Chaplain Chat – Reduce Holiday Stress

As we enter the two weeks of school holidays, highlights that holidays can bring up a mix of emotions for parents. For some parents, the school holidays are a time to rest from the busy routine they have to maintain during the school semester. However, for other parents, this is a time of increased stress as they may have to entertain their children during the day alongside their completing their usual household tasks. I would like to provide four health tips/strategies which would be helpful for the parents in both of the above categories, to help decrease stress and have a more restful school holiday.

  1. Cook with Your Children

Easter holiday break is a time where children and adults are more likely to consume more sugar from Easter eggs or hot cross buns. So, to encourage children to eat healthily it is helpful to teach them how to cook. According to a study conducted by the Journal of nutrition education and behaviour, young adults have been observed to have better nutritional outcomes and consume less fast food when they had acquired the basic cooking skills earlier in life. School holidays are a great time to experiment with kid-friendly recipes with your children.

  1. Be Active for an Hour

According to, children aged five and above should have at least 60 minutes of exercise every day. Some fun activities that you could do with your children are riding bikes, skateboarding, swimming, dancing, and a lot more. According to, fresh air and exercise are essential for boosting mood which can alleviate holiday stress and anxiety.

  1. Sleep and Rest Schedule

Children need sleep for their wellbeing and development. When children get enough sleep they are happier, better able to concentrate, and improve their behaviour. So, it is important to try to stick to a child’s regular bedtime routine during the holidays. Another helpful tip to help children rest is to have a set quiet time at home to do calming and mindful activities such as reading, colouring-in or painting.

  1. Avoid Overscheduling

Limiting the number of parties or social activities can help both parents and children to not feel overwhelmed and rest during the holiday. Having obligations on a daily basis may lead to more stress and anxiety during a time where your family is meant to be resting.

Finally, I hope that you all have a safe and restful Easter school holiday. Please visit the below websites for more information on the above four points. I would also like to leave you with a little animation to go along with the above points as well.


Thank you