From The Principal – 15 May 2020

Dear Parents and Carers,

I want to thank you all for your support in what was one of the most unusual starts to a school term we have ever seen.  Together, we have been able to make the best of this situation and ensure your child’s safety and continuity of learning.  I am very encouraged by the way this school’s community members are caring for their health and attending school in a responsible way.  Over the past two weeks I have seen the school student population grow from 80% of students attending to 93%. 

All students back to school on Monday 18 May

The recent announcement by the Hon Premier, Mark McGowan on Sunday was that all students are expected to attend school as of Week 4, Monday 18 May.  Students will then be recorded as absent if they do not attend, unless they have a medical referral to learn from home.  The staff and I are happy to have everyone back so that teaching programmes can continue as planned.

Additional School Development Day Term 3

Monday 20 July, Week 1 of Term 3, will be the next School Development Day.  In accordance with the Department of Education ruling that all schools who had a school development day cancelled to manage the remote learning at the start of this term could select an addition day of training for staff.  This school development day was not one of the scheduled school development days originally planned for this year.  

Please note, children do not attend school on this date.

Continued restrictions to school operations

  • Parents are to remain off the school site and that this will be reviewed in the future as further restrictions are eased. Families have been very respectful of this rule and I appreciate your patience and support.  This has been most difficult for parents of the kindy and pre-primary students and we continue to cater for them by having staff at two gates to greet and escort these children to class.  This process has been working very smoothly.  The two drop off points are at the gate to the Kindy to Year 1 playground on Glendale Ave and at the rear driveway gate on Lampard Street.  The staff wear a fluro jacket so you can easily find them. 
  • There will not be any assemblies, excursions or incursions until further notice.
  • The only visitors permitted on the school site are essential workers.
  • Increased cleaning will continue in classrooms and the playground.
  • Sick children and staff are to remain at home.

Reporting to Parents for Semester One

The Minister of Education, Sue Ellery, announced on Thursday, that schools do not have to assign subject grades A to E on the reports this semester due to the interruptions in teaching and learning that have occurred.  The Department of Education has advised that the decision around what the reports will contain will be made on a school by school basis.  I will be discussing this with the School Board on Monday 18 May and with my staff to determine how much evidence we have to assign grades and make comments.   I will update you in the next newsletter about the changes to expect in reports for this semester.

School Fencing

The new fencing around the perimeter of the school is near completion.  When it is formally completed the gates will be locked during school times, overnight from 4pm to 8am each weekday and all weekends.  The Care 4 Kids after school care programme will have a gate unlocked for their clients to enter during their operating hours each day.  All visitors to the school during school hours will come through the gate at the entry to the administration building on Glendale Avenue.  The staff carpark remains out of bounds to parents and carers except for those who are authorised to use the disability parking. 

Changes to teaching staff

Please note we have welcomed a number of new faces on the staff who started during this term or are continuing from term 1.   It is always a pleasure to support the teaching students and to guide them in becoming quality teachers.  There are benefits to the children in those classes in that now they have two professional educators instructing, observing and guiding their learning.

  • Mr Fairclough who teaches Year 5/6 in Room 10 will be off on eight weeks leave from Tuesday 19 May to the end of Term 2. Ms Kath Angland was selected and has agreed to teach the class.
  • Sarah Benson is a teaching prac student in Fiona Boath’s Year 2/3 class.
  • Adeline Morosoff is a teaching prac student in Jude McIntyre’s Year 3/4 class.
  • Mhari Wilson is a teaching prac student in Physical Education and Engineering with Jeremy Marsden.
  • Rebecca Cooke is a teaching prac student in Meagen Mableson and Shona Gilfillian’s Pre-primary class.
  • Sasha Bisgaard is a teaching prac student in Natasha Tonner’s Kindy/Pre-primary class.

Please continue to communicate with your child’s teachers via SeeSaw, email, DoJo or by phoning the school and do not hesitate to contact me or the administration team with questions or concerns.

Yours sincerely

Helen Fiebig