From The Principal – 21 February 2020

Dear Parents and Carers,

Important dates for this term

Room 12, Year 5/6 Assembly Wednesday 4 March 8:45am undercover area
Twilight Markets, P&C welcome to the school year.  Families to bring a picnic or purchase from food trucks Friday 13 March 5pm to 7pm outside of canteen/library
School nurse screening kindy and pre-primary children Monday 16 to Thursday 19 March Room 6
Room 9, Year 5 Assembly Wednesday 18 March 8:45am Undercover area
P&C AGM            Monday 23 March 7pm in the staff room
Room 3, Year 2 Assembly Wednesday 1 April 8:45am undercover area
Junior Cross Country for Pre to Year 2 Tuesday 7 April School oval
Senior Cross Country for Years 3 to 6 Wednesday 8 April School oval
Runners Club with Mr Marsden Every Wednesday Before school on oval

School Targets as added to the School Business Plan

In Term 4, after the staff examined the available evidence of student achievement from school reports, On Entry, NAPLAN and their own records, they identified areas for further improvement.  Five new targets were agreed upon to be the whole school focus for the next two years:

  • Mathematics – The NAPLAN Group Mean to be above that of the Australian Mean.
  • Reading – The NAPLAN Group Mean to be above that of the Australian Mean.
  • STEM – To increase student engagement through enterprise skills and problem based teaching of STEM for all children to complete four projects a year.
  • Aboriginal Culture – The teaching of Aboriginal culture to be embedded into teaching across the curriculum at every year level, every term.
  • Wellbeing – To have a positive behaviour system in place across the school or children to receive on average 5:1 or more, positive to negative consequences at an admin level for behaviour linked to the GPS VOICE values and behaviour expectations.

Leaders Assembly

It was lovely to see so many members of our community at the recent assembly on Wednesday 19 February, when all of the Year 6 children received their leadership badges.  As a requirement of becoming a school leader, each child along with a member of their family and I, signed a Code of Conduct Contract outlining the high standards that school leaders are required to maintain throughout the year. 

All Year 6 children will have a term for which they will be responsible for the leadership duties across the school. 


Bread tagsMrs Timmers is asking that families collect bread bag tags for a recycling project.  The tags are to be given to your child’s classroom teacher.  We are trying to see which class can collect the most.

The plastic bread bag tags are a toxin that we can keep out of landfill by recycling them.  Bread Tags for Wheelchairs is a community program which repurposes the tags into a range of products such as seeding trays, picture frames, door knobs, coat hangers and more. The money raised from selling the products funds wheelchairs for people of low income families.

Old mobile phones – Mr Marsden is asking for any old mobile phones to be donated to the school so they can be used to run Virtual Reality Goggles for the children to use in Engineering.  Phones can be left at the front office or given to Mr Marsden.

Merit Certificates

At the assembly on Wednesday 19 February, the following children received a merit certificate for the great work they are doing;

Caelan D Sierra D Aubrey E Nicholas B
Emily M Evie H Heath C Molly N
Deagan G Lolli C Eli S Kayla A
Ali C Sienna R Ava D Taj W
Cooper M Heidi O Kysun T Addison G
Lachlan O Jayden P Ruby P Georgia W
Patrick K Amity S Lachlan D  

Noongar Language Group

Each Monday, a small group of Year 6 leaders will be teaching all the children from Years 1 to 6 some Noongar language.  For first term they will be teaching the song Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes in Noongar.  This will be starting next week.

The Year 6 leaders are: Letiesha Hayden, Ava Dransfield, Grace McCrory, Jordan Cox and Mia Romeo and they are being supported by Ms. Duncan, Ms. Press and myself.

Flags at half mast

On Friday 14 February, you may have seen the school flags were set to half-mast to mark the anniversary of the apology to members of the stolen generations.

Helen Fiebig

From The Principal – 7 February 2020

Dear Parents and Carers,

I wish to welcome you, your family and six new staff members to Glendale Primary School for this year.  You are lucky to be a part of this wonderful school and fantastic community.  The P&C, School Board and school staff are all united in ensuring that the best opportunities are provided for the children.   If you have time available please consider how you can volunteer your time to support the P&C events, canteen and classroom. 

