From The Acting Principal – 20 September 2019

Sports Carnival

Last week we had our annual Faction Athletics Carnival and it was wonderful to see the Glendale community come together for this fantastic event. A big thank you to Mr Marsden for organising the carnival and to the many helpers who ensured the day was a success. Thank you also to the staff and parents who supported this event and made it an enjoyable day for our students. Big congratulations to all the students and in particular to our champion boys and girls.

  Girls Boys
Champion Runner Up Champion Runner Up
Year 3 Milana G Jae T Kade K Anakin G
Year 4 Arybella N Jasmine A Brock P Jack B
Year 5 Ava D Letiesha H Jai B Tan D
Year 6 Georgia B Eva H Dylan P Adam S

We wish all the students competing in next week’s Interschool Carnival at Halidon Primary School the best of luck. Go Glendale!

Open Night / Edu-Dance Concert

A reminder that our Open Night is this Tuesday evening and the classrooms will be open from 5pm with the Edu-Dance concert starting at 6pm.

At 5.45pm a bell will be rung which signals all students performing should make their way to their classrooms to get ready for the concert. We ask all parents to find their space in the undercover area at this time, as the teachers will be busy getting the students prepared to perform. After the concert please wait for the students to return to their teachers and collect them from their designated areas in the undercover area. The classrooms will be locked before the concert begins so there will be no access to the classrooms once the students start performing.

Bikes in the School Grounds

Please remind your child that bikes are not to be ridden on school grounds during operational hours (8.15am to 3.30pm). It is a safety rule that students must walk their bikes to the bike racks once they have entered the school grounds

Dogs on School Grounds

A reminder to all parents, community members and visitors to the school that dogs are not to be brought on to school grounds between the hours of 8am and 4pm. If walking your dogs after hours or on the weekend, please make sure that all droppings are picked up and disposed of accordingly. Recently, some students have stepped in dog droppings and it is extremely hard to clean it off their shoes.

Parking in the Staff Carpark

We would like to remind parent, once again, not to park in the staff car park. This is due to safety reasons.

Book Sale

The years 4 and 5 students had a very successful book sale on Thursday, raising money to support Gingin High School. Thank you to all who supported the book sale and to Mrs Howman for organizing this great event.

Term 4

The students return to school on Tuesday 15 October as Monday is a Professional Learning Day for the staff.

We wish to acknowledge all the hard work and wonderful effort of our staff this term and this includes teachers, education assistants, gardeners, cleaners and administration staff.

Holli and I would also like to thank the staff and community for their support during terms 2 and 3 while we have been awaiting the appointment of a new Principal. We are excited to welcome Helen Fiebig as our new Principal next term and the staff are all looking forward to working together as a team.

I wish all staff and students a relaxing and safe school holidays and look forward to seeing you all next term.

From The Acting Principal – 6 September 2019

Glendale Primary School has a New Principal

We would like to welcome Ms Helen Fiebig who has been appointed as the new Principal of Glendale Primary School. Helen is currently Principal at East Narrogin Primary school and will commence at Glendale PS at the beginning of term 4.

Father’s Day

Many of our classes honoured the dads in our community with father’s day activities in the classroom. It was great to see all the families who participated in our celebrations.

Mrs Press sent through some pictures of their Father’s Day event

STEM Day at Warwick Senior High School

Warwick Senior High School has invited our years 4 and 5 students to be involved in a STEM day. Our students really enjoyed the Science Fair and are looking forward to joining with other local primary schools and the Warwick SHS students to engage in STEM based problems.

Faction Carnival

We are all looking forward to our faction carnival next week. The jumps and throws are on Tuesday 10 September and the main carnival on Thursday 12 September. Thank you to Mr Marden and the staff who have put a lot of effort into organising the day and training the students.

Assembly Week 9 and 10

Due to the interschool sport carnival there is no assembly next week. Room 17’s assembly is on 11 September and room 18’s assembly is on 18 September. All parents are invited to join us for morning tea, after the assembly, in the staff room.

New Principal

On behalf of the Board, P&C, Staff and wider Glendale Community, I would like to welcome Mrs Helen Fiebig as our new Principal. Mrs Fiebig comes with a broad range of experience, most recently as the Principal at East Narrogin Primary School. I personally am excited to work with Mrs Fiebig and I know that she will be a fantastic addition to the Glendale community, a learning community giving VOICE to all.   


