From The Principal – 26 June 2020

Dear Parents and Carers

I have a lot to advise you about today, so get comfy and maybe put the kettle on for this read.

End of Flexibuzz

Last week I was advised that Flexibuzz will no long exist as of the end of June.  The school has therefore had discussions with the School Board around suitable options to replace this app for school notices and newsletters to be sent out to the families.

With the support of the School Board, the decision has been made to go to Connect.  This is a parent app, designed and run by the Department of Education and is commonly used in many primary schools across WA.  An email notice will be sent to the parent or carer contact for each child, inviting them to follow a link to sign in with a code and set up a password.  The code provided for the username is only valid for two weeks.  Please ensure you sign up as soon as possible. 

Connect will be used for the school to send out all newsletters and general information.  It may also be used in the future for student reports to be sent home. 


A paper copy of reports will be going home on Tuesday 30 June with each child.  Please note that as per the Department of Education decision this semester, there are no A-E grades given for subject due to the interruption to teaching. However, staff have still been diligent in providing you with a written description of your child’s progress and achievements in Literacy and Numeracy as well as given a grade for Effort on each subject.

Term 3 Further Lifting of Restrictions

With the further lifting of restrictions as we enter Phase 4 of the state governments roadmap back from COVID-19, for term 3 parents will be welcome back into classrooms as volunteers, for appointments and to inspect children’s work before or after school.  Please contact your child’s teacher if you are interested in helping out.

One of the surprises from the past restrictions was that the kindy and pre-primary teachers saw a big improvement in the children’s independence and confidence since they have been unaccompanied in the mornings when entering the classrooms.  I encourage parents and carers to continue to encourage this independence, if possible.  Teachers have suggested it would be great for parents and carers to set their own day each week or fortnight where they come in and look at the work around the room. 

The extra cleaning that has been happening throughout term 2 with a full time cleaner on site each day will continue for term 3.

Assemblies will also resume in term 3, the first one being on Wednesday, 5 August, week 3, with Mr Lindsay’s Year 5/6 and Mr Yiannakis, Year 4 class sharing the stage.

Exciting News for Room 15, Mrs Boath and Room 14, Mrs McIntyre’s classes

We are very excited to have been successful to be included in the Creative School’s Programme for the first time.  This programme matches professional people with a creative skill to work with a class weekly over a period of time.  The Creative Schools Programme has a focus on creativity with the intent to nurture the five creative habits that underpin learning; being collaborative, inquisitive, persistent, imaginative and disciplined.  In 2019 this programme was implemented in 16 WA schools. The evidence collected from previous school involvement indicates that students and parents unanimously agreed that the Creative Schools projects had a positive impact on learning, skills and attitude and the children’s ability to apply creative habits into their learning. 

For this year, we have two classes involved in the Creative School Programme will be starting in Term 3 with Mrs Boath’s Year 2/3 class and Mrs McIntyre’s Year 3/4 class to work with the support of professionals to complete projects. 

Mrs McIntyres class will be working with an award winning artist, Shona McGregor who has a love of the miniature, and works in magnification and abstract.   Shona has a background as a teacher of children with autism.  

Mrs Boath’s class will be working the co-founder of Educated by Nature, Trudi Bennett.  Trudi also has a teaching background and works with children to discover a connection with nature for healthy inner-wellbeing and community.

Library Books to be Returned by Next Week

Mrs Annadale, the Library Officer, would like to do a stocktake of all the library books before the start of term 3 and has asked that all children return their borrowed library books by Wednesday 1 July.

Children will be able to resume borrowing books in term 3.

Staff Change

On Tuesday 30 June, the School Chaplain, Chevonne Burr will have her last day working at this school.  She is going on maternity leave for the birth of her first child.  Chevonne has been an asset to the school in the manner that she has supported students, parents, carers and staff.  She is always approachable and has been a vital link in the care and compassion that we provide to children and families, particularly through times of stress or change.  She will be missed by all of us and I wish her and her husband all the best as they begin a new stage as parents to their baby boy.

The new School Chaplain will be Rumbi Tsokota and she will be the permanent Chaplain for this school.  Rumi will be working on Mondays and Tuesday, so please take the time to stop in before or after school next term and say hello to her.


Please note that the National NAIDOC Committee decided to postpone NAIDOC week this year due to safety concerns with COVID-19 and it has moved from being celebrated in the first week of the upcoming school holidays to now being held in Week 5 of Term 4, from the 8 to 15 November.  I will be inviting parents and carers, who are interested to be involved in the school’s celebration of this special week to a planning meeting either at the end of term 3 or the start of term 4. Further details will be provided as it gets closer.

School Board Update

At last week’s School Board Meeting, the vacancy left by Annabel Hardy who had completed her three-year term was filled by Melissa Grey, who is a parent of two children at the school.   All School Board members are invited to be on the School Board for three year periods. 

The School Board also endorsed the 2019 Annual Report and a Play Based Teaching Policy.  Both of these documents will be available on the Glendale Primary School website.

School Banking

The P&C run, school banking programme will be resuming in term 3.  Further details to follow through the P&C Facebook page.

Lock Down Drill

On Thursday 18 June the school held a lock down drill.  With thorough planning and systems in place, I was very pleased to find that information had been sent through to the admin team with every child, staff member, visitor and work person on site accounted for and secured in a building within 5 minutes.   Every year the school selects either a lock down drill or an evacuation procedure to practice.

Jump Rope For Heart

The fundraising for the Heart Foundation being led by the Year 6 leadership students and Mr Marsden has raised, as of Wednesday 24 June, $2,427.65, which exceeds the target of $2,000 that was set.  Thank you to every family and extended family member that has supported the children to raise this amount. 


The school has a recycling station with individual collection containers in the foyer of the staff room building, next to the lost property.  You or your children can drop off the following recycling products:

  • plastic bread tags
  • oral hygiene products
  • washing detergent containers
  • batteries

School Uniforms

A reminder to all families that we would like to see all children in school uniform at all times.  The Year 6 children have signed leadership contracts committing to wearing their school uniform each day.  I have asked teachers not to send children who are out of uniform to run any messages for them. 

If you are unsure what is in the school uniform, please read the School Uniform Policy which was reviewed and endorsed last year by the School Board.  A copy can be found on the school website, under the tab for Our School, Expectations and Policies.

Lost Property

If you have a chance, please come and take a look through the lost property boxes.  They are overflowing at the moment with school jumpers and lunch boxes amongst other things.  You will find the lost property in the foyer of the staff room building (which is the old admin building).

Thank You

Thank you to Sandra from the Hamersley Christmas Carols Committee and Pastor Jason for their very kind donation of $530.25 to the Chaplaincy fund for this school.  This money was raised by donations at the annual Christmas Carols event and other fundraisings that they do throughout the year. 

Swimming Lessons

Due to COVID-19 all swimming lessons held through school were cancelled this year.  However, we look forward to resuming them in 2020.

Merit Certificates

At the in-class presentations on Wednesday 24 June, the following children received a merit certificate for the great work they are doing;

Flynn M Francis L Mason A Olivia V
Emily L Rory G Hayden A Scarlet G
Amira A Emma P Charlize S Rayyan N
Amelie H Harriet S Gillian C Sophia L
Lelo D Noah C Amelia T Brendah H
Adelaide D Esther L Harry F Airlia J
Tane A Amani S Harli D Matilda F
Isabella E      


Helen Fiebig