Glendale Primary School P&C

The P&C Meetings are held on Monday evenings, in Weeks 3 and 8 each term, in the staff room at 7 pm.  The AGM for the P&C will held on Monday 23 March and all positions will become vacant.  The P&C manage the Glendale Primary School P&C Facebook page and would welcome you joining this group online as it is a great way to keep up to date with events as they happen.  The P&C manage the uniform shop, canteen, school banking and fundraising events. 

School Population

The school year started for the children, with a calm and enthusiastic feeling across the school, with approximately 325 children attending across 13 classes.  There are approximately 25 children more than last year which is a result of the great reputation this school has across Hamersley and surrounding areas. 

We have commenced the school year with 40 staff members, 6 of which are new to the school, who had two days of training before children returned on Monday.  The new staff members are: Natasha Tonner, Louise Colley, Fiona Boath, Jude McIntyre, Matthew Sharp and Liana Anastasio.

The classes and teachers this year are:

Kindy 1 & 2 Room 19 Kirsty Press & Nicoya Wheeler
Kindy/Pre-primary Room 18 Natasha Tonner
Pre-primary Room 17 Shona Gilfillan & Meagan Mableson
Year 1 Room 5 Louise Colley
Year 1 Room 4 Melissa Taylor
Year 2 Room 3 Phil Johnson
Year 2/3 Room 15 Fiona Boath
Year 3 Room 16 Heather Wilson
Year 3/4 Room 14 Jude McIntyre
Year 4 Room 8 Manioll Yiannakis & Julianne Timmers
Year 5 Room 9 Rebecca Howman & Julianne Timmers
Year 5/6 Room 12 Scott Fairclough
Year 5/6 Room 10 Barbara Merritt
Arts & Indonesian Art Room Vanessa Reeve
Phys Ed & Engineering Room 1 Jeremy Marsden
Music Music Room Matthew Sharp

Parent Meetings

Over the next week, each classroom teacher will be holding a class meeting for parents to come in and hear about the routines and expectations for your child in their class.  Each teacher is sending home a letter to advise you of the date and time of their meeting.  We have tried to spread the meetings out across a variety of days to enable families with siblings in different classes to get to each meeting if possible.  This meeting a great time to not only meet the classroom teacher and ask question but also to network with other parents, get to know each other and welcome new families to the school.

Staff Training

The first two days of staff training was held at the school with on day dedicated to a new approach to writing based on embedding oral language and familiarisation with a text as a whole class before the children then individualise their writing.  This approach is evidence based and adopted successfully by many schools Australia wide.  Children become very excited about their ability to recall and retell large amounts of content in their story telling.  A follow up day of further training in this programme will be held in Term 2.

The second day of training was spent going through the school priorities for this year, examining the student data to ensure teaching focuses of the individual students’ abilities and needs, and setting expectations of high standards of teaching and learning.   The staff also undertook a fun Master Chef challenge to develop team work and contribute to an exciting lunch for us all. 

School Development Day Dates

Other staff training dates throughout the year are already set and these are days the children will not attend school.  The dates for school development training have where possible been lined up with Warwick Senior High School so families who have siblings across both schools, will be home on the same day.  The dates are:

Term 1                  Week 8                 Friday 27 March

Term 2                  Week 1                 Tuesday 28 April (following the ANZAC Day public holiday)

Term 4                  Week 6                 Friday 20 November

Term 4                  Week 10               Friday 18 December

Student Contributions and Charges

This is a reminder to families that have not yet paid their voluntary contributions and charges that these funds can be paid a variety of ways:

  • Direct debit to the school account – BSB: 066 140 and Account: 00900462
  • Using the Qkr app
  • Cash or cheque given at the office

All funds received go straight into the budgets for incursions, resources, curriculum expenses and class budgets to directly benefit the children.  I wish to thank the families that have already paid this fee.

