From the Principal – 1 November 2019

From The Principal – 1 November 2019

Dear Parents and Carers

It was a pleasure to attend my first P&C Meeting last Monday night and to meet the many dedicated parents and carers. Every school relies on the P&C for their contributions to the culture of the school, support in manpower as well as financially through the fundraising. It was a pleasant surprise to see how many members this P&C has, which is a credit to all involved.

Children late to class in the morning
As of Monday 4 November, children who arrive at school after the siren in the morning are to report to the office for a late slip to take to class. This is a return to a procedure which had been in place some time ago. It will enable the roll to be automatically updated by the front office staff when the late slip is issued which will cut down on the workload for the teacher.

I encourage all families to get children to school on time to ensure a calm start to the day. However, if you have a difficult morning, I would rather see the children arrive late than miss a day of school.

Proposed New Perimeter Security Fence
As a follow up to an article that was in the school news feed on the 28 June 2019, which advised that funding had been obtained for security fencing, the process is now at the community consultation phase. A map of the proposed fence to be erected around the boundary of the school site is available at the front office. All comments in support or opposition are to be made in writing and either emailed to or handed in at the office no later than 4 pm on Monday 11 November 2019.
Earlier this year the School Board, Police and the local politician wrote letters of support for the application to the Education Department for a fencing grant. The school staff and Finance Committee Members are in support of having a security fence which will be similar to the high fence currently at the school’s early childhood playground on Glendale Drive. Fencing of schools is very common in schools across the state.
The previous leadership team applied for the fence based on security concerns which are outlined below:-

  • The cleaners who start work at 4:30am and are working in isolation for some hours before and after school each day have found unknown persons sleeping onsite.
  • Children have reported seeing unknown people in the native bushland off the oval during school hours.
  • There are ongoing issues with drug related items being found on the school grounds with two incidents this week.
  • There is ongoing vandalism with windows broken last week, areas of garden being pulled out, damage to benches by skateboarders or bike riders and windows that have been scratched with graffiti.
  • Having a perimeter fence will ensure that all visitors during school hours will enter through the front gates to the office and are officially identified and signed in and out.

Mobile Phone Policy
The Department of Education on Wednesday 30 October, released a media statement advising that “The Department of Education does not permit student use of mobile phones in public school unless for medical or teacher directed educational purpose.” I just wanted to reassure you that this does not change how we work at Glendale Primary School as we already have in place the requirement for children to leave mobile phones at the front office during school hours.

Future Year Six Student Leadership Options
The Administration Team and Year Six Teacher are currently discussing various options for improving the Year 6 Student Leadership programme. In the past there have been ten of the Year 6 students elected into Student Councillor positions. The role of these students is to lead assemblies, prepare a leaders’ report, raise the flags, host ANZAC Day and other special assemblies, run the VOICE Awards, ring the siren, PA announcements, greet special guests, collect donations for free dress days or other fundraising, etc. There have been discussions throughout the year as other roles the leaders can undertake and whether to increase the number of student leaders. The thinking behind increasing the number is for the roles to be spread across more children because in the current model a small group of children consistently miss lessons whilst carrying out their duties. Another suggestion has been to reduce the number.

Before any decision is made it will be discussed further with the School Board and I am inviting the opinion of interested parents and carers to contact me via phone, the Glendale PS email or to attend an open forum to be held in the school Library at 4 pm on Wednesday, 6 November.

Staff Changes
On Friday 25 October, the staff farewelled Pre-primary Teacher, Emma Galbraith, who has taken maternity leave. We wish her all the best for the pending birth. The Pre-primary class is now being taught by Meagan Mableson on Thursday and Fridays, Nicole O’Halloran every second Monday and every Wednesday and Shona Gilfillan on Mondays and Tuesdays.

From the Science Department “Oral Care Products”
Our latest collection of Oral Care products was bundled up and sent off for recycling this week. Thank you to all of you who saved these items from landfill. Keep collecting, our bin is now waiting to be refilled.

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