in those classes the children will meet their teacher at the start of next year. 

The purpose of having a transition day is for the children to meet their classmates to assist with a smooth and happy transition.  I would like your feedback next year as to whether this initiative has been successful for your child/ren as opposed to the previous method of letting everyone know in the new year.

Thank you

Tonight I will attend my first disco at this school.  I hope this event is well supported by the community and look forward to seeing how much fun the children have.  I wish to thank the P&C members, parent volunteers and staff members in advance for providing this event for the children, with funds raised going towards the canteen services. 

Helen Fiebig