Spelling Books

The whole school spelling programme will be commencing Monday 10 February in which children are placed in ability groups across the school and receive targeted teaching to suit their level of development.  A major resource for this programme is the student workbook which the majority of families have purchased.  As a result of this programme running last year we have evidence of substantial improvement in Spelling across all year levels.

I would like to ask any family who have not yet paid for the spelling student workbook to please forward $28 per child to the school at your earliest convenience.  Please see payment methods above.

School Chaplain

Please note the school has a Chaplain on site Mondays and Tuesdays as a support person for children and families to talk to.  The Chaplain is Chevonne Burr and you can request your child to talk to her at any time by contacting the administration team or through your child’s teacher.  Chevonne is available for any reason and is often called upon when a child is anxious, suffering grief, or is unhappy for a number of reasons.  The Chaplain does not preach religion to children and is there for support.   It is a fantastic resource to have at a school and one which is used frequently by families. 

Thank You from St Vincent de Paul Society

The school received a thank you certificate from St Vinnies Xmas Appeal to all the families that contributed food to their charity.  It is just another way that this community cares about others and is teaching the children the same values.

Kind regards

Helen Fiebig


From The Principal – 13 December 2019

Dear Parents and Carers,

The end of the school year is only one week away with the children finishing on Thursday 19 December.  Having just finished reading school reports, it is pleasing to note the academic progress that every child has made throughout the year and the work of the dedicated staff at Glendale Primary School.  I wish to thank the parents who have sent in notes and emails thanking staff for what they do. 

Year 6 Graduation

It is with great anticipation that I am looking forward to being involved with the Year 6 Graduation on Tuesday 17 December at 9 am, in the assembly undercover area.  I have watched various stages of the rehearsals and am so impressed with what I have seen.  I am just as excited to see the parents, carers and friends faces as they see how talented these children are.

Start of school for 2020

The children start back at school on Monday 3 February, 2020.

School Development Dates for 2020

The School Board approved the following dates for planned school staff professional development for next year.  In order to consider families with children at the local Warwick Senior High School I have aligned two of these date.

Term 1  Friday 27 March – same day as Warwick Senior High School

Term 2 Tuesday 28 April – following ANZAC Day public holiday and it is at the start of the term so children return from holidays on the Wednesday 29 April.

Term 4 Friday 20 November – same day a Warwick Senior High School.

The Department of Education authorises six school development days a year with three being predetermined.  The School Board and Principal then get to set the other three dates throughout the school terms.

Student Reports

Students will take their end of year reports home on Tuesday 17 December.  Please do not hesitate to speak to your child’s teacher if there is anything that you are not sure of.

Elected Student Leaders

It is with great pleasure that at last week’s VOICE Awards Assembly, I got to announce which current Year 5 children have been elected by their peers and the staff for student leadership positions as Year 6s for 2020. 

School Prefects Eva B   Ava D
O’Connor Faction Captain Archie M Vice Captain Matilda F
Forrest Faction Captain Jai B Vice Captain Alli K
Hannan Faction Captain Letiesha H Vice Captain Neve T

Next year, every Year 6 child will be given the responsibilities of Student Leadership, however they can lose that role if their behaviour is not up to standard. 

Year 6 Technology excursion

On Wednesday 27 November the Year 6 students, Mr Fairclough and Mr Marsden journeyed to the Perth Convention Centre for an excursion to the Technology Exhibition.   The children returned to school very excited by the new technologies that they got to use and see demonstrated on the day.


If you or someone you know has a wheelchair that they no longer require, I would very much like you to consider donating it to the school.  Often if a child sustains an injury around the school they have to be moved to the sick bay in the administration building and it is preferable that we do this with a wheelchair rather than carrying a child. 

VOICE Awards

The last assembly for the year was held on Wednesday last week with each teaching presenting two awards to children in their class. The first award was the VOICE Award and was presented to a child who most applies the school values every day.  The second award was the Star Reader Award and this was for a child who has made the most progress this year in their Reading.

