From the Principal – 13 November 2020

Dear Parents and Carers,

We are now at the half way mark of Term 4 and the time is flying by with so much having been on over the past five weeks and lots to get done in the next five.  Planning is well on the way for next year’s classes, but I wish to remind you that we would like to hear from any family that may be leaving the area and the school, so that we can accurately plan for the class sizes and staff numbers.

School Development Day

Friday the 20 November is a school development day and students do not come to school.  On this day the staff will be conducting end of year reviews of the progress children have made this year and what each committee has achieved.  We will be identifying areas that we need to prioritise for next year in relation to resources and teaching focus.  We will also be looking at the Department of Education’s Focus 2021 document which outlines the strategic direction that is being focused on. 

Volunteer Morning Tea

Members of the school community that have volunteered their time to the students of the school this year, are invited to come for a thank you morning tea on Thursday 26 November at 10:30am.

NAIDOC Week Activities

The staff and students have had a lovely week of NAIDOC activities.  On Tuesday we were entertained by Gina Williams and Guy Ghouse who performed songs in Noongar to the children which the children could sing along to.  Gina and Guy regularly perform around the state and wrote the very popular song, Wanjoo , the Noongar welcome song.

Wednesday, the kindy and some of the pre-primary children conducted an assembly singing two songs, an Aboriginal lullaby and Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree. 

On Friday we had a parent of the school, Carol Michie, organise an assembly run by the Aboriginal and Torres Strat Islander Children.  We had a special guest, Freda, who gave the Welcome To Country, and a local band, The Struggling Kings.  Some of the music was in the bands local language from the Broome area and again they had the whole school singing along.

After the assembly on Friday, every child got to walk through the school and look at the class displays of what they have been learning in relation to Aboriginal.   One of the school’s five priority areas is to ensure that Aboriginal culture is taught in every class every term across learning areas.

Colour Run

At the time of writing this, the colour run has not started.  I want to thank each family that donated and will have a total of the money raised in the next newsletter.  I also wish to thank Care for Kids Out of School Hours Care for donating four, $50 Big W gift vouchers, for the students who raised the most money for the Colour Run today.  I will announce which families received them in the next newsletter.

Merit Certificates – 11 November

Kindy Nanaia T Alice R Darara D Max D Madeleine H
Pre-Primary Haneefah N Koby A Tyson H    
Year 1 Chevy C Deagan G Indiana F Summer S  
Year 2 Amelie H Evelyn H Larry F    
Year 3 Lelo D Michael W Jake D    
Year 4 Lucia B Manny H Eylon C    
Year 5 Cash L Jacob P Nicholas J Brock P Eden R
Year 6 Taj W        

VOICE Raffle Winners for Positive Behaviour – 2 November

ECE Kindy 2 Hohaia K  
  Kindy 1 Rikki P Chocolate Bar
  Pre-Primary, Room 17 Tyson H 10 minutes on the Ipad
Junior Year 1, Room 5 Jessica D Make pancakes with the Chaplain
  Year 2, Room 3 Emily M Canteen Voucher
  Year 2, Room 3 Jessica C Free dress for one day with a friend
Middle Year 3, Room 15 Isabelle P 10 minutes free time in class
  Year 3, Room 16 Deklan S Sit on teacher’s chair for the day
  Year 3, Room 16 Mollie R 10 minutes free time in class
Senior Year 4, Room 8 Jessica S Free dress for one day with a friend
  Year 4, Room 8 Ruby B 10 minutes on the Ipad
  Year 6, Room 10 Neve T Sit on teacher’s chair for the day

No Dogs on Site Policy 

The School Board endorsed the policy on Monday 2 November that dogs are not allowed to be on the school site.  Signs will be going up shortly on the fences near each entry point to the school with this message.  You are asked to please stay outside of the school gates with your dog and leave enough distance from the gates so that people entering and exiting the school are not having to pass close to the animal. 

Thank you for supporting our children by not bringing dogs onto school property.  Your cooperation in this is much appreciated.

STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths Showcase

For the second time this year, our school was selected to showcase to other school, the wonderful work that is being done throughout the school in STEM.  Mr Marsden and Mrs Mableson presented on Thursday and were outstanding ambassadors in driving what we do in this learning approach.

I will leave you with this Aboriginal saying:

“We are all visitors to this time, this place.  We are just passing through.  Our purpose here is to observe, to learn, to grow, to love…. And then we return home.”

Helen Fiebig