From the Acting Principal – 9 August 2019

From The Acting Principal – 9 August 2019

Western Australian Government Schools Music Society Concert
It was my pleasure to accompany the Glendale performance group to the Crown theatre last Thursday night. The performance was amazing and I was very proud of all the children. Thank you to all the families who came and supported us in the audience. It was wonderful to hear all the cheering from the Glendale community.

A huge thank you to Sarah Paul for all her hard work in taking on the job as concert manager and training the compares. It was a joy to work with the dance group and the choir to help Mrs Paul produce the Glendale item.

Thank you to Mr Fairclough, Mrs Howman, Mrs Duncan and Mrs Timmers for helping back stage and the staff and parents who attended the concert.

Message U
As mentioned in the previous newsletter we have turned on Message U to inform parents if their child is absent from school. The program identifies if the child has not been marked present on the role in the morning. We apologise that we have had a few teething problems which we have now sorted. If you receive a message your child is not at school and you are not aware of this, please ring the office for clarification.


Cross Country
On Tuesday and Wednesday morning we had two very successful cross country events. All the students participated and persisted until the finish line. Well done to Mr Marden for organising the event. It was great to see so many parents supporting the children and cheering them to the finish line.

School Photos
School photos are on Monday and Tuesday. Family photos are before school from 8am on both days. If your surname begins with the letters A-M please present to the enclosed undercover area at 8am on Monday and for families with surnames beginning from N-Z your photo session is on Tuesday. On Monday Kindy 2, Room 18, 17, 14 and 15 have class photos. On Tuesday Room 4, 3, 16, 12, 10, 9, 8 and Kindy 1 have class photos. Please make sure that your child is in school uniform and is ready for photos on the prescribed day.


Kature Photography
I have negotiated with Kature Photography that high school siblings can be included in family photos. This was agreed upon after the online cut off time on Friday so I have arranged that slips will be available on your scheduled morning. Please arrive at the enclosed undercover area at 8am.


Room 4 Assembly
Room 4 assembly is on Wednesday, 21 August and is hosted by Mrs Taylor’s year one students. All parents are invited to the staff room after assembly for morning tea with Mrs Taylor and administration.


Sustainability and Science Week at Glendale PS- A message from Mrs. Timmers
With the countdown to National Science Week well on the way I thought I’d take this opportunity to remind the Glendale Community about some important projects we have running at Glendale PS.

We recycle household batteries (please NO car batteries), Oral Care Products and Packaging, Dishwashing Detergent and Dishwashing Tablets Soft Packaging and Air Deodorising Cans and plug-ins, plastic bread ties (non- wire ones) and clean Bras (we recycle these to women in need in third world countries). These can all be placed in bins in the old office area.

The children in Pre-Primary and Year 1 will be involved in setting up the School Worm Farm and learn about the wonderful job worms do in recycling nutrients, the year 2 & 3’s will have a presentation on packing sustainable lunches (parents are most welcome to join their children for this exciting talk) and the year 4 & 5’s are having an incursion on the 3 Bin System of waste disposal, so they should be able to inform you on what goes into each bin and how we can reduce our waste stream. These students will also be attending Warwick Senior High School’s Science Fair. The year 6’s will have a talk on reducing single use plastic with prizes for the children who do the best in Science Week Quiz.


Kindy/Pre-Primary Farm Incursion
It was wonderful to see all the Kindy/Pre-Primary students dress up like farmers for the farm incursion. The children feed baby pigs and goats and were able to pat a miniature horse and a brown sheep!



Upcoming Events