From The New Principal – 18 October 2019

Dear Parents and Carers,

It is a pleasure to introduce myself to you in this my first newsletter as Principal for Glendale Primary School.  I have been appointed as the permanent Principal for the school and have come from East Narrogin Primary School.  Coming to the city is a return to home for me and my husband and as much as we loved Narrogin, it is lovely to be home and to be as such a lovely well established school. 

I have had twenty-five years in education and been in leadership for the past twelve years.

I am trying to meet as many parents as possible in the mornings before school when I am supervising students or visiting classrooms.  If you are onsite at any time and want to introduce yourself, please feel free.

The first week of school has seen the Year 6 students and teachers go to camp and we hear they are having an exciting time in Geraldton.

I am also looking forward to meeting the P&C and School Board members and working together to enhance the fantastic work that is being done at Glendale Primary School.

I would like to thank the Jenny Graham for the wonderful job she has done leading the school in the Principal role this year and I am very lucky to have her in my leadership team to be able to guide the planning and update me on the history of the school.

Planning for 2020

We are already planning for next year and currently interviewing teachers for a few job vacancies that we will have as the school population is growing and we will have some staff out on maternity leave. 

If you have a request for the type of class your child may be placed in next year, such as a split or a straight year level or if you think they will be better supported by being kept or separated from one of their friends, please email me at the school email address, and your requests will be considered.  I will not consider any requests for specific teachers.   

If you are leaving or thinking about leaving the school next year, please let the office staff know so that we can calculate classes and funding as accurately as possible.  Also if you know of anyone who may be enrolling in the school next year, please ask them to do so now.

Kindy classes for next year are already formed and at this stage we have two full classes and have now opened a third class.  If you know anyone on a wait list for another school, please let them know that we have vacancies and will be pleased to have them attend here.

When compiling classes for next year the first constraint for the staff is how many classes can be made with the number of students we are expecting and then funded for, which means that split classes as required in many cases.  From a teaching point of view teaching a split or straight class is no different as in any year level children will be working in as many as five different ability levels and their needs are always being catered for.  All classes are compiled as much as possible to be equal in regard to having children working above or below year level and having children with disabilities.  Teachers definitely consider children’s friendship groups when compiling classes and do their best to ensure a few friends are kept together when possible to make the transition easier for all.

My expectation is that before the end of this year all children and parents will be told which class children are going into for next year.  This will involve a morning where every child goes to visit their new class to meets everyone with the aim that this will assist to reduce any anxiety over the Summer holidays about which class they will be in and where their friends are.   More information will come out about this later in the term.