From the Principal – 19 February 2021

Dear Parents and Carers,

As I write this newsletter it is the end of week 3, with the children having had two weeks of school.  For all the uncertainty at the start of the year due to COVID-19, it is remarkable to me and the staff that this has been the calmest start for children we have experienced, particularly the kindy and pre-primary classes. Leaving children at the door has worked exceptionally well in the early childhood classrooms with children settling better with much less separation anxiety.  I’m not sure how all the parents are coping though! 

Teachers will be sending home a newsletter on Monday 22 February outlining how they will be running the classrooms and if or how they will be inviting parents in.

When at the P&C meeting last week, I asked for feedback on the current early lunch and late recess and the response was all positive.  The main comments related to the children having crunch n sip in the morning that they are bringing healthier snacks to school and less processed food.  Additional comments were that after school the children seem to be happy to have a snack when they get home and have an improved appetite for dinner, through to sleeping better.  I asked the same question of the staff and the response was overwhelming that the longer morning session is more productive and the day goes faster.  The crunch n sip is going well.  The children are much calmer when returning to class after lunch for having played first and then sat to eat. 

Staff Changes

Tiggy Bergensen – School Gardener

Tiggy has been at Glendale PS for over 3 years, and I am very sad and sorry to share the he will be leaving us.  I am very excited for him though as he will be working with the West Coast Eagles Football Club.  As some of you may know, Tiggy was an AFL Football Umpire and has always kept very close ties with Australian Rules Football in WA.  He is very excited to have his services and experience needed at the Eagles and we wish him well. 

Glendale PS is currently seeking applicants for the gardener’s position.  Anyone interested is required to apply for the position through the Jobs WA website and upload their application and resume by the 26 February.

Lani Windsor-Ngamata – Education Assistant

Lani commenced at GPS in July last year as an Education Assistant in the early childhood classrooms and fitted in so well with all the staff, families and children.  She has been a quiet and calm person who added to the fabulous work in the classrooms.  She will be leaving us in a week’s time to take up a position in mining.  I wish her all the best for her new adventure.

Merit Certificate Recipients for Wednesday 17 February

On Wednesday 17 February, the Year 6 student leaders for 2021 were introduced to the school at the Leaders Assembly.  Every one of the 40 children in Year 6 are school leaders and received a student leader badge.  There are eight elected positions being:

Two prefects who are Stephan L and Nash B

Forrest Faction Captain is Jack B and Vice Captain is Jasmine A

Hannan Faction Captain is Brock P and Vice Captain is Ashton C

O’Connor Faction Captain is Benjamin P and Vice Captain Cash L

The Merit Certificate recipients for this assembly are as follows:

Pre-Primary Lexie A Dunja Z Abel S Olivia H
Year 1 Joshua L Ivy C    
Year 2 Ashton E Anna L Mia R  
Year 3 Owen H Evelyn H Phillip S Harper B
Year 4 Cara C Jayden P Asha A  
Year 5 Henry F Kysun T    
Year 6 Arybella N Brock P Ashton C  

The next assembly will be Mr Fairclough’s Year 6 class on Wednesday 3 March.

P&C Welcome to School Family Picnic

This is an annual event which the P&C organise to welcome all new and existing families to the school.  This year the family picnic is on Friday 5 March, from 5 pm to 7 pm in the school grounds in front of the library and canteen.  Everyone is invited to bring their own picnic or purchase from the food trucks.  I look forward to seeing the Glendale PS community come together once again.

Canteen – Snack Boxes for recess time Wednesdays

I want to draw your attention to the snack boxes that are available from the canteen on Wednesdays and which can be pre-ordered on Qkr.  Due to recess now being held in the afternoon and the canteen staff not being on site at that time, you can order a snack box which will be delivered to the child earlier with the lunches.  Please see Qkr for details. 

On Fridays the canteen staff will be here for the afternoon recess and sales are available over the counter.


The P&C AGM will be held on Monday 22 March, 7 pm in Room 6, where the school banking is done behind the Year 1 and 2 classrooms.  The P&C AGM involves all positions becoming vacant and then nominations are called for and positions filled for this year. 

At Glendale PS we all benefit from a highly successful P&C who are very supportive of the school and are the heart of the community.  They band together to run fundraising event, welcome new families and contribute financially to services and activities for the children. 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the P&C President, Tim Ewers, the executive team and all who attend the meetings for their fantastic work.  This P&C gets more members of the community to meetings than any school I have worked in which is a fitting testament to the friendly and efficient manner in which they carry out all tasks and manage finances.   

‘Glendale Rocks’ Band Auditions for 2021 

Mr Sharp will be holding auditions for children from Years 3 to 6 on Wednesday 24 February and 3 March, from 2pm in the music room. Students are to prepare a song to play or sing after registering their interest during music classes.

Students can audition for band positions with the following instruments:


Guitar/bass guitar



The band will perform for various school functions throughout the year, focussing on teamwork and the building of contemporary ensemble skills. The core of the band may be added to during the year for special projects as they arise, including the potential for larger vocal groups and instrumental arrangements. For this reason, students are encouraged to keep Mr Sharp informed of progress made with their instruments so they can be considered for ‘call ups’ over the course of the year.

Lost Proprerty

Please check the lost property baskets in the old admin building, behind the Year 2 and Engineering classrooms, for jumpers, hats, lunch boxes and drink bottles that you may be missing.  Many of them are there from last year and it would wonderful to reunite them with their rightful owner.  


Yours sincerely,

Helen Fiebig