Annabel Hardy

Board Chairperson

A Report from Annabel Hardy, Chair of the Glendale Primary School Board

At our latest Board meeting we discussed the new uniform policy for the school. We are working closely with the input of the staff to put together a comprehensive policy regarding our existing uniform range. We will continue to discuss this at our next meeting and we welcome input from those who are interested in contributing. We also discussed the funding for the new senior playground. Thanks to the P&C, the good financial management of the administration team, and a grant from the State Government we almost have enough funding to commence stage 1. The Education Department will be putting this out to tender and managing this process.

We discussed the fantastic WAGSMS concert, which Glendale recently hosted. Congratulations to the staff, parents and students who made this wonderful night possible.  We have also recently had NAIDOC week at the school. I’m sure everyone has heard the wonderful feedback from the students. Thank you to Mel Ewers and the parents of Glendale students who came in and shared their cultural heritage and insight with our students.

There are some exciting things happening in the school at the moment for Science week. With thanks to Mrs Timmers our children are undertaking an audit of the school utility and resource usage, with an eye to working towards reducing our carbon footprint. This programme will also be available to parents, with the Climate Clever App. So watch out for our Glendale Greenies coming home to reduce your utilities bills.

In the early learning area, the school is trialling the Kathy Walker approach, allowing students to undertake purposeful play and investigative learning to problem solve. It will be interesting to see how this progresses.

Have a wonderful week,


From The Acting Principal – 23 August 2019

Glendale Primary School Vision

Our school vision A learning community giving VOICE to all with VOICE standing for valuing, openness, inclusion, collaborate and engage. The value this fortnight is including, which to our community means providing equality of opportunities to all. To support this value at home parents could speak to their children about embracing diversity and making it safe for all people to speak up.

Good-bye and Best Wishes

We would like to wish Mrs Naomi Noble all the best in her future endeavours as she leaves Glendale Primary school. Mrs Noble resigned from her position on Wednesday 7 August. We welcome back Mrs Nicole O’Halloran who is taking over Mrs. Noble’s teaching component every second Monday in Kindy 1.

We have been busy since our last newsletter! Our students have been involved in many engaging whole school activities. 

Crazy Hair Day in support of Camp Quality

Last Monday we had crazy hair day to support the incursion by Camp Quality. The puppet show by Camp Quality sensitively addressed the issue of cancer in a child friendly way. The students all came with crazy hair and gave a gold coin donation in support of Camp Quality. We had some very creative hair designs from donuts to Octopus. Thank you to all the students and parents who supported this worthy cause.

Sustainability and Science Week

Worm Farm Incursion

The Pre-Primary students enjoyed learning all about worms on Monday and now have their own worm farm on the verandah. The students will be keeping their recess and lunch food scraps to feed the worms. Fun Fact- Did you know that worms can consume their own body weight equivalent in food every 2-3 days?

Science Fair

On Thursday 15 August students from years 4 and 5 attended the Science Fair at Warwick Senior High School. The students engaged in many hands on activities as they rotated through various activities. It was a fun and engaging day for all involved.  


Did you know that incorrectly sorted waste costs four times as much to recycle? The City of Stirling visited Glendale Primary School to educate the students in the 3 bin system and recycling program. The older students in our school learnt some simple rules to help sort waste for recycling.

Teachers Getting Involved

During Science Week the teachers got involved by participating in a quiz at recess and making bees wax wraps. Beeswax wraps are reusable, washable; and sustainable alternative to glad wrap.

Climate Clever

Mrs Timmers and some of our older students are auditing the school before we launch into the program. This is an enormous job as they are required to count every light switch, computer, light, air conditioner, heater, drink fountain, toilet and any other electric or gas appliance in the school. We have already input all our utility bills into the program to give a base line to track our progress. When the audit is finished classrooms will be thinking of ways to reduce electricity and gas use. The program will be ready for home use in early term 4.

Book Week

Today the students at Glendale PS celebrated Book Week. They dressed up and shared their favourite books with others.


Room 3 Assembly

Mr Johnson’s year 1 class will run the assembly next Wednesday. We invite all the parents to the staff room for morning tea after the assembly.