The award winners were:    

Room VOICE Award Recipient Star Reader Award Recipient
Room 17 Sophie P Emma P
Room 18 Jessica D Annie L
Room 3 Harper B Matilda S
Room 4 Lachlan O Evelyn H
Room 15 Jayden P James H
Room 14 Lucia B Mason J
Room 16 Ruby B Marley C
Room 9 Liam C Ruby D
Room 10 Eva B Eva B
Room 12 Ava D Stephan L
Room 8 Jesire C Tailah H

The audience was entertained by two of our current Year 6 students.  Sophia played the guitar sang “A Million Dreams” and Kira played “La Vie En Rose” on the flute. Their talents are amazing and it was a wonderful opportunity to showcase the high standard that children of this age are capable of.

Intruders on the school grounds

Last week a note went home for each family advising that we had an intruder on the site and that police were called.  This along with regular evidence of people sleeping at the school from once to twice a week and leaving smashed bottles, alcohol, clothing around for the cleaners who clean it up before school starts. 

Due to ongoing security concerns, I am looking forward to the fence being erected around the school in the new year, leaving the basketball courts and ovals open to the public.  The last community consultation phase about the fence did not receive any written objections.   At this stage I do not have a date that this will be started. 

Student Classes for 2020

Just a reminder that on Monday 16 December that all the children will go to their new classroom and do a 50 minute ‘getting to know you’ activity with their new classmates, and if possible with their teacher.  With classes where a new staff member is starting next year another teacher will run that lesson.  

That same day the class lists will be put on a board outside of the admin block main entrance for parents to check.  The board will be placed out each day until Friday at noon.  It will also go out the week before school comes back in 2020.  If you are not be able to get in to check the lists, please email and your child/ren’s classes can be emailed back to you.

I must emphasise that the class structures are subject to change at any time, depending of number of new enrolments and children leaving the school.   If your child is to be affected by any changes you will be advised as soon as possible.

Thank you

Even though I am new to the school, having only started this term, I am so impressed by the quality and quantity of support that is provided by the parents, grandparents, carers, School P&C and School Board.  It is a pleasure to be a part of this community and I look forward to building strong and lasting relationships with as many of you as possible.

I would like to wish you all a happy holiday and a Merry Christmas, and trust that you and all you love stay safe. 

Warm wishes,


From The Principal – 29 November 2019

Dear Parents and Carers,

Student Movements for 2020

Please ensure you let the office staff know as soon as possible if your child will not be returning to Glendale PS next year.  It is essential that we are able to assign children to classes knowing how many children we will have at the school.

Book Awards VOICE Assembly

Wednesday, 4 December, the school will be holding the end of year awards assembly.  This assembly will commence at 8:45am.  There will be two students showcasing their talents with musical performances.  Each Pre-primary to Year 6 teacher will present two awards for their class. 

The VOICE award will be a book prize for the child from each class who most consistently demonstrates the values of the school which are:

  • Valuing others, individuality, effort and education.
  • Openness in communication, relationships and knowledge.
  • Including everyone to provide quality of opportunity.
  • Collaborating to build a learning community of excellence.
  • Engaging with students, families, community and the environment.

The teacher will also present the Star Reader Award to a child for their achievements over the year in reading.

The teachers of both groups of Kindy children will be holding end of year celebrations and parents will be advised of the dates and times.

Staff Changes

At the end of this year we will be saying goodbye to the following staff. 

  • Kaye Abbott, is a current Year 2 Teacher and will be taking leave then retiring. She has worked at Glendale PS for over twenty-six years and is one of the most experienced and dedicated staff members, having taught many of the parents of children who are currently at the school.   She held the position of Deputy Principal in 1994, but missed the classroom too much and resumed her teaching role. 
  • Sarah Paul, is the Music Teacher two days a week and is taking maternity leave for next year. We wish her all the best for the arrival of her bundle of joy and look forward to having her back in the future.
  • Nicoya Wheeler, is a Pre-primary Teacher who has been on contract due to the permanent staff member being on leave. It has been a pleasure having Nicoya on staff and she has been an asset to the school and a valuable resource. 
  • Solomon Stern, is the Digital Technology and Media Teacher and in my brief time at the school it is obvious to me how much the children love his lessons. Sol has shown me some of the work that the children have accomplished and it is of a high standard and amazing to me.  He has also been a regular supporter of the school having served on the School Board for the year and attended every school disco to support the P&C in their fundraising.
  • Ian Baillie, is the Indonesian Teacher one day a week and has worked with the senior students for the first half of the year and the middle primary students the second half of the year. He has contributed greatly to the children’s skills in speaking Indonesian and to their understanding of the culture.

