From the Principal – 19 March 2021

Dear Parents and Carers,

Time is going fast as everyone is very busy and a lot is being achieved.  I am very excited by the outstanding teaching and learning teams that we enjoy at this school and the high quality work that is being done by the children.  Early data collection indicates that we are achieving excellent results across the school particularly in Literacy. 

Parent and Teacher meetings

Now that first term is almost over and teachers have had time to get to know your child/ren and complete a range of testing and complete work samples, they know your child’s strengths and areas to develop academically.  If you wish and haven’t already had one, you may book a parent/teacher meeting for after school over the next two weeks.  Please contact the school reception on 9352 2700 to book a time to meet with your child’s teacher, if you haven’t already done so.   Please be sure to indicate if you would prefer a face to face meeting or telephone call.

Change of Teaching Staff

Mr Manioll Yiannakis who has taught for the past 41 years will be retiring on Friday 26 March, next week.  Manioll is a gentleman and a scholar who has worked tirelessly with his colleagues to give every child in his care the best education possible and to set high standards of himself and of them. 

We are very sad to be saying goodbye. 

Manioll started his teaching career at Carnarvon District High School working with Aboriginal boys who were not enthusiastic learners.  He learnt early that good teaching was all about engaging children in creative ways and about relationships.  He was hugely successful in his endeavours in Carnarvon and then came to Perth and settled at Glendale PS.  During his time here, he has served as Deputy Principal for one year and predominantly taught in the younger primary grades. 

In my short time as Principal at Glendale PS, I have had many parents praise Manioll and welcome the opportunity to have him teach their child.  I am confident that I can speak on behalf of the whole Glendale PS community and say we all wish him every happiness in retirement.


Please do not discuss NAPLAN testing and preparation with your children in any depth as it only serves to create anxiety about testing in general.  Children are being prepared and taught the skills they are developmentally ready for and the NAPLAN is just one of many tests that your child will do throughout the year.  I am a firm believer in the less attention to the test the better the results for each child.

The Year 3 and Year 5 students will be doing a NAPLAN online practice test at 9am on 25 March .  The Year 3 students will be doing a combination of maths and reading and the year 5 students a writing test. The aim of this test is to test the technical capability of the online platform and to give students a practice of the test requirements and layout. It is not testing their ability nor is it assessed.

The official NAPLAN testing will commence on Tuesday the 11 May and finish on Friday 21 May. Most of the testing will be done in the first week leaving time for catch up testing in the second week for any students who are away during the testing period.  No catch up testing will be available after 21 May.   All testing is done online using a school managed device with the exception of the year 3 writing which is still done on paper.

School Board Members

We have a few Board members who have completed their three year position as a School Board Member and am calling for expressions of interested from members of the Glendale PS community.  If you are interested in becoming a member of the School Board, please contact me either in person, by phone 9352 2700 or email, to discuss the roles and to get further information. 

Nude Food

We have been promoting nude food this term and the Glendale Greenies have been busy making sure we collect food scraps and un-waxed paper for recycling instead of sending it to landfill through the general bins. Each day Glendale Greenies are rostered on to collect the buckets from the junior and senior lunch areas, weigh the bins and divert the scraps to compost bins and the paper to recycling. In the last fortnight we have diverted 9.2kgs of food scraps from general waste to the compost bins, 1.8kgs of paper to recycling and sent 6.5kgs of rubbish to landfill. Thank you to our wonderful canteen who has switched to sustainable packaging which has helped us send less rubbish to landfill.

P&C AGM Monday

All parents and carers of students at the school are invited to attend the P&C AGM on Monday, 21 March in Room 6 at 7 pm.  The meeting is in the same room as the school banking which is found behind the Year 1 and 2 classrooms.  The P&C are very much the heart of the school community and have a fantastic band of volunteers.  I strongly encourage you to get involved if possible and if you are not already.

East Hat Parade

Students will participate in an Easter Hat Parade on Thursday 1 April. Parents are encouraged to help their children to make a hat at home from recycled materials if their child is not already making one in class. The Easter Rabbit is also due to make a special guest appearance during the parade. 

ANZAC Service Wednesday 21 April

On Wednesday 21 April, Glendale Primary will be holding an ANZAC Service in the assembly area. Special guests and selected students will be presenting floral wreaths as part of this service.

We are seeking parents and volunteers who can help us assemble wreaths and/or flowers into vases or displays on Tuesday 20 May. Please come along to the Art Room from 3pm onwards if you are available to help.

We also require flowers and greenery. Any variety or size will be gladly accepted. Please deliver any flowers or greenery on Tuesday 20 April to the Art Room. For any questions regarding this please contact the office on 9352 2700 or speak with Ms Reeve.

Aussie of the Month 

Wed 3 March 2021

  • Yr 2, Rm 3, Jessica D for consistently displaying the VOICE values by being fully engaged in her learning and collaborating with her peers.
  • Yr 2, Rm 16, Henry C for displaying the VOICE values by being helpful, empathetic and friendly every day.