Act for Kids

Act for Kids are running a protective behaviours program for students in the early years. The program aligns with the WA curriculum. The program focuses on learning to be safe with Emmy and friends. It assists young children to identify when they don’t feel safe and know safe adults they can ask for help.

Busy Bee – Junior Playground (Kindy – Year 1) – A Message from the Early Learning Committee

We are seeking Expressions of Interest to those who can assist in rejuvenating our Junior Playground. Anyone from Mums, Dads, Grandparents, extended family or community members, who feel they have a set of skills or interest are welcomed. We have a range of ideas from painting to building. We can work with you in providing materials; additionally, we welcome donations of building materials and paints etc. It really does depend on the skill set we have in the community and the time people have to offer, which may start at only a few hours. All offers and efforts are acknowledged and appreciated.

Please email Shona Gilfillan (leader of the Early Learning Committee) with any questions, queries or interests, all assistance is appreciated. Additionally, you can talk to Jenny Graham, our Acting Principal, or Michelle Rouhliadeff, our Manager of Corporate Services, who can also aid in further information.

Collecting Students During School Hours

A reminder that if you need to pick up your child during school hours please come to the office first to sign them out and collect the official leave pass. The yellow slip given to you by the office must be handed to the teacher before collecting your child. If your child is sick and already in the office area, we will pass the yellow slip onto the teacher.

“Name Our Canteen” Competition Winner

Congratulations to Chanel Keenan from Pre Primary for winning the “Name Our Canteen” competition. Chanel’s suggestion was “Glendale Snack Shack” and the new banner looks amazing!

From the Acting Principal – 9 August 2019

From The Acting Principal – 9 August 2019

Western Australian Government Schools Music Society Concert
It was my pleasure to accompany the Glendale performance group to the Crown theatre last Thursday night. The performance was amazing and I was very proud of all the children. Thank you to all the families who came and supported us in the audience. It was wonderful to hear all the cheering from the Glendale community.

A huge thank you to Sarah Paul for all her hard work in taking on the job as concert manager and training the compares. It was a joy to work with the dance group and the choir to help Mrs Paul produce the Glendale item.

Thank you to Mr Fairclough, Mrs Howman, Mrs Duncan and Mrs Timmers for helping back stage and the staff and parents who attended the concert.

Message U
As mentioned in the previous newsletter we have turned on Message U to inform parents if their child is absent from school. The program identifies if the child has not been marked present on the role in the morning. We apologise that we have had a few teething problems which we have now sorted. If you receive a message your child is not at school and you are not aware of this, please ring the office for clarification.


Cross Country
On Tuesday and Wednesday morning we had two very successful cross country events. All the students participated and persisted until the finish line. Well done to Mr Marden for organising the event. It was great to see so many parents supporting the children and cheering them to the finish line.

School Photos
School photos are on Monday and Tuesday. Family photos are before school from 8am on both days. If your surname begins with the letters A-M please present to the enclosed undercover area at 8am on Monday and for families with surnames beginning from N-Z your photo session is on Tuesday. On Monday Kindy 2, Room 18, 17, 14 and 15 have class photos. On Tuesday Room 4, 3, 16, 12, 10, 9, 8 and Kindy 1 have class photos. Please make sure that your child is in school uniform and is ready for photos on the prescribed day.


Kature Photography
I have negotiated with Kature Photography that high school siblings can be included in family photos. This was agreed upon after the online cut off time on Friday so I have arranged that slips will be available on your scheduled morning. Please arrive at the enclosed undercover area at 8am.


Room 4 Assembly
Room 4 assembly is on Wednesday, 21 August and is hosted by Mrs Taylor’s year one students. All parents are invited to the staff room after assembly for morning tea with Mrs Taylor and administration.


Sustainability and Science Week at Glendale PS- A message from Mrs. Timmers
With the countdown to National Science Week well on the way I thought I’d take this opportunity to remind the Glendale Community about some important projects we have running at Glendale PS.

We recycle household batteries (please NO car batteries), Oral Care Products and Packaging, Dishwashing Detergent and Dishwashing Tablets Soft Packaging and Air Deodorising Cans and plug-ins, plastic bread ties (non- wire ones) and clean Bras (we recycle these to women in need in third world countries). These can all be placed in bins in the old office area.