I wish each of these staff members all the best for their future.  I hope that the students who have worked with them take the time over the next few weeks to say goodbye and thank you.

Reports Home

The end of year student reports will be sent home on Tuesday 17 December.  If you have any questions about the report please speak to your child’s teacher for clarification.

Class Lists for Next Year

On Monday 16 December, from 2 pm, the class lists for next year will be placed on display outside of the administration office.  The lists will remain on display from Tuesday to Thursday during office hours, and to noon on Friday 20 December. They will then be on display next year from Tuesday 28 January, to the start of school during office hours.

Please respect the privacy of other families at the school and do not take photos of the lists. 

The only downside for the school in advising the class placements this early, is that if we have children leaving and new children enrolling at the start of next year that we did not know about, that the classes may have to change to accommodate more or less numbers.  This rarely happens, but with all the best planning and preparation it cannot always be avoided. 


On Monday 16 December, the children across the school will attend one lesson in the room that they will be in for next year and meet their new classmates.  They may or may not be meeting their new teacher at this time as there are five new staff arriving and so in those classes the children will meet their teacher at the start of next year. 

The purpose of having a transition day is for the children to meet their classmates to assist with a smooth and happy transition.  I would like your feedback next year as to whether this initiative has been successful for your child/ren as opposed to the previous method of letting everyone know in the new year.

Thank you

Tonight I will attend my first disco at this school.  I hope this event is well supported by the community and look forward to seeing how much fun the children have.  I wish to thank the P&C members, parent volunteers and staff members in advance for providing this event for the children, with funds raised going towards the canteen services. 

Helen Fiebig

A Report from Annabel Hardy, Chair of the Glendale Primary School Board

At our latest School Board meeting we had an agenda packed full of issues to work through. We welcomed Mrs Fiebig to the Board and heard a little about her previous experience. The principal’s report included a discussion around the budget and financial planning of the school for 2020, the school facilities, changes to the teaching communities in the school and some updates on the senior playground. We recapped term 3 activities and provided feedback regarding the sports day, school photos and the improvements of the junior playground. We are all looking forward to a school busy bee to improve the playgrounds which will be held early in 2020.

One of the major issues discussed was the proposal regarding the school fencing. We heard from the staff and leadership team of the school the specific reasons that the proposal has been put forward, which is due to drug paraphernalia regularly being found on the school grounds prior to students arriving each day. We also heard of the rubbish left behind by those who are visiting the school after hours, which ranged from dog poo through to used underwear and related items. This is an alarming trend which is worsening, so I urge you to put forward your feedback on which fencing proposal you prefer or speak to one of the leadership team at the school regarding the proposal.

On a more positive note we have nearly finalised the reviewed uniform policy, discussed changes to student leadership, as well as the upcoming award and graduation ceremonies.  

Finally, we wish to advise that the final meeting for the School Board will be our AGM. As always and like every Board meeting, this is an open meeting which we invite you to attend. It will be held at 7pm on Monday 9 December 2019.

Kind regards


From the Principal – 15 November 2019

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Update on Proposed Security Fence

I wish to thank the members of the community who took the time to respond to the plans for the proposed security fence around the perimeter of the school.  Due to the feedback received there has been an amendment to the plan and the fence is now proposed to leave the ovals and the basketball court open for public use and to enclose the rest of the school.   A copy of the amended plan is available for viewing at the front office.   We will now enter a further two-week consultation phase before sending further feedback to the Department of Education for the final decision.  Any feedback must be made is writing and sent to by 4pm on Friday 29 November 2019. 

Volunteer Morning Tea

I wish to acknowledge and thank all the volunteers who contribute to the school.  It is with all the support that volunteers provide that we can enrich the learning and fun activities for our students.  A morning tea was held on Thursday 14 November and it was a pleasure to see how many people were there and acknowledge the many who were not able to attend.    

