From the Principal – 27 July 2018

Welcome back to Term 3 which is historically a busy term in the school calendar. We will hold our Faction Carnival in week 6 and the Interschool Athletics Carnival will follow later in the term. We also have School Photos in week 7. Added to this we will run a Visioning Day on Friday of week 8 which will be our Student Free Professional Development Day for this term. We will keep you well informed about these and other events at Glendale over the term.

As mentioned in our previous newsfeeds, this term we will again be seeking your feedback on a number of areas currently being addressed and refined by the school with the support of our School Board. Your thoughts and feedback helps to form processes and protocols as we continually develop and refine our future directions to make Glendale an effective and successful school which addresses the needs of its students and the wider community.

As you will be well aware, Miss O’Halloran has left for maternity leave at the end of Term 2. We congratulate her on the birth of her son Billy and look forward to her visiting and introducing him to us. Our Chaplain, Adele McCormick has also left us at the end of Term 2 on maternity leave and will re join us in due course. Renee Chappell, a member of our front office staff, has been successful in securing a full time position at another school and we wish her well in her career ahead. 

Therefore we welcome Mrs Kirsty Press who will take over Ms O’Halloran position is her absence with our year 1/2 class. Also we welcome Mrs Tam Befumo who has joined our office team until an appointment process is run. At present we do not have a replacement Chaplain, however as soon as this occurs we will nofity you.