The children in Pre-Primary and Year 1 will be involved in setting up the School Worm Farm and learn about the wonderful job worms do in recycling nutrients, the year 2 & 3’s will have a presentation on packing sustainable lunches (parents are most welcome to join their children for this exciting talk) and the year 4 & 5’s are having an incursion on the 3 Bin System of waste disposal, so they should be able to inform you on what goes into each bin and how we can reduce our waste stream. These students will also be attending Warwick Senior High School’s Science Fair. The year 6’s will have a talk on reducing single use plastic with prizes for the children who do the best in Science Week Quiz.


Kindy/Pre-Primary Farm Incursion
It was wonderful to see all the Kindy/Pre-Primary students dress up like farmers for the farm incursion. The children feed baby pigs and goats and were able to pat a miniature horse and a brown sheep!



Upcoming Events


From The Acting Principal – 26 July 2019


Today was our NAIDOC day of celebration. Thank you to Kristen Nelson, Naomi Garlett and Mel Ewers who were on the NAIDOC committee. Congratulations to our poster and colouring in winners who were Cash L (Room 9), Brylei G (Room 9), Isla C (Room 14), Maya L (Room 3) and Joshua L (Kindy 1). We have framed their entries and they will be displayed in the office. The students were presented with a certificate and $5 canteen voucher.

Colour Run

The students had a great time participating in the colour run. We raised an amazing $3,428.13. It was wonderful seeing all the parents cheering the students and getting involved squirting colour. Thank you to Mr Marsden for organising the event and everyone for fundraising for the senior playground. Have a look at the photos I took of the day showing everyone having fun.

Message U

This term we turned on Message U that informs parents if their child is absent from school. If your child is absent a message is sent to the primary number stored on our system at 10am.  We apologise many of you received these messages on Tuesday but as it was the first day we turned it on we had a few technical issues. We have rectified this and it shouldn’t happen again.

Camp Quality Incursion and Crazy Hair Day

Camp Quality will be performing an incursion at our school on Monday 19 August. The aim is to educate the school community about cancer in an age appropriate way. If you do not want your child to attend you can opt out by returning the note, which will be sent home on Monday, to the office. There is no cost for this incursion. Instead we will have a crazy hair day, on this day, for a gold coin donation which will be given to Camp Quality.

Edu Dance

Edu Dance starts on Monday afternoon for two classes and Friday for the rest of the school. If your child is participating, please make sure you call the office if you have not paid. This is not a compulsory activity therefore if we have not received payment your child will not participate.

WA Government Schools Music Society Concert Thursday 1 August

Thursday is our big night at the Crown. We are having a dress rehearsal on Tuesday 30 July at 2.15pm in the new undercover area for the whole school. Parents are welcome to come and watch the item. I wish the performers good luck for Thursday night.

Cross Country

Our cross country event is on Tuesday 6 (Kindy to Year 2) and Wednesday 7 (Year 3 to 6) August. The event starts in the undercover area at 8.50am. Parents are welcome to watch their children run in the race. More detailed information will be sent home next week.

Science Week

Mrs. Timmers is organising exciting events across the week including a worm farm incursion for the junior students and a waste management information session for our senior students. Science week is between 19 and 23 August.

School Photo Day is Coming

Our school photo days are coming between the 19 and 23 August. Next week every student will receive a Kapture Photography order envelope to bring home. The recommended method of ordering your photos is online through Kapture’s website as your payment is secure and can be easily verified at any time. If you pay online, there is no need to return the order envelope to school.

Alternatively, you can pay by cash and return the provided envelope to the school on the photography day. Please note the photographers cannot open sealed envelopes and cannot provide change.

SIBLING ORDERS CAN ONLY BE PLACED ONLINE:  Late requests cannot be granted.

You have the option to order a sibling photo package online, however please note sibling orders will close in most instances @midday sharp at least one business day before the first photo date. We suggest you place your online sibling order as soon as you receive your order envelope with your order instructions as places are limited.  Log on to for your sibling photo order cut-off date and time.

Late payment envelopes cannot be accepted by the school office or by Kapture. You can place an order online for class or individual photographs at any time for the remainder of the current school year however a $15 fee will apply if you order more than 10 days after photography.