If you wish to volunteer at the school, you can contribute in many ways.  Nerilee at the canteen is always happy to have help and teachers would love volunteers in their classes.  The P&C have many roles and play an important part in the culture of the school and would love your support.  Then we have volunteers who come in and work 1:1 with individual children as mentors on a weekly basis and have been doing so for years. 


Please note: Volunteers who attend regularly must have a current Working With Children Check, but casual volunteers just need to have signed a Confidentiality Declaration.

NAPLAN Results

It is good to see that the Year 3 and Year 5 students NAPLAN results this year are on track with the expectations when compared to their peers in all the areas: Spelling, Reading, Writing, Grammar and Punctuation and Numeracy.  The NAPLAN results are a great resource for the school to use to monitor how we are achieving against the National average and against schools which have similar profile of students to Glendale PS.  Even though the students at this school achieve well we never stop trying to find ways to improve and a targeted focus on interrogating the teaching and learning in Numeracy and Reading is planned for the next two years.

LEGO Donations

Mr Marsden, the Engineering Teacher, is asking for donations of LEGO. Engineering is enjoyed by all the children and they are constantly trying new and exciting things. Next year with enough LEGO, Mr Marsden will be able to have ongoing LEGO projects so that the students can return and continue on with their projects each week.  If you have any extra or old LEGO laying around at home and would be willing to donate this would be helpful. Having more LEGO will allow children to evaluate and modify their builds instead of having to pack them away after each lesson with families being able to see student progress of specific builds on Seesaw (If you would like to see your child’s work on Seesaw then please ask Mr Marsden for a QR code).

Remember: ‘We get what we focus on, so focus on the good.’

Helen Fiebig

From the Principal – 1 November 2019

From The Principal – 1 November 2019

Dear Parents and Carers

It was a pleasure to attend my first P&C Meeting last Monday night and to meet the many dedicated parents and carers. Every school relies on the P&C for their contributions to the culture of the school, support in manpower as well as financially through the fundraising. It was a pleasant surprise to see how many members this P&C has, which is a credit to all involved.

Children late to class in the morning
As of Monday 4 November, children who arrive at school after the siren in the morning are to report to the office for a late slip to take to class. This is a return to a procedure which had been in place some time ago. It will enable the roll to be automatically updated by the front office staff when the late slip is issued which will cut down on the workload for the teacher.

I encourage all families to get children to school on time to ensure a calm start to the day. However, if you have a difficult morning, I would rather see the children arrive late than miss a day of school.

Proposed New Perimeter Security Fence
As a follow up to an article that was in the school news feed on the 28 June 2019, which advised that funding had been obtained for security fencing, the process is now at the community consultation phase. A map of the proposed fence to be erected around the boundary of the school site is available at the front office. All comments in support or opposition are to be made in writing and either emailed to or handed in at the office no later than 4 pm on Monday 11 November 2019.
Earlier this year the School Board, Police and the local politician wrote letters of support for the application to the Education Department for a fencing grant. The school staff and Finance Committee Members are in support of having a security fence which will be similar to the high fence currently at the school’s early childhood playground on Glendale Drive. Fencing of schools is very common in schools across the state.
The previous leadership team applied for the fence based on security concerns which are outlined below:-

  • The cleaners who start work at 4:30am and are working in isolation for some hours before and after school each day have found unknown persons sleeping onsite.
  • Children have reported seeing unknown people in the native bushland off the oval during school hours.
  • There are ongoing issues with drug related items being found on the school grounds with two incidents this week.
  • There is ongoing vandalism with windows broken last week, areas of garden being pulled out, damage to benches by skateboarders or bike riders and windows that have been scratched with graffiti.
  • Having a perimeter fence will ensure that all visitors during school hours will enter through the front gates to the office and are officially identified and signed in and out.

Mobile Phone Policy
The Department of Education on Wednesday 30 October, released a media statement advising that “The Department of Education does not permit student use of mobile phones in public school unless for medical or teacher directed educational purpose.” I just wanted to reassure you that this does not change how we work at Glendale Primary School as we already have in place the requirement for children to leave mobile phones at the front office during school hours.

