From the Principal – 11 December 2020

Dear Parents and Carers,

Here we are at the last newsletter at the end of one of the most memorable years in history.  The impact of COVID-19 on the world is still being felt and I am very grateful for the support of the staff and community that we (the admin of this school) felt when we were dealing with the need to teach children from home.  Even though the panic around COVID-19 seems like it is in the past, we must remain mindful that our state could be plunged back into that scenario any time in the near future. 

2020 was also my first full year as principal of this wonderful school.  I am truly grateful for being able to work with such a wonderful staff, School Board, P&C, students and community.  What is so special to this school apart from the high quality educators is the strong community links that this school enjoys with businesses and services in the area.  We have some very exciting plans for next year to build upon the STEM and lead teacher roles while continuing to ensure that all decisions are made foremost upon what is best for the children.


The Year 6 students are having a graduation service on Tuesday 15 December.  Due to COVID-19 current restrictions, each child can invite two spectators.  We will be filming the graduation and sending a link to each child’s family so that they can share it with the friends and family members who were not able to attend.  I’m sure the graduating children will enjoy watching it back.

Free Dress Day for a gold coin donation

The Year 6 Leadership group of students are holding a Free Dress Day on Thursday, 17 December which is the last day of school.  All funds raised will be going to the charity Children’s Tumour Foundation in support of a past student of this school, Zahara Greaves-Hassan who has Neurofibromatosis and who has siblings at the school.  

Staff Changes for 2021

I wish to let you all know that the school will be losing two much loved teachers and the school psychologist at the end of this year.  I am sure the staff, students and Glendale PS community all wish the three ladies well for their future.

Mrs Rebecca Howman is taking leave at the start of next year and then will be retiring from teaching.  Mrs Howman has taught at Glendale Primary School for the past 21 years, across the junior and middle primary classes and most recently in the upper primary.   She has lead the teaching of Humanities and Social Sciences by being Chairperson of the HASS Committee.  She is famous amongst the children for organising a ‘Lamplighter’ event each year.  This is where the children from her class and a pre-primary class coming to school in the evening in their pyjamas and enjoy reading books together with their torches and lamps.  She also organises a second hand book sale each year as a part of the economics studies, as well as setting up pen pals for her students with children across Australia.  I have only known and worked with Rebecca for the past 15 months and admire her dedication and commitment to teaching and getting the best outcomes for the children who have been lucky enough to be in her class. Rebecca’s grandchildren will be very lucky to have her home more.

Mrs Fiona Boath has been selected for a teaching position at Aveley North Primary School in early childhood.  Mrs Boath has contributed a lot to Glendale Primary School this year in supporting her peers with technology, to being Chairperson of the Literacy Committee and as a School Board Members.  She has formed strong working relationships with the staff and parents of her students, as she collaborated in many ways across the year.  On behalf of the whole Glendale Primary School community, we wish her all the best in her new school.

Ms Luciana Carelli  has held the position of School Psychologist at Glendale PS for the past two years.  Lucianna has worked with the admin team, staff and families to support children at risk.  Due to changes in work load she will spend more time with the other schools that she services and we will welcome a new member to the team in 2021.  In her time with Glenadale PS, Lucianna ran two parent sessions on the Positive Parenting Programme, she administered testing on children with developmental issues, and did observations on some children to then be able to make recommendations on the best strategies for the family and school to take to support each child.  I would like to thank her for being a valuable member of the student support team and wish her all the best. 

VOICE Book Award recipients for 2021

On Wednesday 9 December the school held the annual VOICE Book Award Assembly and one child from each class was selected by their teacher to receive the book for their outstanding attitude to learning and behaviour in line with the school VOICE values.

‘A VOICE for all’ and VOICE stands for; Valuing education, Openness to learning, Including others, Collaborating, and Engaging in new activities.

I wish to congratulate the following students who receiving this honour:

Room and Year Level  Recipient Room and Year Level  Recipient
Room 19, Kindy 1 Lexie A Room 15, Year 2/3 Shannon L
Room 19, Kindy 2 Alice R Room 16, Year 3 Mollie R
Room 18, Kindy / PP Imogen G Room 14, Year 3/4 Jae T
Room 17, PP Jasmine D Room 8, Year 4 Milana G
Room 5, Year 1 Ashton E Room 9, Year 5 Ruby D
Room 4, Year 1 Annie L Room 12, Year 5/6 Nash B
Room 3, Year 2 Evelyn H Room 10, Year 5/6 Stephan L

Students Elected to Leadership Positions for Year 6, 2021

It is with great pleasure that I announce now who the six elected student leaders will be for 2021. 