If your child is in a sports or special group photo, you can use the same school code on your order envelope to view and order these photos on Kapture’s website, around the time that school photos are ready to be delivered. Please note; Class group, individual and sibling portraits are not available to view online.

Nationally Consistent Collection of Data on School Students with Disability (NCCD)

Next Friday, 2 August 2019 all schools across Australia will submit data to provide all Australian schools, education authorities and the community with a clear picture of the number of students receiving educational adjustments because of disability in school, and the levels of adjustment they are provided to enable them to participate in education on the same basis of other students. When student information is provided to the Department for the purposes of the NCCD that information will not explicitly identify any student. The Department will use this information from the NCCD for the purposes of preparing reports for the Education Council and the Australian Education Senior Officials Committee. Information will also be used for policy development undertaken by the Department relating to school education and funding, including informing funding calculations relating to the student with disability funding.

Playground Grant

Our fantastic MCS, Mrs R, has secured a grant for $12,500 for play equipment. This will go towards our Senior Playground fund which is steadily growing!

TAGS – Visual Arts

This term we are pleased to announce that we will be running our TAGs program as previously run in 2018. This year our focus is on visual arts and we have engaged a local artist to run a five week program. The first group to participate will be selected students from years 4 to 6. Students have already completed an art task and this will be used, along with teacher input, in deciding suitable students for the program. If your child is successful in gaining a place, then an information sheet will be sent home with them shortly.

From The School Psychologist

Transition from Primary to Secondary School: Professor Matt Sanders

The move from primary to secondary school can be a big scary step for many kids (and parents). It marks the transition from childhood to adolescence, and heralds the teenage years.

While some children might be excited about going to secondary school, it’s common for them to also feel apprehensive. The unknown can be daunting – things like a new and bigger school, new teachers and new friends can play on kids’ minds. It’s important to be aware of what they might be worried about so you can talk about it and, together, come up with solutions or ways to cope.

As a parent it’s totally normal to feel the same excitement or apprehension as your child. But it won’t take long for your child to adjust and you’ll wonder what you were ever worried about. But as a rule of thumb – kids are less anxious about big changes when their parents are confident in their kid’s ability to rise to the occasion. So if you seem calm and confident in them they will pick up on that.

You can help make the transition easier by being involved in the preparations but give them space once they are there. Take an interest in your child’s day, and find out about the school’s standards and expectations for things like homework and uniforms. But don’t do everything for them.

One thing kids should have a legitimate say in is choosing their subjects. Encourage subjects that interest them or will help them on their desired career path. However, if you are really worried about their choices you can seek advice from teachers about what might be best. And if you haven’t already, it’s important to establish a good homework routine. A good example is: come home from school, have an afternoon snack, and then do homework (before playing or watching TV). At the same time, it’s good for kids to have a school-life balance that includes things like sport, music and arts. Everyone will be happier for it.

Parenting Tip: If your child has an older sibling at the school that older sibling will have protective instincts. But it’s important for the younger sibling to learn to stand on their own feet. Only ask older siblings to keep an eye out for younger siblings if you think something is wrong.

Professor Matt Sanders is founder of the Triple P – Positive Parenting Program®. For more information, go to or (Contact School Psychologist: Luciana Carelli).

From the Acting Principal

Mr Steven Noble’s Appointment to Alinjarra Primary School

Steven Noble has been promoted to a level 5 Principal position at Alinjarra Primary School. After nine years as Principal at Glendale we would like to wish him the best of luck in his new position. Steven takes up the new position next term so will not be returning to Glendale. I will continue in the role of acting Principal until the position is advertised next term and a new Principal is appointed.


A big thank you to all the members of the P&C and school community for an enjoyable event at Scitech.  A special thank you to Kimberley Russell, Julia Boardman and their team on the events committee for dedicating their time to arrange the evening. The Glendale Community thank you. On the evening I was taking pictures of all the children having fun and engaging in Science concepts and have attached these to the newsletter.

Open Night

What a wonderful turn out we had for open night. Thank you to all the staff and parents that attended. It was fantastic to interact and see so many parents at the STEM presentation. We have attached some photos of open night that Mr Marsden took in the engineering room.