Future Year Six Student Leadership Options
The Administration Team and Year Six Teacher are currently discussing various options for improving the Year 6 Student Leadership programme. In the past there have been ten of the Year 6 students elected into Student Councillor positions. The role of these students is to lead assemblies, prepare a leaders’ report, raise the flags, host ANZAC Day and other special assemblies, run the VOICE Awards, ring the siren, PA announcements, greet special guests, collect donations for free dress days or other fundraising, etc. There have been discussions throughout the year as other roles the leaders can undertake and whether to increase the number of student leaders. The thinking behind increasing the number is for the roles to be spread across more children because in the current model a small group of children consistently miss lessons whilst carrying out their duties. Another suggestion has been to reduce the number.

Before any decision is made it will be discussed further with the School Board and I am inviting the opinion of interested parents and carers to contact me via phone, the Glendale PS email or to attend an open forum to be held in the school Library at 4 pm on Wednesday, 6 November.

Staff Changes
On Friday 25 October, the staff farewelled Pre-primary Teacher, Emma Galbraith, who has taken maternity leave. We wish her all the best for the pending birth. The Pre-primary class is now being taught by Meagan Mableson on Thursday and Fridays, Nicole O’Halloran every second Monday and every Wednesday and Shona Gilfillan on Mondays and Tuesdays.

From the Science Department “Oral Care Products”
Our latest collection of Oral Care products was bundled up and sent off for recycling this week. Thank you to all of you who saved these items from landfill. Keep collecting, our bin is now waiting to be refilled.

Upcoming Events

From The New Principal – 18 October 2019

Dear Parents and Carers,

It is a pleasure to introduce myself to you in this my first newsletter as Principal for Glendale Primary School.  I have been appointed as the permanent Principal for the school and have come from East Narrogin Primary School.  Coming to the city is a return to home for me and my husband and as much as we loved Narrogin, it is lovely to be home and to be as such a lovely well established school. 

I have had twenty-five years in education and been in leadership for the past twelve years.

I am trying to meet as many parents as possible in the mornings before school when I am supervising students or visiting classrooms.  If you are onsite at any time and want to introduce yourself, please feel free.

The first week of school has seen the Year 6 students and teachers go to camp and we hear they are having an exciting time in Geraldton.

I am also looking forward to meeting the P&C and School Board members and working together to enhance the fantastic work that is being done at Glendale Primary School.

I would like to thank the Jenny Graham for the wonderful job she has done leading the school in the Principal role this year and I am very lucky to have her in my leadership team to be able to guide the planning and update me on the history of the school.

Planning for 2020

We are already planning for next year and currently interviewing teachers for a few job vacancies that we will have as the school population is growing and we will have some staff out on maternity leave. 

If you have a request for the type of class your child may be placed in next year, such as a split or a straight year level or if you think they will be better supported by being kept or separated from one of their friends, please email me at the school email address, and your requests will be considered.  I will not consider any requests for specific teachers.   

If you are leaving or thinking about leaving the school next year, please let the office staff know so that we can calculate classes and funding as accurately as possible.  Also if you know of anyone who may be enrolling in the school next year, please ask them to do so now.

Kindy classes for next year are already formed and at this stage we have two full classes and have now opened a third class.  If you know anyone on a wait list for another school, please let them know that we have vacancies and will be pleased to have them attend here.

When compiling classes for next year the first constraint for the staff is how many classes can be made with the number of students we are expecting and then funded for, which means that split classes as required in many cases.  From a teaching point of view teaching a split or straight class is no different as in any year level children will be working in as many as five different ability levels and their needs are always being catered for.  All classes are compiled as much as possible to be equal in regard to having children working above or below year level and having children with disabilities.  Teachers definitely consider children’s friendship groups when compiling classes and do their best to ensure a few friends are kept together when possible to make the transition easier for all.

My expectation is that before the end of this year all children and parents will be told which class children are going into for next year.  This will involve a morning where every child goes to visit their new class to meets everyone with the aim that this will assist to reduce any anxiety over the Summer holidays about which class they will be in and where their friends are.   More information will come out about this later in the term.

