From the Principal – 27 November 2020

Dear Parents and Carers,

Important Internet Permission email or letter going home this term.

In the next fortnight, a letter or email will be going home to every family listing third party online services that the staff use in the teaching programmes.  Third party online services are those provided by an external organisation, consultant or independent contractor and may be free or paid.  This involves every ap and website that requires a log on.  I  require each parent and carer to indicate that they give permission for their child/ren to have access to each item listed and return it to school as soon as possible.  This is a new compulsory Department of Education policy for all WA public schools, being introduced in 2021, which is focused on a high level of security for all sites and aps which are used.

Creative Schools

This year Glendale PS applied for and was accepted into a Creative Schools project.  In this programme two classes, Mrs McIntyre’s Year 3/4 class and Mrs Boath’s Year 2/3 class were matched with professionals to have two sessions a week in a project based learning programme.  Mrs Boath’s class worked on outside classrooms and an environmental project and Mrs McIntyre’s class worked on a history of Hamersley and art based project.  Next year two more teachers will get the opportunity to partner with a professional to run this type of learning.

You will see in the image below, a summary for the Creative Schools promotional material about this school.  Being involved with Create Schools is an important programme to compliment the teaching and learning at Glendale PS, as it fits with our belief that children learn best when the learning is led by them with an inquiry focus.

End of Year VOICE Assembly

The final assembly for the year will be held on Wednesday 9 December at 8:45am.  One child from each class will be acknowledged with a book award for exhibiting the school’s VOICE values, which is Giving a VOICE to all.  The VOICE acronym stands for Valuing, Openness, Including, Collaborating and Engaging.

Containers for Change  

Congratulations to Harry D in Year 5, whose teacher entered his design into the City of Stirling Containers For Change Sticker competition.  Harry’s design has been chosen to be printed and will be given to the school to use on the recycling bins for containers for change and around the school to indicate where these specific bins will be placed.

Volunteer Morning Tea

On Thursday 26 November a morning tea to say thank you to all the volunteers at the school was held with staff providing the food.  It was a joy to see how many volunteers we have contribute their time to making Glendale PS a better place by supporting the students and staff.

Year 6 Prefects to Parliament House

The two year 6 prefects, Eva B and Ava D were escorted to lunch at Parliament House on Thursday 26 November by the Deputy Principal, Mrs Fuller.  The three members of our school were guests of our local Member for Balcatta, David Michael MLA.  We are very grateful to Mr Michael’s for providing this opportunity for the children each year.

Year 5 students to Warwick SHS for Science

All of the year 5 children will be going to Warwick Senior High School to participate in Science activities.  They are going in two groups with the first group attending today and then second group attending on Friday 4 December.  We enjoy a lot of support from Warwick Senior High School and look forward to having students and staff working together on a regular basis.

Merit Certificate recipients

Kindy Charlie S Cody C Dunja Z Mason A
Pre Primary Jarhal M Oliver W Tayla C  
Year 1 Anna L Lolli C Heath C Mia R
Year 2 Ryan S Zoe P Owen H  
Year 3 Gillian C James H Wungwa C Nya M
Year 4 Mia T Eli S Milana G  
Year 5 Jake B Joshua W Chance M  
Year 6 Angela M Emily S    

Voice Assembly, good behaviour raffle winners, 16 November:

ECE Kindy, Room 19 Dane M Sits on the teacher’s chair for the day
  PP, Room 17 Emily S Bring a toy to school for the day
  PP, Room 17 Tyson H Chocolate bar
Junior Year 1, Room 5 Domenic W 10 minutes extra play for the whole class
  Year 2, Room 3  Raf D Chocolate bar
  Year 2, Room 3 Amber C Be Principal for the afternoon
Middle Year 2, Room 15 Addison G Ten minutes on ipad
  Year 3, Room 15 Shannon L Ten minutes on ipad
  Year 3, Room 16 Reuben P Ten minutes on ipad
Upper Year 4, Room 8 Ruby B Sits on the teacher’s chair for the day
  Year 6, Room 10 Zahlia Q Ten minutes on ipad
  Year 6, Room 12 Tan D Ten minutes free time in class


Reports will be emailed to parents and carers on Tuesday 15 December.

School Dates

The last day of term will be Thursday 17 December.

Students will know their classes on Wednesday 16 December and class lists will be displayed after school.

The first day of school in 20201 will be Monday 1 February.  The school office will be open one week beforehand, except for public holidays.

Colour Run

Thank you to everyone in the community, families and friends that contributed to the fundraising for this year’s colour run.  The total amount raised was $3,300.  It was a fun event and one which the children and staff all enjoyed immensely. 

The four families that raised the most money received a $50 gift voucher donated by Care For Kids at Wednesday’s assembly.  These went to:


Koni Family

Drake-Brockman Family

Pusch Family

Huynh Family


The following NAIDOC activities were held from the 9 to the 13 November and were enjoyed by all.

There was a performance by Gina Williams and Guy Ghouse on the Monday.  Friday we held an assembly run by the students with Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander heritage with a performance by a local band, The Struggling Kings.  Following this the children did a tour of the other classrooms across the school of the work that has been done on Aboriginal culture.


For anyone who parks on Glendale Ave, please do not park on the verges of neighbouring homes.  I have received a complaint from neighbours advising that people are parking on their verge after school and they are concerned that this is obstructing the view for children crossing the street. 

Yours sincerely,

Helen Fiebig