Wed 17 March 2021

  • Yr 1, Rm 4, Imogen G for displaying the VOICE values of being thoughtful, generous, kind and always working to the best of her ability.
  • Yr 3, Rm 15, Addison G for displaying the VOICE values by being a kind and compassionate student who can always be relied upon to work hard.



ECE Kindy 1, Rm 19 Rose D 10 minutes free time in class
  Kindy 2, Rm 19 Abbie C Will spin later in the week
  PP, Rm 18 Charlie S 10 minutes on the ipad
  PP, Rm 17 Nanaia T Canteen Voucher
Junior Year 1, Rm 5 Dylan C 10 mins free play for the whole class
  Year 2, Rm 4 Liam L 10 mins on the ipad
  Year 2, Rm 3 Summer S 10 mins on the ipad
Middle Year 3, Rm 15 Jett B 10 mins free play for the whole class
  Year 3, Rm 15 Ben H Canteen Voucher
  Year 4, Rm 14 Ruby P Free dress for a day with a friend
Upper Year 6, Rm 12 Cash L 10 mins free time in class
  Year 6, Rm 12 Brock P 10 mins on the ipad
  Year 6, Rm 12 Arybella N Bake pancakes with the Chaplain

Merit Certificates  

Pre Primary Lachlan D Sebastian c Isabelle R Nanaia T
Year 1 Georgia W Sahara M    
Year 2 Lani M Lolli C Harper W Sammy C
Year 3 Ryan S Emily M Raf D Millie T
Year 4 Jake D James H Gillian C  
Year 5 Esther L Jade R Jae T  
Year 6 Airlia J Cash L    

STEM Showcase

Two weeks ago I hosted two groups of Principals at the school and showcased the Engineering programme that we very proudly run at Glendale Primary School.  To my knowledge we are the only primary school offering Engineering as a specialist subject.  The school is now in its fourth year of this approach and it is resulting in students producing engineered projects with technology expected at secondary education levels.

As a STEM Enterprise school we receive additional funding to provide support for our leaders in STEM, Mr Marsden and Mrs Graham, to attend ongoing training and planning sessions and we mentor another school in their approach to embedding STEM in the curriculum.  At present we are mentoring three other schools, with two of those approaching us due to the outstanding reputation that this school has earned.

These photos are of a year 2 class in Engineering with students collaborating on their projects.

Highway Heroes

The first module taught in Highway Heroes, which is the whole school social skills programme, is on bullying and teasing. 

Children learn how to be assertive so they feel empowered to deal with bullying through the 6 steps to being able to stick up for themselves which are:

  1. Stand tall and shoulders back
  2. Chin up and use your eyes.
  3. Keep calm and your arms at your side.
  4. Speak in a loud and strong voice.
  5. Keep looking into the person’s eye for 3 seconds.
  6. Walk away and don’t look back. Don’t answer.

The Hazard, is psychological and physical bullying which is when someone says or does something intentionally hurtful and they keep on doing it, even when you tell them to stop or show them you’re upset.  Children are taught that bullying is different from teasing/being mean which is when someone says something hurtful and they do it once, or children being rude which is when they do something unintentionally that is hurtful and they do it once.

The Tools are:

  1. For every child to identify if they are thinking positively ‘Helpful Supa Thinkin’ or negatively ‘Stinkin Thinkin’. The child’s self-talk is a very powerful tool to overcome the negative psychological effect of bullying.  Supa Thinkin – would be to say to themselves, ‘That was nasty, and I don’t deserve it’.
  2. PIGS tool – Protect – if a bystander and if it’s safe: Ignore – the bully if it is verbal but not for physical bullying: Get help: use the Six Steps to Stick Up for Me , see above.

Warwick Senior High School

I will be attending a ceremony on 31 March at Warwick Senior High School to celebrate the “Great Start Award” for eleven of the Year 7 students who are past students of Glendale PS.  I will be presenting certificates to: Eva B, Isabella E, Abby M, Neve T, Kiarra B, Isabella H, Jada P, Taj W, Joran C, Alli K, Emily S and look forward to seeing them all again.

The high school is offering the parents of our Year 6 students, to attend a Prospective Parents Information Event on Thursday 22 April from 6pm to 7:30pm.  The parents will get to talk to the experienced staff, find out what opportunities are available and to have any questions answered.

Warwick SHS also offers school tours on Tuesdays each week at 10 am.  They also provide specialist and elite programmes for academic extension, music, netball, AFL football and dance.

Parking around the school, and young children exiting from cars on the street.

I have asked the City of Stirling to send out a parking inspector during before and after school pick up, to issue fines for illegal parking.  I am doing this in response to regular complaints from neighbours to the school about the illegal parking of some parents on Lampard Street.   Unfortunately, when the people parking illegally have been spoken to they have displayed a lack of courtesy in the way they have responded, which is certainly not in keeping with the culture that we encourage at Glendale Primary School.  

If you are a parent of children who are under 10 years of age and whose children exit directly from the car, please ensure that they use the car door on the side of the kerb and that you supervise them safely across the road. 

Yours sincerely,

Helen Fiebig


“Intelligence plus character, that is the goal of true education.”  Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.