From the Principal – 18 September 2020

Dear Parents and Carers,

Thank you to everyone who came to the open night to see your child’s work and for respecting our request for only parents and siblings to come to minimise numbers.  I was very proud of the quality of work by your children which I saw in each class, which reflects the quality of teaching at this school.  Thank you also for the very kind gifts and emails thanking us for such a great night.

The Edu Dance concert was a delight for me to witness.  I had seen some of the dances being taught throughout the term but they looked so much better with everyone in costume and under the lights. 

The staff thoroughly enjoyed putting together their dance for the finale and I think we will all miss the Tuesday after work dance rehearsals.  Mrs Graham is truly a marvellous dance teacher to bring that vision to reality with all of us.

Thank You

A big thank you to David Michael, Member for Balcatta for his donation of the book, Bat Vs Poss by Alexa Moses, which has been shortlisted for The Children’s Book of the Year Awards for 2020.  This will be available for borrowing from the library next term.

Staff Changes

Mrs Angland has been teaching the Year 5/6 class in room 12 for two terms while Mr Fairclough has been off for medical reasons.  He will be returning in Term 4, but we will also get to have Mrs Angland to assist in the class until Mr Fairclough is able to resume full duties.

Mrs Morosoff will remain in the Year 4 class, room 8 for Term 4 as Mr Yiannakis is remaining on leave until the end of the year.

Next week, Mr Johnson will be on leave for the week and will be back in Term 4.  Ms Forbes will be in there for the week.  She has been a regular and favourite relief teacher at the school this year.

Year 6’s on Camp

Most of the Year 6 students will be on camp for the first week back in Term 4, so this will be a great opportunity for some of the Year 5 students to have a turn at the leadership duties.  I look forward to seeing them take on the responsibilities.

A reminder to the Year 6 parents and carers that the payments must be completed by Thursday 24 September for your child to attend camp. 

Pre-Primary Assembly

Mrs Mableson and Mrs Gilfillan’s pre-primary class put on an amazing assembly last Wednesday for those lucky enough to be there.  It always amazes me how much these young children can achieve when they love what they are doing.

Aussie of the Month for September

This monthly award was presented to Daijah O of Year 4, Room 14. 

The merit certificate recipients at this assembly were:

Kindy Oliver L Lexie A Miles L Aubrey E
Pre Primary Hamish M Indie G Sahara M Marek K
Year 1 Hunter C Simon T Amelia P Cameron B
Year 2 Meera V Millie T Benjamin H  
Year 3 Isabelle P Harmony M Hudson B Deklan S
Year 4 Christopher W Henry F    
Year 5 Aimee-Grace B Jack S    
Year 6 Eva B Heidi O Jada P Tan D
  Zahlia Q Brylei G Archie M Mia R

Cyber Safety

You would be aware that safety and wellbeing is the absolute priority for schools across Western Australia. Channel 7’s ‘Flashpoint’ recently explored the challenges of cyber safety for both parents and teachers. Our Minister was interviewed and gave her opinion of a cyber safety app called Beacon which has been developed locally by the Telethon Kids Institute. You can watch the program to find out more.  The Beacon ap provides trusted and up-to-date information for families to safely navigate the ever-changing online world with their children.

School run Parent Information Session on Cyber Security

On the 3 November from 6:30pm for 1½ hours, at a cost of $22 per person, the school has arranged for Paul Litherland from Surf Online Safer to run an information session for parent.  He will be covering the following topics:

  • Cyber Bullying – Legislation surrounding this and how it is effecting our kids.
  • Digital Citizenship – Where our kids are going online, the Apps they are using and the information they are sharing.
  • Online Footprint – How easy it is to find kids online and what they can do to minimise their risks.
  • Social Networking & Networking in general – How the systems work and how to overcome their reach.
  • Online Gaming and Website Use – Risks and uses.
  • Tips & Tricks – How to keep an eye on your kids through software and hardware. Easy instructions on what we can do to keep them safe.
  • And of course, anything else you wish to discuss.

If you are interested please book through

Year 6 Cyber Safety Incursion

On the 3 November, Paul Litherland will also be presenting to the senior students in a one hour session during school.  More information will be sent home to the classes involved closer to the event.