From The Principal – 1 May 2020

Dear Parents and Carers,

It is nice to be writing to update you, without having to announce any major changes to how school will be operating.  Thank you to everyone whose children returned to school this week for the calm and cooperative manner in which you have accepted the Education Department rule for parents and carers not to be on school sites.  This will remain in place until I am notified of a change.

For the first two days of term we have had 54% of the school population back in classes with increased cleaning and a no contact rule for all staff and students where possible.  Teachers had prepared ongoing learning for children working at home and this will continue until current restrictions are lifted.  This has seen most classes back with their teacher and some combining two classes and collaboratively teaching remotely and face to face.  Extra teaching staff have been employed to support teachers to manage the work load created with both forms of presenting lessons.

Many families indicated that they would be sending children back to school in week 2 so I expect the student population to increase next week. 

I want to take this opportunity again to acknowledge and thank the staff at Glendale Primary School from the cleaners and gardener who are taking on all the extra cleaning and disinfecting duties, to the Education Assistants and Library Officer who are so flexible and agreeable to taking on any task asked of them, to the office staff who have never stopped smiling and making everyone feel welcome along with trying to answer questions and assist with minor computer issues for families at home.  I also thank the teachers who have had to completely change their teaching strategies in line with providing remote learning for those at home and they have all taken on the task admirably.  I want to thank the leadership team of the Deputies and Managers of Corporate Service whose combined wisdom I could not have managed without.  Lastly, I want to thank you, and all the parents and carers for the unwavering support that we have received, the phone calls and emails offering help or thanking and encouraging us.  It is heart-warming to be a part of such a fantastic school community, I consider myself very lucky.

Loan Devices

45 devices which are a mixture of iPads and Macbooks were loaned out to families last term to assist children to be able to participate in remote learning at school.  If those children return to school, I ask that the loan device is returned to the office.  If your child will be participating in both at home and at school learning, then the device can remain with the child for use in class and taken back home as needed.

Pre-primary Easter Egg Hunt

At the end of Term 1, the Pre-primary children enjoyed an Easter Egg hunt around the school where they had to follow clues with the help of some senior students.

Boundary Fence

Work on the new boundary fence started this week and at the time of writing this, all the holes are dug and most fence posts are standing with some of the fencing in front of the administration building erected.  As a part of the boundary fence a new brick section will be built in front of the administration building with a letter box and the name of the school to make an impressive entrance.

In preparation for the fence, two grass trees were removed from behind the school library, at a cost to the school, and were transferred to other areas of the garden where they are getting a lot of TLC from the gardener. 

Interesting fact:  Did you know that every 30.5 cm (1 foot) of a grass tree truck is 100 years of growth.  When you look around the school we definitely have trees that are over 700 to 800 years of age.  The two young trees that were transplanted would be approximately 450 years old.


The school canteen remains open with the Canteen Manager, Nerilee, releasing a modified menu to start the term due to the reduced number of children.  You can order and pay through the Qkr app online or send the lunch order with your child who needs to hand it in at the canteen before school.  For recess there is a ‘snack box’ available to order with a combination of a muffin, popcorn and apple and it will be delivered to your child’s classroom.  Children are not permitted to go to the canteen to purchase snacks until further notice.

I want to thank everyone who supports the canteen as this service can only be offered if it continues to be used by the community.

P&C and School Board Meetings

I will be in contact with the P&C President, Justin Grey and the School Board Chairperson, Annabel Hardy to discuss the likelihood of holding meetings this term in accordance with the 10 person gathering rule.  Details to follow.

ANZAC Service

An electronic school ANZAC service was sent out via SeeSaw yesterday and to each class in lieu of not being able to hold a school assembly to commemorate our service men and women. 

Assemblies or Sports Events

All events remain temporarily cancelled until restrictions are lifted by the State Government.

Helen Fiebig