From The Acting Principal – 20 September 2019

Sports Carnival

Last week we had our annual Faction Athletics Carnival and it was wonderful to see the Glendale community come together for this fantastic event. A big thank you to Mr Marsden for organising the carnival and to the many helpers who ensured the day was a success. Thank you also to the staff and parents who supported this event and made it an enjoyable day for our students. Big congratulations to all the students and in particular to our champion boys and girls.

  Girls Boys
Champion Runner Up Champion Runner Up
Year 3 Milana G Jae T Kade K Anakin G
Year 4 Arybella N Jasmine A Brock P Jack B
Year 5 Ava D Letiesha H Jai B Tan D
Year 6 Georgia B Eva H Dylan P Adam S

We wish all the students competing in next week’s Interschool Carnival at Halidon Primary School the best of luck. Go Glendale!

Open Night / Edu-Dance Concert

A reminder that our Open Night is this Tuesday evening and the classrooms will be open from 5pm with the Edu-Dance concert starting at 6pm.

At 5.45pm a bell will be rung which signals all students performing should make their way to their classrooms to get ready for the concert. We ask all parents to find their space in the undercover area at this time, as the teachers will be busy getting the students prepared to perform. After the concert please wait for the students to return to their teachers and collect them from their designated areas in the undercover area. The classrooms will be locked before the concert begins so there will be no access to the classrooms once the students start performing.

Bikes in the School Grounds

Please remind your child that bikes are not to be ridden on school grounds during operational hours (8.15am to 3.30pm). It is a safety rule that students must walk their bikes to the bike racks once they have entered the school grounds

Dogs on School Grounds

A reminder to all parents, community members and visitors to the school that dogs are not to be brought on to school grounds between the hours of 8am and 4pm. If walking your dogs after hours or on the weekend, please make sure that all droppings are picked up and disposed of accordingly. Recently, some students have stepped in dog droppings and it is extremely hard to clean it off their shoes.

Parking in the Staff Carpark

We would like to remind parent, once again, not to park in the staff car park. This is due to safety reasons.

Book Sale

The years 4 and 5 students had a very successful book sale on Thursday, raising money to support Gingin High School. Thank you to all who supported the book sale and to Mrs Howman for organizing this great event.

Term 4

The students return to school on Tuesday 15 October as Monday is a Professional Learning Day for the staff.

We wish to acknowledge all the hard work and wonderful effort of our staff this term and this includes teachers, education assistants, gardeners, cleaners and administration staff.

Holli and I would also like to thank the staff and community for their support during terms 2 and 3 while we have been awaiting the appointment of a new Principal. We are excited to welcome Helen Fiebig as our new Principal next term and the staff are all looking forward to working together as a team.

I wish all staff and students a relaxing and safe school holidays and look forward to seeing you all next term.

From The Acting Principal – 6 September 2019

Glendale Primary School has a New Principal

We would like to welcome Ms Helen Fiebig who has been appointed as the new Principal of Glendale Primary School. Helen is currently Principal at East Narrogin Primary school and will commence at Glendale PS at the beginning of term 4.

Father’s Day

Many of our classes honoured the dads in our community with father’s day activities in the classroom. It was great to see all the families who participated in our celebrations.

Mrs Press sent through some pictures of their Father’s Day event

STEM Day at Warwick Senior High School

Warwick Senior High School has invited our years 4 and 5 students to be involved in a STEM day. Our students really enjoyed the Science Fair and are looking forward to joining with other local primary schools and the Warwick SHS students to engage in STEM based problems.

Faction Carnival

We are all looking forward to our faction carnival next week. The jumps and throws are on Tuesday 10 September and the main carnival on Thursday 12 September. Thank you to Mr Marden and the staff who have put a lot of effort into organising the day and training the students.

Assembly Week 9 and 10

Due to the interschool sport carnival there is no assembly next week. Room 17’s assembly is on 11 September and room 18’s assembly is on 18 September. All parents are invited to join us for morning tea, after the assembly, in the staff room.