From The Principal – 13 December 2019

Dear Parents and Carers,

The end of the school year is only one week away with the children finishing on Thursday 19 December.  Having just finished reading school reports, it is pleasing to note the academic progress that every child has made throughout the year and the work of the dedicated staff at Glendale Primary School.  I wish to thank the parents who have sent in notes and emails thanking staff for what they do. 

Year 6 Graduation

It is with great anticipation that I am looking forward to being involved with the Year 6 Graduation on Tuesday 17 December at 9 am, in the assembly undercover area.  I have watched various stages of the rehearsals and am so impressed with what I have seen.  I am just as excited to see the parents, carers and friends faces as they see how talented these children are.

Start of school for 2020

The children start back at school on Monday 3 February, 2020.

School Development Dates for 2020

The School Board approved the following dates for planned school staff professional development for next year.  In order to consider families with children at the local Warwick Senior High School I have aligned two of these date.

Term 1  Friday 27 March – same day as Warwick Senior High School

Term 2 Tuesday 28 April – following ANZAC Day public holiday and it is at the start of the term so children return from holidays on the Wednesday 29 April.

Term 4 Friday 20 November – same day a Warwick Senior High School.

The Department of Education authorises six school development days a year with three being predetermined.  The School Board and Principal then get to set the other three dates throughout the school terms.

Student Reports

Students will take their end of year reports home on Tuesday 17 December.  Please do not hesitate to speak to your child’s teacher if there is anything that you are not sure of.

Elected Student Leaders

It is with great pleasure that at last week’s VOICE Awards Assembly, I got to announce which current Year 5 children have been elected by their peers and the staff for student leadership positions as Year 6s for 2020. 

School Prefects Eva B   Ava D
O’Connor Faction Captain Archie M Vice Captain Matilda F
Forrest Faction Captain Jai B Vice Captain Alli K
Hannan Faction Captain Letiesha H Vice Captain Neve T

Next year, every Year 6 child will be given the responsibilities of Student Leadership, however they can lose that role if their behaviour is not up to standard. 

Year 6 Technology excursion

On Wednesday 27 November the Year 6 students, Mr Fairclough and Mr Marsden journeyed to the Perth Convention Centre for an excursion to the Technology Exhibition.   The children returned to school very excited by the new technologies that they got to use and see demonstrated on the day.


If you or someone you know has a wheelchair that they no longer require, I would very much like you to consider donating it to the school.  Often if a child sustains an injury around the school they have to be moved to the sick bay in the administration building and it is preferable that we do this with a wheelchair rather than carrying a child. 

VOICE Awards

The last assembly for the year was held on Wednesday last week with each teaching presenting two awards to children in their class. The first award was the VOICE Award and was presented to a child who most applies the school values every day.  The second award was the Star Reader Award and this was for a child who has made the most progress this year in their Reading.

The award winners were:    

Room VOICE Award Recipient Star Reader Award Recipient
Room 17 Sophie P Emma P
Room 18 Jessica D Annie L
Room 3 Harper B Matilda S
Room 4 Lachlan O Evelyn H
Room 15 Jayden P James H
Room 14 Lucia B Mason J
Room 16 Ruby B Marley C
Room 9 Liam C Ruby D
Room 10 Eva B Eva B
Room 12 Ava D Stephan L
Room 8 Jesire C Tailah H

The audience was entertained by two of our current Year 6 students.  Sophia played the guitar sang “A Million Dreams” and Kira played “La Vie En Rose” on the flute. Their talents are amazing and it was a wonderful opportunity to showcase the high standard that children of this age are capable of.

Intruders on the school grounds

Last week a note went home for each family advising that we had an intruder on the site and that police were called.  This along with regular evidence of people sleeping at the school from once to twice a week and leaving smashed bottles, alcohol, clothing around for the cleaners who clean it up before school starts. 

Due to ongoing security concerns, I am looking forward to the fence being erected around the school in the new year, leaving the basketball courts and ovals open to the public.  The last community consultation phase about the fence did not receive any written objections.   At this stage I do not have a date that this will be started. 

Student Classes for 2020

Just a reminder that on Monday 16 December that all the children will go to their new classroom and do a 50 minute ‘getting to know you’ activity with their new classmates, and if possible with their teacher.  With classes where a new staff member is starting next year another teacher will run that lesson.  

That same day the class lists will be put on a board outside of the admin block main entrance for parents to check.  The board will be placed out each day until Friday at noon.  It will also go out the week before school comes back in 2020.  If you are not be able to get in to check the lists, please email and your child/ren’s classes can be emailed back to you.

I must emphasise that the class structures are subject to change at any time, depending of number of new enrolments and children leaving the school.   If your child is to be affected by any changes you will be advised as soon as possible.

Thank you

Even though I am new to the school, having only started this term, I am so impressed by the quality and quantity of support that is provided by the parents, grandparents, carers, School P&C and School Board.  It is a pleasure to be a part of this community and I look forward to building strong and lasting relationships with as many of you as possible.

I would like to wish you all a happy holiday and a Merry Christmas, and trust that you and all you love stay safe. 

Warm wishes,