From The Acting Principal – 20 September 2019

Sports Carnival

Last week we had our annual Faction Athletics Carnival and it was wonderful to see the Glendale community come together for this fantastic event. A big thank you to Mr Marsden for organising the carnival and to the many helpers who ensured the day was a success. Thank you also to the staff and parents who supported this event and made it an enjoyable day for our students. Big congratulations to all the students and in particular to our champion boys and girls.

  Girls Boys
Champion Runner Up Champion Runner Up
Year 3 Milana G Jae T Kade K Anakin G
Year 4 Arybella N Jasmine A Brock P Jack B
Year 5 Ava D Letiesha H Jai B Tan D
Year 6 Georgia B Eva H Dylan P Adam S

We wish all the students competing in next week’s Interschool Carnival at Halidon Primary School the best of luck. Go Glendale!

Open Night / Edu-Dance Concert

A reminder that our Open Night is this Tuesday evening and the classrooms will be open from 5pm with the Edu-Dance concert starting at 6pm.

At 5.45pm a bell will be rung which signals all students performing should make their way to their classrooms to get ready for the concert. We ask all parents to find their space in the undercover area at this time, as the teachers will be busy getting the students prepared to perform. After the concert please wait for the students to return to their teachers and collect them from their designated areas in the undercover area. The classrooms will be locked before the concert begins so there will be no access to the classrooms once the students start performing.

Bikes in the School Grounds

Please remind your child that bikes are not to be ridden on school grounds during operational hours (8.15am to 3.30pm). It is a safety rule that students must walk their bikes to the bike racks once they have entered the school grounds

Dogs on School Grounds

A reminder to all parents, community members and visitors to the school that dogs are not to be brought on to school grounds between the hours of 8am and 4pm. If walking your dogs after hours or on the weekend, please make sure that all droppings are picked up and disposed of accordingly. Recently, some students have stepped in dog droppings and it is extremely hard to clean it off their shoes.

Parking in the Staff Carpark

We would like to remind parent, once again, not to park in the staff car park. This is due to safety reasons.

Book Sale

The years 4 and 5 students had a very successful book sale on Thursday, raising money to support Gingin High School. Thank you to all who supported the book sale and to Mrs Howman for organizing this great event.

Term 4

The students return to school on Tuesday 15 October as Monday is a Professional Learning Day for the staff.

We wish to acknowledge all the hard work and wonderful effort of our staff this term and this includes teachers, education assistants, gardeners, cleaners and administration staff.

Holli and I would also like to thank the staff and community for their support during terms 2 and 3 while we have been awaiting the appointment of a new Principal. We are excited to welcome Helen Fiebig as our new Principal next term and the staff are all looking forward to working together as a team.

I wish all staff and students a relaxing and safe school holidays and look forward to seeing you all next term.