From the Principal – 23 February 2018

I would like to congratulate our students and families again on an extremely smooth start to the year. As we move well into term 1 we can already see many positive outcomes to the new programs and strategies that we have introduced over the last few weeks.

These include:

  • Runners Club
  • Structure Play Sessions in Physical Education and Chess
  • New Specialist Subject
  • Kindergarten on the school site
  • Young Engineers Extension Program

In today’s newsfeeds we will highlight one of these areas to give more information into the background and reason for its introduction. Mrs Graham has included a newsfeed about our Young Engineers Program and as a follow up we will in future newsfeeds have some participating students give their thoughts about the program.

Last Monday the Glendale P&C had its annual General Meeting and it I was pleased to see so many people attend the evening with all positions on the committee being filled.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the outgoing committee members for their efforts over the previous year and for many of them their efforts of the last number of years.

Committees exist because people are prepared to selflessly give and our community is a better place due to the contributions of our P&C.

I am pleased to announce the new committee:

President: Justin Grey

Vice President: Polly Larter

Treasurer: Lisa Foreman

Secretary: Tim Ewers

Fundraising Co-ordinator: Natalie Hanlon

Uniform Co-ordinator: Charmaine Virgin

Graduation Co-ordinator: Kimber Radford

NAIDOC / WACSSO Co-ordinator: Anneleis Fuller

School Board Representative: Clare Pring

School Banking Co-ordinator: Pina Wright

Building and Grounds Co-ordinator: Sarah Cusack