Prefects Stephan Le Nash Bullen
Hannan Captain Brock Prance
  Vice Captain Ashton Campbell
O’Connor Captain Benjamin Pring
  Vice Captain Cash Loto
Forrest Captain Jack Boardman
  Vice Captain Jasmine Armstrong

Children’s classes for 2021

On Wednesday 16 December, all the children will be told which class they are in for next year and will have the morning in their new room, and where possible with their new teacher.  This will allow each child to see who will be in their class next year and know which room they are going to.  I also find it supports the children who may otherwise be anxious about the change of class over the holidays to know early rather than in the new year.   During this time the Year 6’s will go back and enjoy a morning in kindy. 

That afternoon the lists of children to classes will be on display outside of the lost property room and on a pin up board outside of the administration office.  Please do not photograph the lists or post details of other children’s names and classes on social media.

Please note, if there are further new enrolments before the start of school, some classes structures may have to change or some children may change class.  This is unlikely, but possible.

Reports emailed home

Please note each child’s report will be sent home through Connect, which is how this newsletter is sent.  If you require a paper copy, please contact the office staff to arrange.

Warwick SHS Science Investigation day

On Friday 27 November and 4 December, two groups of Year 5 students were taken to Warwick Senior High School to participate in a Science forensic investigation with the Science Teacher, Mr Johnson. 

Mrs Howman’s class was the first to go and they were all very excited about the activities that they worked through for the ‘Who done it’ investigation.  Mrs Howman’s student Airlia, wrote this lovely letter to the Mr Johnson.

Dear Mr Johnson,

Thank you for giving us that great detective lesson.  I really enjoyed it!  It was also really fun to use the microscopes, magnifying glasses, and figuring out who the thief was!  I really loved your room, it was so alive with Star Wars and Hawks.  You’re also one of the funniest teachers I’ve ever met! Outside of your classroom smelled amazing!  Your students are sooooo lucky to have such an amazing teacher!!!  I can’t wait to go to Warwick High School and I hope I get to be in your class.

VOICE Assembly raffle winners, 30 November

ECE Room 19, Kindy 2 Nanaia T To spin the wheel when at school Thursday
  Room 19, Kindy 1 Mason A Make pancakes with the Chaplain
  Room 18, PP Liam M Canteen Voucher
  Room 17, PP Molly S Sit on the teacher’s chair for the day
Junior Room 5, Year 1 Francis C Canteen Voucher
  Room 5, Year 1 Henry C Sit on the teacher’s chair for the day
  Room 5, Year 1 Hunter C 10 minutes extra play for the whole class
Middle Room 15, Year 2 Matilda S Sit on the teacher’s chair for the day
  Room 16, Year 3 Jayden P Be Principal for the afternoon
  Room 16, Year 3 Ruby P Chocolate bar
Senior Room 8, Year 4 Ruby B Be Principal for the afternoon
  Room 8, Year 4 Isla C Chocolate bar
  Room 8, Year 4 Indianna M Be Principal for the afternoon

Thank You

The P&C would like to thank the following businesses for their contribution to the Year 6 graduation event:

Bakers Delight for donating food items.

Coles for a gift voucher.

Woolworths for a donation of cash.

Bunnings at Balcatta for donating the fixing agent to install the tiles on the back wall of the assembly area which the year 6 students decorated.

I would again like to thank the following businesses and community members that have supported the school over the year with donations:

Pet City, Balcatta Party Ice Supplies David Michael, Member for Balcatta Karlo Perkov, City of Stirling Care For Kids
Grey Family Baric Family Anne Marie Stirling Lions Club  

Recycling Bread Bag Tags

Mrs Timmers has asked me to pass on a big thank you to all families who encouraged their children to bring bread bag tags in for recycling this year. We have collectively saved 4 378 tags from going into landfill this term alone.  Our total for the year was 17 323. Term collections, by class have been graphed by some students in Year 5 from Room 9 (a big thank you to them) and placed in the recycling room window.

The class collecting the most tags was Mr Johnson’s Year 2 children in Room 3, closely followed by Mrs McIntyre’s Year3/4 class in Room14 and then the K/P children from Miss Tonner in Room 18. Congratulations to these classes.

I encourage you to save the tags over the school holidays, as we will collect them again in 2021.

Vinnies Christmas Appeal

Mrs Timmers also passes on a big thank you for your very generous donation of non-perishable food items in support of this year’s St. Vincent de Paul Christmas Appeal. We collected 18 large boxes of food across the school and presented to representatives from St Vincent de Paul Society, at Wednesday’s assembly. We look forward to supporting this worthy cause again in 2021.

I wish everyone a very Happy Holiday, Merry Christmas, and Happy Hanukkah.

Helen Fiebig