Athletics Carnival

What an amazing Carnival Day! If was wonderful to see all the students competing with a smile on their face, cheering on and supporting each other. Thank you so much to the support of our community, staff, parents and family members, in the organising, setting up, running and packing away on the day. Your involvement helped to create a fun and successful day. 

Huzzzaahhh! For Forrest taking home the faction shield for 2018 and a massive congratulations to our champions and runners up for putting in so much hard work throughout the entire process.

    Boys Girls
Year 3 Champion

Runner Up

Brock Prance

Jacob Pantall

Arybella Nelson

Jasmine Armstrong

Year 4 Champion

Runner Up

Jai Brooks

Tyler Jefferies

Ava Dransfield

Alli Kelly-Lewis

Year 5 Champion

Runner Up

Adam Schmechtig

Dylan Prance

Georgia Brand

Eva Harvey

Year 6 Champion

Runner Up

Maxwell Willcox

Connor Duffy & Tore Nelson

Milly Dransfield

Shanaea Quick

Stay tuned! I will be creating an imovie of the day which will be available on our website shortly.

Mr. Marsden