Canteen Naming Competition

Congratulations to Chanel Keenan from room 18 who won the name the canteen competition. The new name for the canteen is the Snack Shack because it sounds cool and the canteen has yummy snacks. Chanel will receive her prise at the nest assembly in week 10.

Room 16 Assembly

Next week Miss Wilson’s class will host the last assembly of the term. We extend an invitation to all parents and guest to the assembly to join Miss. Wilson and members of the administration team in the staff room for morning tea straight after the assembly.

Perimeter Fencing

Our school has been allocated funding for a new perimeter fence as part of the 2019/2020 Perimeter Security Fencing Program. Details of the fence will be discussed with the school in the new financial year. We have been informed the fencing will be around the building and not the oval. Thank you to Michelle, our Manager of Corporate Services for her efforts in making this happen for our school.

Colour Fun Run

A reminder that the colour run is on Wednesday. Please get your donations in as all proceeds are going towards our senior playground. The colour fun run starts at 2.30pm starting with an assembly in the undercover area. Students will not go back to classrooms after the run.

Kindy Enrolments

Please be advised that Kindy Enrolments for 2020 close on 2 August 2019, applications must be submitted by this date if you wish to apply for a place. 

All applicants will be advised if they have been successful in securing a place in our 2020 Kindergarten program by 9 August 2019.

All current Kindergarten students will need to reapply for a place in our Pre-Primary program in 2020.  Applications for enrolment will be sent home on the first day of school next term, and need to be returned by 2 August 2019 in order to secure placement for 2020.

Late Pick Up

Teachers will be reminding children that if they are not picked up after waiting 10 minutes to come to the office. Can you reinforce this at home and explain the safety concerns of waiting in the playground unsupervised. Please make sure we have the correct emergency contact details in the office as we will ring all contacts listed if we cannot reach you. Please be aware that if you contact the office close to the bell we may not be able to get the message to your child before the end of the day. In an emergency or unexpected circumstance that results in a late pick up we will make every effort to make sure your child is aware of this and remind them to wait in the office.


The WA Government Schools Music Society Concert is on August 1 at the Crown Theatre. We are hosting the evening and performing the finale. Please make sure you get your tickets form Ticket Master if your child is performing. Mrs. Paul will be sending home details of the night shortly to the families involved.

Changes to Cross Country

Cross country has been moved to Tuesday 6 and Wednesday 7 of August which is week 3 next of next term. The event starts at 9am.

Assembly Changes

Please be aware that due to the Roald Dahl performance and the interschool sport carnival we have had to move two assemblies next term. Mrs. Taylor’s room 4 will now host the assembly in week 5 (21 August) and Ms Wheeler’s room 18 class moves back to week 9 (18 September). Unfortunately, we have no control of the interschool carnival or the date offered to the school for the Roald Dahl performance.

Parking in the Staff Carpark

Unless you have prior permission to park in the staff carpark please use the kiss and go or parking around the school during pick up and drop off time. We have limited bays and it is a safety issue when students are making their way to and from school.


Mid-year semester reports will be sent home to parents on Tuesday. If your child is absent the class teacher will hold the report and pass it to the office at the end of term.


School Board – Chair’s Report

The second Board meeting of the term was held with heavy hearts, as we farewelled Mat Hanlon from the Board. Mat has made a fantastic contribution to the Board over the last year and we wish him all the best in the future. We welcome Justin Grey to the Board to fill Mat’s casual vacancy and thank him for volunteering his time and energy to our fantastic school.

We are currently finalising the school’s business plan and it is almost prepared to be published on the website. We also have started reviews into the school uniform dress policy and the school leadership policy. We look forward to bringing these policies up to date as this is a long overdue process. We heard a fantastic report from Mrs Graham regarding the Climate Clever app, the launch of this application at the school has been funded by the City of Stirling, and aims to reduce the carbon footprint of the school. The students will be conducting an audit of the school energy use over the next few weeks, and this will be part of the school’s STEM program moving forward.

We also had some good news regarding boundary fencing. Very soon, the Education Department will be funding the construction of a fence around the school buildings, to protect against vandalism and antisocial behaviour after hours.

Finally we looked at ways to brighten up the school in line with our VOICE values. Watch this space!

Don’t forget – the Colour Fun Run is coming up and the fundraising goes towards the senior playground, so get fundraising!