From the Principal – 23 March 2018

The weather has warmed up over the last few days and we are now looking forward to the Easter Break which starts Friday 30 March and ends with the return to school by students on Wednesday 4 April. Easter falls within school terms only once every three of four years and the extra day holiday is linked to the Public Services Award which school staff work under.

On our return to school after the Easter Break we will move straight into swimming lessons for all students from Pre Primary to Year 6. This year’s swimming will again be held at Ballajura Aquatic Centre with lessons running throughout the day. The schedule of lessons will be:


Session Leave School Lesson Start Return to School Year / Room Teacher
A 8.35am 9.15am 10.30am Year 6 Room 8 Mr Fairclough
B 9.40am 10.05am 11.20am Year 2 Room 3 Mr Johnson
Year 4/5 Room 10 Mrs Merritt
C 10.30am 10.55am 12.10pm Year 1/2 Room 4 Ms O’Halloran
Year 3 Room 14 Mr Yiannakis
D 11.20am 11.45am 1.00pm Year 4 Room 12 Mrs Howman
Year 1 Room 5 Mrs Taylor
E 12.30pm 12.55pm 2.10pm Year 3 Room 15 Mrs Abbott
Year PP Room 17 Miss Wilson
F 1.20pm 1.45pm 3.00pm Year 5/6 Room 9 Ms Reeve
Year PP Room 18 Mrs Mableson


This will obviously mean a very busy last 8 days of term 1 but swimming lessons are always a rewarding and valuable part of Primary School Education.

We have just completed installation of the final section of our Junior Playground upgrade. This playground was funded by the Education Department to help provide age appropriate equipment for the inclusion of Kindergarten students on our site. A swing will be installed in the play area between rooms 3 and 4 in the next couple of weeks.

Our plans for the senior area are due back from the designer this week and as soon as they are available we will display them in the main office area for your feedback. The process of updating and refurbishing our senior playground will begin towards the end of the year.